Here’s What Baywatch’s Alexandra Daddario Does To Stay In Shape

We’ll explain exactly what she eats and the things Alexandra does once she enters the gym.

“As I’ve gotten older, something that made a huge difference for me was being healthy. It is not about how much you eat…it’s eating healthy food and eating when you’re hungry, and not thinking about it so much.”

That’s a refreshing outlook by the Baywatch reboot star, who does things a little differently. As we’ll explain throughout the article, it is all about longevity when starting to implement new routines. Alexandra Daddario of True Detective fame knows all about that, she’s not tracking her intake to a tee. Instead, she’s has a more easygoing approach to nutrition… and his approach has worked wonders.

We’ll explain exactly what she eats and the things Alexandra does once she enters the gym. We’ll even discuss her workout alongside her ex, High School Musical star, Zac Efron, which was viewed by millions of fans on YouTube. Without further ado, here’s what Baywatch’s Alexandra Daddario does to stay in shape. Enjoy – let’s get started.

11 Does Not Track Calories

This is a refreshing way to look at things. Instead of stressing over her caloric intake, Alexandra chooses to eat what she wants to when she’s hungry. Tracking calories can be very stressful and drives some people nuts over time – as she shared with People, the Baywatch star takes a different approach;

“I eat when I’m hungry. I try to stay away from anything unnatural, but if you are trying to stay healthy and you get too hungry, it will only be more difficult to stay away from things like too much sugar if you don’t give yourself what you want sometimes. I’m focused on being healthy and not stressing or obsessing over food.”

10 Cheat Meals Are Allowed

For those who are new to nutrition for fitness, it is key to take a sustainable approach, especially early on. Limiting yourself is not the way to go, as too many restrictions will create more difficulties along the way. The Baywatch star does an excellent job of keeping things light. She’ll allow herself a cheat meal. Here’s what she had to say with Health;

“I think you have to indulge or the stress of not being able to enjoy what you eat will detract from any benefits you’re getting from eating healthy. Life is really stressful without chocolate.”

Got In Shape With A Trainer

While getting in shape for Baywatch, the film star made sure she was accessing the best possible training. It’s not a surprise that she used a trainer – the same one Zac Efron used. She discussed her experience with Muscle & Fitness Magazine:

“I started working out with Patrick Murphy, this amazing trainer in Los Angeles. The weight training helped me feel stronger, especially in my back, which didn’t hurt as much. Women should look into it if they haven’t before.”

Yoga In The Rotation

Yoga was a huge part of her transformation, not only physically but (more importantly) mentally. She has stated in several interviews that the practice helps with her anxiety and promotes better sleep. Normal yoga and hot yoga are her main go-to practices:

“I do a ton of yoga. I find it more than just physically beneficial, but also emotionally. It’s great to take an hour to just chill out, be away from your phone, and focus on positivity.”

Salads As The Go-To

She keeps things light and enjoyable in the kitchen. A salad might sound bland to some people – though not to the Baywatch star, as she does her best to make it as nutritious and delicious as possible.

Healthy foods can be just as delicious and the Baywatch star knows all about that. She adapted to a new and healthy lifestyle…one that seems to be for the long-term.

Lean Fish As The Protein Choice

She keeps her protein source as lean as possible – fish tends to be her main choice with whatever type of dish she’s having, whether accompanied by a salad or some rice.

She’ll always put a delicious spin on it, drizzling some olive oil and perhaps, adding some extra fat to it, with an avocado on the side.

Carbs & Fats Are Included

“Salads, fish, and rice, especially before a workout. I keep Lara bars in my purse. I also love avocados. I’ll cut one in half, put some olive oil and salt on it—that’s a healthy and filling snack.”

Given her words with Muscle & Fitness, Daddario isn’t completely neglecting carbohydrates, nor is she limiting her fat intake. For the Baywatch star, it is all about balance and variety. Her fat sources include oil and avocado, while a carb like rice is also in the equation.

Strong Back

Her workout alongside Zac Efron was viewed by nearly 14 million fans. At the beginning of the video, she shared some of the biggest differences since she started working out. One of them is her overall stability, thanks to a strong back.

Those are the little details she wasn’t even thinking about prior to working out. As we saw in the workout with her ex-boyfriend, Zac Efron, she can move some serious weight in the gym.

Resistance Workouts

She posted a photo on IG, showing herself with a pair of dumbbells while hitting a bicep curl. The name of the game for the Baywatch star once she heads to the gym is resistance exercises, meaning she’s hitting a lot of reps with both light and moderate weights.

Forget about lifting big dumbbells and barbells, the goal of her Baywatch training was for aesthetics most of all, looking the part on the big screen.

Super-Sets And Circuits

This tends to be the typical routine among celebs – high-intensity sessions with no time wasted, given their intense schedules.

The ideal way to go about workouts is to utilize both super-sets and circuits during workouts. That gives the muscle little relaxation, which is essential for muscle sculpting and simultaneous fat burning. The formula worked wonders for Alexandra, clearly.

Exercise Helps Her To Relax

“I feel like it helps with anxiety, it helps with sleep, it was sort of more of a mental thing. For Baywatch, I started doing weight training, which I had never done before, and I saw a huge difference. It was kind of amazing, the transformation I went through.”

As she revealed with Super Hero Jacked, not only did she change physically, but mentally she was more at ease than ever before. Her anxiety diminished a great deal while her sleep quality also improved. The benefits of training and eating healthy go far beyond what’s on the outside and Alexandra is proof of that.

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