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Prison Break Season 1 Episode 22 Saw The Gang Make A Run For It

Prison Break season 1 episode 22 "Flight" finds Michael, Lincoln and the rest of the escapees making a desperate run for it on the outside.

Prison Break season 1 episode 22 found the gang on the run following their breakout. The first season of Prison Break was a highly enjoyable thriller that followed Michael (Wentworth Miller, DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow) as he got himself arrested and sent to a prison with the intent of breaking out his brother Lincoln (Dominic Purcell). While the first season received mostly positive reviews, the show had an inbuilt issue – the concept itself. Once the Scofield’s broke out of prison, it was pretty much a countdown until they were caught and sent to another prison, and the cycle would repeat.

This is one reason later seasons of Prison Break would be received less warmly, with various conspiracies and convoluted subplots introduced to pad out seasons. The events of later series became increasingly ludicrous too, such as Sarah Wayne Callies’ (The Walking Dead) Sara Tancredi being decapitated in season 3 following a contract dispute – only for season 4 to retcon this and reveal she was alive. The original show came to an end with TV movie Prison Break: The Final Break, which saw Michael sacrifice himself to save his family. This was retconned once again when the show was revived in 2017, which revealed Michael was somehow alive and Lincoln set out to find him.

While some of its later seasons may have been disappointing, Prison Break will always remain a guilty pleasure. It reached its peak with the last few episodes of season 1, where the would-be escapees are forced to break out early due to permanently angry guard Bellick almost rumbling their plan. Prison Break season 1 episode 22 “Flight” takes place in the immediate aftermath of Michael, Lincoln and the six other prisoners who made it out of Fox River State Penitentiary having to flee.

While Michael may be good at planning, the Prison Break season 1 finale finds him and the others winging it a lot of the time. They first waste time hiding in a ditch before making a run for a van sent by Abruzzi’s (Peter Stormare, John Wick: Chapter 2) crew. Hateful old T-Bag handcuffs himself to Michael to protect himself from Abruzzi’s wrath, but this plan doesn’t go so well when the latter cuts off his hand with an ax; T-Bag then flees on his own with his severed hand.

After numerous roadblocks – some literal – Prison Break season 1 episode 22 finds the gang finally reach the airstrip. Of course, they arrive in time to see it taking off and with police cars approaching, the episode ends with them running into a field. A subplot also sees Scofield lawyer Veronica (Robin Tunney, End Of Days) discovering the location of Terrence Steadman, the man Lincoln was accused of murdering who is being hidden by The Company. All in all, Prison Break season 1 episode 22 was an intense finale, though it feels like the characters could have planned ahead a little more to make their escape smoother.

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