Jerry Seinfeld Once Feuded With This Acclaimed Talk Show Host

Although Jerry Seinfeld and Larry King's interview went south, it turned into rating gold.

Jerry Seinfeld’s level of confidence isn’t always an appealing trait. It’s a natural one, given the incredible amount of success he’s achieved. But that doesn’t mean everyone wants to consume it. Of course, Jerry’s self-assuredness is something that’s contributed to his comedy. It also makes him great when commentating on the work of others. While some of Jerry’s judgments anger fans, others please them, such as his criticism of another famous comedian. Then again, Jerry has found himself totally unlikable more often than not.

The brilliant and hilarious Seinfeld creator’s most notable controversy was when he dated a 17-year-old. But he’s also caused quite a stir after getting into a feud with acclaimed talk show host, the late Larry King. Although Jerry has stated the whole situation isn’t that big of a deal the internet world disagrees. Fans believe Jerry was downright insulted when Larry King insinuated that he got fired from Seinfeld. Instead of letting the moment go, Jerry seemingly became defensive and wouldn’t let Larry get away with the factually inaccurate comment. Fans and the press thought Jerry was exceptionally rude. Truth be told, both Jerry and Larry have far different opinions about what actually went down in the now Youtube famous moment.

What Happened Between Jerry Seinfeld And Larry King During Their Infamous Interview

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There’s no doubt that Jerry’s 2007 interview with Larry has gone down infamy. While promoting The Bee Movie in which they both star, Jerry was subjected to a number of questions about the end of Seinfeld. Fans of the show know that Seinfeld ended far earlier than it could’ve. The show was a rating success and critically acclaimed and yet Jerry decided to hang up his hat and call it a day while the series was still good. But Larry didn’t quite know that… He thought NBC had fired Jerry and axed the show. Jerry’s sharp response is why the press and fans believed his ego was “insulted” and even “angry”.

“You gave it up, right?” Larry King asked. “They didn’t cancel you, right? You canceled them?”

After a very long pause, a seemingly perturbed Jerry Seinfeld said, “You’re not aware of this? You think I got canceled? Are you under the impression I got canceled? I thought that was pretty well-documented. Is this still CNN?”

“Have I hurt you, Jerry?” Larry asked.

Even though Jerry was smiling at this point and appeared to be having fun with Larry, the takeaway was that he was quite angry, according to People.

“Don’t most shows go down a little?” Larry asked, playfully defending his question.

“Most people do also,” Jerry threw back. “I went off the air and I was the number one show on television, Larry.”

After Jerry shared the incredible ratings for the series finale of the show, Larry could sense that he was really unhappy with the question. “Don’t take it so bad,” Larry said.

“Well, it’s a big difference between ‘canceled’ and being number one!”

“Okay, I’m sorry… We’ll be right back.”

“Can we get a resume in here for me that Larry can go over,” Jerry joked.

While the segment ended in laughter, the two stars have very different takes on what actually occurred.

Jerry Seinfeld And Larry King’s Response To The Interview Backlash

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The word on the street, amongst both the fans and the press, was that Jerry was rude to the iconic interviewer. At the very least, they believed he was being too sensitive about Larry’s suggestion that his sitcom was canceled. But what did the two subjects actually think about what went down?

After Larry King passed away at the beginning of 2021, Jerry took to Twitter to offer kind words about the newsman. He also addressed the famous interview in the same way he did after it first aired.

“Always loved Larry King and will miss him. The ‘canceled’ bit was just me having fun with his little mistake. Nothing more. Or less. #ripLarry,” Jerry wrote on Twitter.

While Jerry claimed that he didn’t take the whole situation personally, this is now what Larry said prior to his death. During an interview with Cenk Uygur on The Young Turks, Larry claimed that Jerry was absolutely mad at what happened even though he stated he wasn’t.

“[Jerry] said he wasn’t mad, but he was mad,” Larry told Cenk. “I think [he was mad]. We were on Conan the [night after the interview] as guests and he said he wasn’t mad. What happened was… I watch sports. I’m a sports nut. So, I’ve learned to appreciate Seinfeld later. I watch his re-runs now, and I think it’s arguably the best show on television.”

Larry went on to say, “However, I never watched Seinfeld much [when it first came out]. So, I knew it went off at the end of nine years. So, I asked, ‘Why did you leave?’ I didn’t know… I thought he was dropped.”

Of course, Jerry wasn’t ‘dropped’ at all, he famously decided to walk away. While Larry believes Jerry was absolutely mad at the fact he was asked that question despite what he’s said about it, the famed interview admits to not being prepared for the conversation.

“I should have known that. But I was stupid. Hey, you can’t know everything.”

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