Twilight: 10 Funniest Quotes From The Movies

Twilight remains one of the most popular franchises of all time and within the five movies, the characters say some hilarious quotes.

The Twilight Saga movies concluded 10 years ago, yet it remains one of the most popular franchises of all time. Drama films that focus on vampires and werewolves don’t sound like they would be funny on the surface; however, fans know that there is plenty of humor from Twilight’s many characters.

Devoted audiences are still fixated over the story of Bella Swan and the supernatural world that she lives in. Whilst the franchise certainly isn’t renowned for its humor, there are several moments across the five movies that fans can’t help but laugh at.

Bella’s Heightened Sense Of Smell

“Well, I Can See What Everyone’s Been Talking About. Jake, You Really Do Stink.”

The vampire and werewolf rivalry was featured in every movie, however, the birth of Renesmee brought the two together. With this came the introduction of Bella as a vampire, which gave her heightened senses.

When Bella and Jacob meet for the first time after Bella’s transformation, Jacob tells her that she needs to interact with him before she meets Renesmee. This prompts Bella to smell him properly for the first time as a vampire, and his beast-like stench is less than pleasant by the sounds of it.

Charlie’s Animal Question

“You Don’t Turn Into An Animal, Too, Do You?”

Whilst Charlie was meant to be a stern police officer, his character had a natural charm that could bring unintended humor into a lot of his quotes. He is also a rare character that made it to Breaking Dawn: Part 2 before witnessing anything from the supernatural world firsthand.

That is until Jacob does something that makes absolutely no sense and reveals his inner werewolf to Charlie. Shortly after, he goes to see Bella and timidly asks if she also has the power to turn into an animal. Billy Burke’s delivery, and Kristen Stewart’s reaction to it, make this line all the funnier.

Jasper’s Honesty

“I Vote Yes. It Would Be Nice To Not Want To Kill You All The Time.”

Despite being one of the most powerful male characters in Twilight, Jasper struggled the most to control his thirst for human blood. The interactions between the Cullens and Bella typically stemmed from serious situations, however, one honest statement from Jasper makes the discussion about Bella turning into a vampire all the more humorous.

When Bella asks the Cullen’s to vote on her becoming a vampire, Jasper doesn’t hesitate in voting yes. His reason behind his answer stems from the fact he wants to kill her every time he sees her, creating a funny moment from a particularly blunt statement.

Charlie’s New Opinion On Edward

“Virgin. Likin’ Edward A Little Bit More Now.”

In Eclipse, Edward and Bella are spending a significant amount of time together. And whilst Charlie isn’t keen, he respects Bella’s privacy and tries not to be overbearing. However, when the topic of marriage comes up, Charlie sees this is as a fitting opportunity to have “the talk.”

During a severely awkward father-daughter conversation that no one wants to have, Bella informs Charlie that she is a virgin to stop him from asking questions. Charlie wasn’t overly keen on Edward; however, this revelation makes him go marginally higher in his rankings.

A New Monster

“Nessie? You Nicknamed My Daughter After The Loch Ness Monster?”

Although the Twilight movies are filled with fantastical creatures and hybrids, the loch ness monster is a different kind of mystical creature that no one thought would be referenced in the saga. Something even less likely – Jacob choosing it as a nickname for Bella and Edward’s baby.

Shortly after realizing Jacob has imprinted on their daughter, Bella is rightfully outraged. Trying to calm her down and explain himself, Jacob calls Renesmee by her new nickname Nessie. With that, the situation goes from bad to worse for Jacob. However, it does lead to fans getting to hear one of the most memorable lines from the franchise.

Emmett’s Awkward Toast

“Bella. I Hope You’ve Gotten Enough Sleep These Last 18 Years. ‘Cause You Won’t Be Getting Any More For A While.”

Kellan Lutz plays the role of Emmett with the perfect amount of aggression and cheeriness. Even giving a toast in front of a room full of strangers doesn’t stop Emmett’s childish side from coming out in full swing.

At Bella and Edward’s wedding ceremony, Emmett proposes a toast and decides that this is the perfect opportunity to toast that Bella won’t need to sleep anymore. His comical toast is met with awkward silence and it’s no surprise that the humans are less than thrilled about his choice of words.

Charlie’s New Look

“I Know. I Look Hot.”

Bella and Edward’s wedding was a long-awaited moment in the Twilight movies. In Breaking Dawn: Part 1, the moment finally came, and it was expected that Bella would steal the show, however, it turns out that it was Charlie’s time to shine.

While everyone is admiring Bella in her dress, Charlie enters the room and elicits plenty of surprised looks. He is the first to say how great he looks and proves, once again, what a good sense of humor he has.

Jacob’s Total Misunderstanding

“I Kissed Bella. And She Broke Her Hand… Punching My Face. Total Misunderstanding.”

In Eclipse, Jacob goes through some abnormal character development, leading to some of the worst things Jacob did in the Twilight franchise. While some fans will remain team Jacob, it was strange to watch his once sweet character act with so much aggression.

Wanting to make Bella realize she has feelings for him, Jacob tries to kiss her. The mess that is their first kiss culminates in Bella punching Jacob in the face. Hearing Jacob relay what happened out loud is quite ridiculous, but also his explanation turns out to be one of the funniest moments in the films.

Emmett’s View On Edward’s Love Life

“Dating An Older Woman. Hot.”

In every Twilight movie, Emmett is the character that lightens any situation with his sense of humor. While he was one of the strongest Twilight characters in terms of fighting ability, that didn’t stop his natural childish personality from being brought to the forefront.

As Edward stopped aging at 17, Bella turning 18 in New Moon means she is technically older than him. At the hands of Alice, the Cullens throw Bella a birthday party where Emmet takes the opportunity to tell his brother what he thinks of him “dating an older woman.”

Edward’s Valid Question

“Doesn’t He Own A Shirt?”

The rivalry between Edward and Jacob heats up in Eclipse and tensions reach an all-time high when the two are forced to work together. Whilst it’s clear that Bella loves Edward more, it doesn’t help Edward’s cause that Jacob is topless most of the time.

As Edward needs to hunt, he takes Bella to Jacob because he knows that’s where she will be safe. Seeing Jacob standing by his car, Edward isn’t best pleased when he sees that he is shirtless yet again. He then hilariously wonders out loud whether Jacob even owns a shirt.

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