Chloë Grace Moretz Creates Video Gaming Series With Rooster Teeth

Chloë Grace Moretz is kicking off a three-part YouTube video series highlighting the presence of women and girls in the gaming community.

Back in September, Chloë Grace Moretz made headlines when she announced that she was taking a break from Hollywood and dropping out of all future film projects. The star of such hits as the Oscar-winning Hugo and the Kick Ass franchise, Moretz said that she was interested in stepping back from acting for a period in order to focus on women’s issues, arts education in the U.S. school system and joining the presidential campaign trail for Hillary Clinton.

Fast forward a month and Moretz is already right back into the Hollywood grind with a role in director Luca Guadagnino’s (A Bigger Splash) upcoming remake of Dario Argento’s cult horror classic, Suspiria. While this return to form might strike some as disingenuous of Moretz’ previous vow to step back from acting, it appears that the young actress is still sticking to her guns when it comes to dealing with women’s issues in a public format.

Mashable is reporting that Chloë Grace Moretz has just teamed up with hardware/software giants Dell and its subsidiary Alienware to create a three part YouTube video series intended to highlight the involvement of girls in the gaming community. The series will launch this upcoming Monday and in the above video, you can see a clip of Moretz joining some Rooster Teeth staff for their comedic Achievement Hunter series – a channel that offers a rotating cast of staff members competing in online gaming. Said Moretz on her new series:

“It’s another form of sexism to say girls don’t game. It’s unfair. Gaming is such a fun experience, I really wanted to show that in the web series — that it’s not aggressive, it’s not masculine. It’s just fun.”

Moretz also explained that it was Dell who initially reached out to her and she, in turn, decided that this was the perfect opportunity to show that plenty of girls are involved in the gaming community.

“I think Dell is doing interesting stuff and using their gigantic platform to better the world and provide real social commentary. They reached out to me to see if I had anything that I felt should be talked about — and this was a big thing for me. Everyone always act they are so shocked to hear I’m a female gamer. They thought it was so crazy.”

Despite a Pew Research Center report from 2015 which shows that about 48% of American women play video games, the stereotypical image of gamers is still commonly viewed as predominantly male. By taking part in something such as this, Moretz is helping women – in particular young women – who have yet to feel confident about their role as gamers. It’s a method of knocking away the unnecessary classifications attached to gaming and keeping it open to everyone.

While some might argue that in an online gaming community, everyone is blind to gender, it’s outside in the real world where the sort of bizarre reactions to female gamers that Moretz is speaking of exist. However well this three part series may or may not do, it’s no threat to anyone. It all just boils down to Chloë Grace Moretz taking part in something that she enjoys – and who among us can fault someone for doing something they enjoy?

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