10 Best Gordon Ramsay Quotes

Gordon Ramsay has many iconic lines, and these are just a few of them.

Gordon Ramsay is famous for his quotes across his several different shows. Not only does he display his excellent knowledge of cuisine, but he has some hilarious lines to top it off. It is the icing on the cake whether it is Hell’s Kitchen, Kitchen Nightmares, or Next Level Chef.

Some of these lines have already spread across the internet, but most of these are not quite as popular but are iconic nonetheless. It is tough to choose, as Ramsay has such a stockpile of memorable quotes, but these are among the ones that stick out. Whether it is insulting a contestant, or just commenting on horrible cooking at a local restaurant, these lines will stick with anyone who watches them.

Chicken Crossing

“Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? Because You Didn’t F****** Cook It!”

It is not often that Gordon Ramsay tells jokes, but what is worse is that this is no joke. This line has become more of a meme thanks to John Legend. Him singing Gordon Ramsay insults helped to elevate this line to new heights. The quote originated from an episode of one of Ramsay’s more recent shows, 24 Hours to Hell and Back. It was featured on the episode “Lowery’s Seafood Restaurant”.

Ramsay is known for making comments on raw food being served such as it still being alive or having feathers, but this moment reigns above the others. Luckily, this kitchen is not amongst the worst on 24 Hours to Hell and Back.

Vampire Repellent

“There’s Enough Garlic In Here To Kill Every Vampire In Europe.”

Appearing in Hell’s Kitchen, this is a quote that pretty much speaks for itself. Essentially, there was too much garlic. Although, Ramsay loves to bring exaggerations to fully convey the mistakes made by the chefs.

However, this is one of the more tame Ramsay quotes compared to vast numbers of insults. Vampires might be hiding from these cooks though.

Arrested Pizza

“This Pizza Is So Disgusting, If You Take It To Italy, You’ll Get Arrested.”

Nothing is worse than a bad pizza. In fact, it is pretty hard to make pizza bad, or disgusting. Even the most poorly made and cheap pizzas can offer some flavor. In this case, Ramsay was not having it, borderline putting out a warning to all of those in Italy to watch out for this cook.

It is hard to fully imagine what the pizza tasted like, but based on Ramsay’s reaction, it was probably pretty bad.


“It’s Raw!” “It’s F****** Raw!” *Smashes Food*

These quotes are always classic and span across his various shows. However, the one that sticks out the most is in Hell’s Kitchen. After one of the contestants, Raj, brings up a raw fish, Ramsay is so livid that he smashes the fish into oblivion. The fish simply shatters into a million pieces all over the kitchen. It is hard to say what that fish did in a past life to deserve such punishment, but it is pretty hilarious.

Ramsay smashes raw food often on the show, with it usually being obliterated, but it is these moments where the viewer is not expecting such a reaction from Ramsay that makes it golden.

Don’t Cook In A Burnt Pan

“You’re Cooking In A Burnt Pan, You F****** Donkey!”

In the earlier seasons especially, Ramsay seemed extra mad on Hell’s Kitchen. In this case, he was so distressed that his voice cracks and he utters the most common phrase “donkey!”. The reason being is one of the cooks is burning duck and using a burnt pan. The pan then catches on fire and Ramsay is forced to deal with it. The chef is completely beside himself in the entire moment. It ranks amongst the most brutal insults in Hell’s Kitchen history.

This quote is such a classic it often appears on the Hell’s Kitchen YouTube channel and various other compilations. It is arguably one of the moments that made Ramsay even more famous, especially in the United States.

Don’t Swing On Gordon

“Don’t Be Stupid. Don’t Be Stupid.”

On another episode of Hell’s Kitchen, the famous chef was almost hit by one of the contestants. However, Ramsay is able to catch her arm like a karate warrior and seems generally unphased. This is when this line pops up. Comments on clips of this moment online make jokes on various action against Ramsay with his phrase of “don’t be stupid” following.

It was one of the most heated moments on the show. It matches the moment in season six when Joseph Tinnelly tries to fight Ramsay. It is likely though that this would have reached the same result, as Ramsay has clearly taken lessons from the likes of Chuck Norris and Liam Neeson.

A Surprise To Be Sure

“You Do Seriously Surprise Me. You Surprise Me, How S*** You Are.”

During season four of Hell’s Kitchen, one of the most iconic moments happened. After the first part of Ramsay’s quote, Ben Caylor steps in before Ramsay is finished taking it as a compliment. That is when the second part of the quote comes in and there is instant regret on Caylor’s face. While embarrassing it is equally hilarious for the audience. Amongst Ramsay fans, it has also made somewhat of a resurgence as well in memes.

This level of savageness is what many love from Ramsay and he seems to not be lighting up anytime soon as per his recent shows.

An Idiot Sandwich

“What Are You? An Idiot Sandwich.”

Everyone on the internet has likely seen this meme at some point. While it was a parody of Hell’s Kitchen on The Late Late Show with James Corden, it has become one of the most iconic moments for Ramsay. The parody plays hard on the savageness of Ramsay and to this day the chef continues to love it.

It would have been even funnier if it were not a scripted parody, but the meme still works in many cases across the internet.

Lamb Sauce

“Where’s The Lamb Sauce?!”

This is another classic line for Ramsay. It has been seen across the internet and is arguably more famous than the idiot sandwich line. Not much more can be said about a quote that nearly everyone on the planet is aware of. Even those that do not watch Ramsay’s shows have likely heard of this line.

The sad part is, it is still unclear if Ramsay ever found the lamb sauce. There are stories that he is still searching for the lamb sauce out there, and some have said they can hear his shouts for lamb sauce deep in the forest. Maybe one day, he will find the lamb sauce.

Not A Streamer

“What The F*** Is Twitch?”

Ramsay seems to not be able to escape getting fame on the internet for his quotes. This one, more recently on his new show Next Level Chef, shocked both Twitch and Twitter. After meeting a Twitch streamer, Tricia Wang who is also a contestant on the show, he was oblivious to what Twitch was. This sparked the streaming company to respond, and both Twitch and Ramsay made light of it in their Twitter bios.

It is likely Ramsay now knows what Twitch is, especially after the Pokimane fiasco. Still, many would probably subscribe to Ramsay streaming his cooking on the platform, which could spark even more famous quotes.

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