Twilight: One Quote From Each Main Character That Goes Against Their Personality

Despite having well-established personalities, the characters in Twilight still have moments where they say things that are out of character.

The global phenomenon Twilight has brought to life some of the most beloved characters that devoted fans are still fixated over. There are many aspects of the movies that contribute to the saga’s success and the character’s distinctive personalities are one of them.

Each character encompasses specific personality traits that have captured the hearts of audiences all around the world. On the whole, the characters in the movies stay true to themselves, however, there are still times when they experience a moment that prompts them to say things out of the ordinary.

Charlie Swan

“All Right. Girls Night. Shopping. I Like It. Go Buy Some Stuff.”

Even though they shared some similar qualities, bonding with Bella wasn’t easy for Charlie. His job as a police officer meant he was one of the strongest male Twilight characters and he used this to try and protect her as best he could.

After seeing Bella’s devastation over Edward, Charlie is pleased when Bella shows some signs of development by agreeing to go shopping. Shopping was not amongst the things that Charlie enjoyed doing, therefore watching him try and openly understand the female mind was a rarity for his character.

Esme Cullen

“Clean This Up. Now.”

Finding a time where Esme Cullen was anything but her pleasant and gentle self was near impossible. Loving her children unconditionally became Esme’s most prominent trait throughout the movies. As head of the family, she was highly respected by those around her.

There was rarely a time where Esme needed to be strict towards her children because they never disobeyed her. However, when Rosalie smashes a glass bowl, Esme firmly and rightly tells her to clean up. Although she was an authoritative figure, her sternness was an uncommon sight for her character because she always had a calm and gentle nature.

Emmett Cullen

“Don’t Worry About It.”

Arguably the most cheerful in his family, Emmett had a light-hearted approach to life and was without a doubt the most playful of the Cullen clan. His competitive side usually overpowered any other side to him; therefore, his emotions were never really touched upon.

This meant his sensitive side was one of those that was suppressed within the movies. When Bella unintentionally angered Rosalie, Emmett was the one to reassure her and told her not to worry about it. This quote proved that Emmett did have an understanding side; it was just rarely displayed when he was onscreen.

Rosalie Hale

“Do You Need Some Help? I Could Do Her Hair.”

It’s no secret that Bella and Rosalie’s relationship was strained. Protecting her family was highly important to Rosalie, therefore she took an instant disliking to Bella because she believed a human came with danger. Although she openly admitted that she didn’t particularly like Bella, her cold treatment towards her was because she envied her human life.

Before Bella and Edward’s wedding, it came as a shock to everyone when Rosalie offered to do Bella’s hair. Rosalie was often considered to be self-centered, however, this quote demonstrates the unfamiliar side to her that was infrequently witnessed.

Jasper Hale

“Don’t Worry, Bella, We’ll Give Him Back In Plenty Of Time.”

Due to his violent upbringing, Jasper was often blunt and cold towards others. Meeting Alice allowed him to finally settle down and their romance became one of the best in the Twilight franchise. As a human, Jasper spent several years in the Confederate Army which meant he had a natural hostile mindset.

At Edward’s bachelor party, Jasper displays a playful side when he climbs into Bella’s room and makes a light-hearted comment. This didn’t match up with his everyday serious persona that was normally demonstrated, however, it was enjoyable to watch.

Alice Cullen

“I Didn’t See Her. I Didn’t See You Get Pulled Out Of The Water Either. I Can’t See Past You And Your Pack Of Muts.”

Although there was a bitter rivalry between the vampires and werewolves, Alice never displayed hatred towards anyone, including her enemies. She was often a character that offered light in dark times and always tried to remain positive. Treating others with kindness was one of her best traits and is arguably a reason why Alice is the best Cullen.

Seeing into the future was Alice’s main special ability and she often used this to help those around her. Once she realized that werewolves cloud her visions, Alice displayed slight aggression towards Jacob, something that was highly uncommon for her character.

Carlisle Cullen

“It’s Starving You By The Hour. I Can’t Stop It And I Can’t Slow It Down.”

As a doctor, Carlisle was able to help those around him to the best of his ability. He was considered by many Twilight fans to be the best father because of his highly caring and compassionate nature. Living for hundreds of years allowed him to perfect many aspects of his life and this meant it was difficult to find a problem that he couldn’t solve.

When Bella got pregnant, Carlisle realized that the fetus was starving her. Hearing him admit that he couldn’t do anything about this went against his personality because he was never one to admit defeat.

Jacob Black

“Damn. He’s Better Than I Thought.”

Originally a shy teenager, it wasn’t long before Jacob’s temperamental side began to show. Although Jacob never chose to be a werewolf, he was forced to adapt, and with that, the aggression came with it. His deep hatred of vampires intensified once Edward got involved with Bella and caused Jacob to do some terrible things in Twilight.

Finding out that Edward didn’t get angry at Bella for their kiss, Jacob suggests Edward’s calm reaction was purposeful. Although this is likely a dig, he still gives Edward credit because he underestimated him. Even a backward compliment towards Edward was unfamiliar territory when it came to Jacob.

Edward Cullen

“What If I’m Not The Hero? What If I’m The Bad Guy.”

Edward demonstrated several times that other people’s safety came above his own, especially Bella’s. He went to extreme lengths to keep her safe and was often the voice of reason when she wanted to do things that could risk her life. Throughout the five movies, Edward proved countless times that he was the hero of the story.

While he was moody and stubborn, he was also incredibly smart and considerate. Hearing Edward question his status as a hero was uncommon for his character because he always tried to do what was right.

Bella Swan

“I Didn’t Try To Kill Myself. I Was Cliff Jumping. Recreationally. It Was Fun.”

As an openly clumsy and timid human, Bella lived a quiet and reclusive life before meeting the Cullen’s. Bella was never one to take risks, however, her intense love for Edward drove her to do several reckless things, like jumping off a cliff.

When she previously witnessed members of Jacob’s pack cliff jumping, she was horrified because she knew how dangerous it was. Bella gave a poor attempt at trying to convince Alice that she was cliff jumping because she enjoyed it. However, it’s common knowledge that reading and listening to music was more Bella’s style.

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