10 Things Chloë Grace Moretz Has Done Since ‘Neighbors 2’

After years of portraying child and teenage characters in the 2000s, Moretz is now all grown up.

There aren’t a lot of child actors and actresses who are able to replicate that same success into their adulthood, but Chloë Grace Moretz is one of the lucky ones. After years of portraying child and teenage characters back in the 2000s, Moretz is now all grown up. The 24-year-old is a versatile actress who’s fluent in comedy, thriller, romance, and even horror genres.

However, it wasn’t until 2016’s Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising that Moretz’s career elevated to a new level. Sharing the stage with the likes of top names, like Zac Efron, Dave Franco, and Seth Rogan, the movie was a box office success with over $100 million in gross. Where does she go from there? Well, here’s what Chloë Grace Moretz has been up to since the movie premiered.

10 ‘Reassessed’ Her Roles

Despite the success of Neighbors 2, Moretz revealed that since then, she’s been a lot pickier about the roles she wants to portray and audition for. Speaking to E!, the actress said that despite not taking a break from movies per-se, she’d become a lot more particular when it comes to the role she’s choosing.

“I think it’s my time, right now in my life, to figure out who I am and what I am and what I want and what this industry means,” she said.

Ventured Into Voice-Acting For Animated Shows/Movies

However, as picky as she is, Moretz seems to have a soft spot for animated movies. In 2019, Moretz joined the likes of Snoop Dogg, Oscar Isaac, Charlize Theron, Finn Wolfhard, and the rest of the cast for The Addams Family. The black comedy film, which gained over $204 million in the box office, was such an important cornerstone of Moretz’s career.

Involved In A Controversial ‘Snow White’ Ad

In the same year, Moretz also portrayed Snow White in the animated film, Red Shoes and the Seven Dwarfs. However, the movie’s road to the premier was a little rocky because of its controversial ad, which had been accused of body shaming. Moretz, as one of the cast members, took the responsibility even though it was something out of her creative reach.

“The actual story is powerful for young women and resonated with me,” the actress took to social media. “I am sorry for the offense that was beyond my creative control.”

Took Her Career To Another Level With ‘Tom & Jerry’

Another fantastic work in animated series for Chloë Grace Moretz came recently this year in Tom & Jerry‘s live-action adaptation. Moretz and Michael Peña (yes, that agent from Narcos) share unique chemistry in the movie as they follow Tom & Jerry’s wild mouse-and-cat adventure at the Royal Gate Hotel. Despite amassing negative reviews from the critics and being heavily impacted by the COVID-19 restrictions worldwide, Tom & Jerry is one of the highest-selling movies of 2021.

Co-Starred With Ansel Elgort

Chloë Grace Moretz constantly collaborates with Ansel Elgort, but their November Criminals high-school homicide thriller à la Gen-Z was something else. The 2017 movie centers around two smart high school kids in their attempt to connect the missing dots of their deceased friend, who they believe had been killed in a shady way.

Reportedly Dated ‘Playboy’ Model Kate Harrison

Chloë Grace Moretz previously had a public romantic relationship with Brooklyn Beckham. The two held their perplexing off-and-on relationship for over two years. However, in 2018, a TMZ report revealed that the actress was spotted sharing kisses with 27-year-old Playboy model Kate Harrington. Moretz has also been an outspoken celebrity for the LGBTQ community.

“We put so many labels on so many things in our society, and my big issue is not just the fact that people are against LGBT. It’s the fact that we have to come out and say who we’re interested in,” the actress told HuffPost Live.

Got Candid About Her Experience With An Eating Disorder

Moretz has also been candid about her “unhealthy” relationship with food and her past eating disorder. In 2017, the actress spoke to Variety about her experience of being fat-shamed by male co-stars on set.

“I had to pick it up and go back on set and pretend he was a love interest, and it was really hard. It just makes you realize that there are some really bad people out there and for some reason, he felt the need to say that to me,” said the actress.

Spoke About Capitol Violence

Another issue Chloë Grace Moretz has been outspoken about is the riots at the U.S. Capital in early 2021. Along with Chris Evans, the stars have condemned the violent attack. Lady GagaCardi B, Meghan McCain, and many other Hollywood stars have also joined them in condemning the rioters.

Starred In A World War 2 Action Flick

In early 2021, Moretz and Roseanne Leang formed an iconic actress-director duo in Shadow in the Cloud. The World War II-themed movie follows the journey of a female pilot during the war, played by Moretz, and her journey to fight for her life against enemies and… monsters. The movie itself was a commercial and critical flop, but Moretz’s convincing and fantastic performance did not go unappreciated.

Gearing Up For Hulu’s ‘Mother/Android’

As for now, the former Dirty Sexy Money star is gearing up for the Mother/Android film on Hulu. In this sci-fi thriller, Moretz faces her worst fear as her character navigates through a treacherous journey of escaping her country as the world is caught in an uneven war with artificial intelligence. The movie will premiere sometime in 2021.

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