Alyssa Milano Shares ‘Charmed’ Throwback Video to Celebrate ‘1990s Aesthetic’ Trend

There’s nothing more ’90s than girl power. And that is exactly what Alyssa Milano is serving us with her Charmed throwback video.

Butterfly clips, bandana tops, and women kicking butt were just some of the things that made the ’90s supernatural fantasy drama, Charmed, such a huge hit. Girls and grown women everywhere secretly believed that they just may have had magic powers of their own after watching the show. Now, we’re appreciating Charmed all over again. Only this time, we’re not just cheering on the powerful trio of magical sisters. Now, we’re also admiring their ’90s fashion.

Alyssa Milano, who played the youngest of the charmed ones, Phoebe, shared a throwback clip from the show. Along with the video, she wrote, “Just saw that 90s aesthetic was trending. #90saesthetic #90sthrowback #charmed”

During the clip, the three sisters successfully battle another demon. Phoebe wears her hair in cropped twists and a ponytail. She’s also wearing a cheetah fur-trimmed denim jacket and a belly shirt. Her sister Prue is wearing an oversized button-up shirt as a jacket – a trend that has made its way back into current fashion. In conclusion, even 15 years after its last episode aired, Charmed is still setting trends.@alyssa_milano

#90saesthetic #90sthrowback #charmed♬ original sound – Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano Is Starring in an Upcoming Netflix Romance Thriller

Since her big-screen debut in Who’s The Boss in 1984, Alyssa Milano hasn’t slowed down. Most recently, Milano announced that she’s starring in Netflix’s new romance thriller, Deadly Desires. The movie is based on the award-winning Nora Roberts’ book, Brazen Virtue.

The movie is about a famous mystery novelist named Grace (Alyssa Milano) who learns that her sister, Kathleen is going through a divorce. Grace visits Kathleen to offer support when she learns that the divorce is getting messy. Kathleen needs the best lawyer she can find – which is also expensive. So, she decides to supplement her teacher’s income by moonlighting as a phone sex operator. Kathleen is confident that her employer, Fantasy, Inc. ensures anonymity for all their employees but Grace has her reservations. A tragedy confirms those reservations when someone murders a Fantasy, Inc. operator. Grace quickly finds herself caught up in a mystery that is just as juicy and terrifying as the ones in her books. Will she be able to find the murderer and protect her sister? You’ll just have to watch and see.

Production for Alyssa Milano’s Deadly Desires will start filming this spring. The movie is scheduled to be released on Netflix in late 2021 or early 2022.

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