Twilight: One Quote From Each Main Character That Sums Up Their Personality

Each main character from Twilight has a unique personality and they all have signature lines that perfectly define who they are.

Over a decade ago, the Twilight Saga movies took the world by storm and still remain one of the most popular movie franchises of all time. Today, dedicated audiences are still consumed by the movies and the iconic characters that make this narrative what it is.

Charlie Swan

“Bella… Do Not Ever Do That To Me Again. Ever. And You’re Grounded, For The Rest Of Your Life.”

Parenting wasn’t something that came easy to Charlie, however, once Bella moved to Forks, he tried his best to be a good dad and protect her. As a police officer, Charlie was naturally responsible and wanted Bella to feel like she could always be honest with him.

When Bella abruptly left in New Moon, Charlie was devastated when he didn’t hear from her for three days. Demonstrated here, Charlie could make situations less heightened with a hint of unintended hilarity. Although they didn’t have the most conventional father-daughter relationship, Bella’s safety was always Charlie’s main concern.

Esme Cullen

“I Already Consider You A Part Of The Family. Yes.”

As the warmest of the vampires, Esme Cullen possessed the unlikely ability to love those around her unconditionally. Her gentle personality is what makes her the best of her kind and she always saw the best in everyone.

Unlike many of her children, Esme holds no special powers. However, the intense love that she holds for her family almost crosses the line into a special ability. Esme’s strong maternal instincts are demonstrated within this quote as she reassures Bella that her being a vampire doesn’t matter.

Emmett Cullen

“But Not Impossible. We’ll Tear Them Apart And Burn The Pieces.”

Despite being a highly playful and naturally cheerful character, Emmett Cullen also had a feisty side and would do whatever it takes to protect his family. Violence didn’t faze him, and he was never one to shy away from a fight.

When Jasper informs his family that their kind is difficult to kill, Emmett is more than optimistic about their chances of succeeding. Even though the Cullens are taught not to kill, Emmett displays no hesitation in killing someone if it means keeping the ones he loves safe.

Rosalie Hale

“Go Blather To Someone Else About The Joys Of Becoming A Newborn.”

Becoming a vampire was never displayed as something negative in the early movies, therefore there was no explanation for Rosalie’s blunt and cold treatment of people. It’s not until Eclipse that Rosalie’s history is explored, and it’s revealed that she loved her human life.

It’s no secret that Rosalie took an instant disliking to Bella, however, it was mainly because she thought Bella was a danger to her family and their safety was her priority. Rosalie often made it clear when something irritated her, especially when people displayed an excitement about Bella becoming a newborn.

Jasper Hale

“Battle Scars. All The Training The Confederate Army Gave Me Was Useless Against The Newborns. But Still… I Never Lost A Fight.”

Being a member of the Confederate Army meant that Jasper Hale had advanced combat skills, a trait that enticed Maria to turn him. Due to his uncontrolled upbringing as a vampire in a violent environment, Jasper often struggled to contain himself around humans.

In Eclipse, Jasper played a pivotal role in the fight against the newborns as he had extensive knowledge of them. In terms of fighting ability, no one compares to Jasper as he was an incredibly skilled fighter. His rough start in life meant he wasn’t the cheeriest of vampires, however, he always stepped up when his family needed help.

Alice Cullen

“I’ve Already Seen You Open It, And Guess What? You Love It.”

As the happiest of the Cullen siblings, Alice Cullen was often welcoming towards others and radiated positivity. She was highly intelligent, and her powers included seeing into the future which she often used to help people. Her sympathetic and interesting personality meant she was relatable to fans and is a reason why the movies are worth rewatching.

A sisterly bond was instantly formed between Alice and Bella. When it was Bella’s birthday, Alice gave her a present, but not before she looked into the future and made sure it was something that would bring her joy.

Carlisle Cullen

“I Don’t Relish The Thought Of Killing Another Creature, Even A Sadistic One Like James.”

Through his profession as a doctor, Carlisle was able to use his capabilities to help people. His peaceful and accepting nature allowed him to avoid conflicts with enemies and even when he felt threatened, he never believed that violence was the answer.

Carlisle is naturally caring and is a reason why he is arguably the best Cullen. As the head of the Cullen family, Carlisle chose to raise his children as vegetarians because he doesn’t believe humans deserve to die for them to live. His morals are reflected within this quote as even killing someone like James doesn’t sit well with him.

Jacob Black

“I Will Not. I Am The Grandson Of Ephraim Black. I Am The Grandson Of A Chief! I Wasn’t Born To Follow You, Or Anyone Else.”

Jacob’s personality changes throughout the movies, however, the anger he holds because of his werewolf heritage is often present. His deep hatred for vampires become apparent and his love for Bella even more so. Despite Bella never returning his feelings to the same standard, Jacob always went to extreme lengths to protect her.

Leading wasn’t something Jacob wanted, however, being told what to do was something he hated more. This was highlighted In Breaking Dawn: Part 1 when he rebelled against Sam’s authority as alpha. Jacob was severely headstrong, and breaking away from his pack because he refused to harm Bella demonstrated this.

Edward Cullen

“Bella. You Already Do Protect Me. You’re My Only Reason To Stay Alive, If That’s What I Am. But It’s My Job To Protect You.”

Despite being relatively moody, Edward was always understanding, especially when it came to Bella. Instead of lashing out when Bella told him that she also loved Jacob, he simply accepted it. Traditional views were something Edward upheld from his human life and he was always respectful to those around him.

Protecting the ones he loved, especially Bella, was Edward’s main priority. The love he had for Bella was intense and although it sometimes caused him to do problematic things, nothing would stop him from putting Bella’s life above his own.

Bella Swan

“Death Is Peaceful, Easy. Life Is Harder.”

Although she states that her human life isn’t miserable, Bella Swan’s desire to become a vampire overpowers any reason to remain human. At the beginning of Twilight, Bella already toys with the idea of death, claiming that if she died in the presence of someone she loved, she would be satisfied with it.

Bella often struggled during her human life and started the franchise as a damsel in distress stereotype, however, this didn’t stop her from displaying immense bravery. This quote perfectly encapsulates her personality because once she turned into a vampire, everything became easier for her.

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