15 Of Alexandra Daddario’s Best Films (According To IMDb)

Alexandra Daddario is a talented actress with many titles under her belt. Which are her best films so far, according to IMDb?

Alexandra Daddario is a breakout actress who has risen to fame in recent years as she has starred in several hit movies. She was born and raised in New York City where she decided from a young age that she wanted to be an actress. Fans are glad that she decided to ditch the college scene and pursue acting full-time, as she makes her roles come to life.

She has starred in several films over recent years, but this list will focus on those where she played one of the main characters. These castings showcase her talent and ability, while also being the perfect thing for her fans to binge in their spare time. Keep reading to learn about 15 of Alexandra Daddario’s best films according to IMDb!

Updated By Amanda Bruce On July 18th, 2020: Thanks to even more of Alexandra Daddario’s work now available on even more streaming sites, more audiences are getting a proper introduction to the actress. We’ve updated this list from its original publishing with more of Daddario’s leading roles for those curious audience members.

15Lost Transmissions, 2019 (4.9)

While the bulk of the film relies on Juno Temple and Simon Pegg’s performances, all of the actors in the movie were initially praised by reviewers on the film festival circuit in 2019. As the movie saw wider release, however, reviews became more mixed about the young woman (Temple) who wanted to help her musician friend (Pegg) after he stopped taking his schizophrenia medication. Daddario shines in her role, but she doesn’t have a ton of luck with ratings since none of her movies rate higher than a 6.6.

14We Summon The Darkness, 2019 (5.1)

We Summon The Darkness is not your typical horror movie, and Daddario isn’t the Final Girl. Instead, the movie riffs on a lot of the tropes of the genre as Daddario plays Alexis, a member of a cult-like group that murders people to inspire fear and lead more followers to her religion. Her plan goes awry as one of her friends goes against her and her parents arrive home to find the mess.

13Bereavement, 2010 (5.1)

Another horror movie from Daddario’s resume, Bereavement is actually a prequel film. It tells the story of a boy who grows up to be the villain of Malevolence. Daddario stars as a young woman who moves to a small town and becomes the target of a killer. Daddario brings real life to the role, though fans of the original movie will already know her fate.

12Can You Keep A Secret, 2019 (5.3)

Based on the novel by Sophie Kinsella, the movie changes a lot of the details from the book but still holds the same charm. A lot of that charm is due to Daddario and Tyler Hoechlin’s performances in the leading roles. Daddario stars as Emma, a woman who spills all of her secrets to a man on a plane when they hit turbulence – only to discover that he’s actually her boss later.

11Baked In Brooklyn, 2016 (5.4)

Here, Daddario stars as a woman trying to get her career path in order with the help of an internship. The man she falls for loses his job and starts selling drugs online to make the rent. His job comes between them, but like any romantic comedy, there’s an attempt to get her back. The movie itself didn’t garner great reception, but Daddario was praised for keeping the movie grounded.

10Burying The Ex, 2014 (5.4)

Daddario plays the role of Olivia in this film, who plays the dream girl of the main character named Max. This boy has a troubled past as his ex-girlfriend who died in a car accident comes back to haunt his new relationship. He thought it was bad when she moved in, but things only grow worse after her reappearance as a member of the undead.

9Baywatch, 2017 (5.5)

This film is an action-comedy sprinkled with a bit of a crime-solving mystery that has Alexandra Daddario playing the role of Summer Quinn. It has an all-star cast with Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson as well as plenty of swimsuits to go around. IMDb only gave it a rating of 5.5, but it is one movie that fans will never forget.

8We Have Always Lived In The Castle, 2018 (5.6)

If fans are in the mood for a strange movie, then this is the one to watch. It features a family of three in isolation after Daddario’s character, named Constance Blackwood, is accused of killing her father. It is a twisted family drama where the cousin tries to steal the family fortune, and the mixed reviews fans gave it on IMDb left it with a rating of 5.6.

7Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters, 2013 (5.8)

The second installment of the Percy Jackson series was given a rating of 5.8 on IMDb. Annabeth was played by Daddario, and she is the daughter of Athena who assists Percy on his mission to save the camp.

It is full of mythological happenings and a quest to find the golden fleece. Daddario’s acting brings this fantastical world to life as she turns into the daughter of Athena that fans knew she could be.

6Hall Pass, 2011 (5.8)

Daddario plays a supporting role in this film as the babysitter of Rick’s children. The premise of the movie is that two men are given a free pass from their wives for an entire week. It turns into a tumultuous tale as these two men find themselves in a heap of trouble as one thing leads to another.

5Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, 2010 (5.9)

This was the first film to be released in this series and it was the first introduction many had to this actress as it jumpstarted her career. The story follows Percy Jackson himself as he discovers his mythological heritage and goes on a mission to save his mother and return Zeus’ missing lightning bolt.

He finds himself stuck in the midst of a battle between the gods and it is up to him to settle it before it escalates further. Daddario’s role as Annabeth helped push the rating for this film to a 5.9 on IMDb.

4Night Hunter, 2018 (5.9)

Alexandra Daddario stars alongside Henry Cavill in this film where the goal is to solve the mystery. The script took some crazy twists and turns that left fans in the middle about whether they liked it or not.

It takes viewers on a suspenseful journey as they wonder where the story is headed next. The story is great for anyone interested in crime films about killers, as the acting of the cast led to a rating of 5.9 on IMDb.

3San Andreas, 2015 (6.0)

Dwayne Johnson is the star of this film as the rescue helicopter pilot who goes on the journey of a lifetime to save his daughter, played by Daddario from a deadly earthquake. It is a disaster film filled with buildings falling and big explosions that will leave fans’ hearts pounding for days. IMDb users gave it a rating of 6.0 for all of the heart-pounding action that ends with Johnson saving the day once again.

2When We First Met, 2018 (6.4)

Daddario stars in this adorable romance film where a man goes back in time to win the girl of his dreams after she friend-zoned him three years earlier. He struggles to change his fate and win her heart and learns a valuable lesson in the end. It is full of the comedy and romance many look for on their weekend nights which is why IMDb gave it a rating of 6.4.

1The Choice, 2016 (6.6)

The Choice is Daddario’s highest-rated film where she plays the role of Monica, the woman the main character named Travis is casually seeing. Inspired by a Nicholas Sparks novel, it is a tale where the handsome vet falls for the girl next door. Daddario did a phenomenal job as the other woman who helps Travis grow as a person and realize his true feelings, and IMDb users appropriately gave it a rating of 6.6. for this reason.

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