Did The Bulk Of Jeffree Star’s Net Worth Really Come From YouTube?

Jeffree Star's luxurious lifestyle hints at a crazy-high net worth, but did all his riches come directly from YouTube?

Jeffree Star has quite the personality, and he’s very open about how he spends all the cash he’s earned as an internet celebrity. But what is Jeffree Star’s net worth, and how much of it came from his original YouTube endeavors?

How Does Jeffree Star Have So Much Money?

The short answer is that Jeffree Star has so much cash because he’s been smart about building his brand. Sure, he started out as a makeup artist, but Jeffree has since become an outspoken fashion icon that collaborates with many brands.

His social media reach also extends much farther than just YouTube these days. He surpassed a billion views on YouTube years ago, but Jeffree’s other social media channels have grown a ton, too; his current follower count is 13.5 million.

And fortunately for Star, his fan base seems very willing to part with their cash for a chance at living as glamorously as their idol does.

From makeup to clothing and bags to shoes and more, Star promotes all kinds of products on YouTube and other media avenues — and it’s earned him an impressive chunk of change.

How Much Money Does Jeffree Star Have In 2021?

Is Jeffree Star a billionaire? Not exactly. Though his makeup brand (Jeffree Star Cosmetics) is worth about $1.5 billion, Jeffree himself doesn’t tally up that much net worth.

Alright, so how much cash does he really have? Most sources estimate Jeffree Star’s net worth at around $200 million. That’s definitely nothing to scoff at!

Of course, Jeffree might have a little less cash now that he’s investing in a yak ranch, among other pursuits. Then again, if he can find a way to monetize Star Ranch (beyond themed makeup palettes, of course), it might help pad his net worth even more.

Does All Of Jeffree Star’s Money Come From YouTube?

Though YouTube is where Jeffree Star got his start — and his internet celebrity status — it’s not his sole source of income. Star actually began posting videos to MySpace back in the day, but later turned to YouTube when his following began to grow.

That definitely helped spur his initial earnings. But it’s clear that Star’s cash flow is supported in various other ways apart from advertising income on YouTube.

How Much Money Does Jeffree Star Make A Month?

Current figures suggest that Jeffree makes more than a million dollars per month, which sounds totally insane. But the truth is, Jeffree’s multiple income streams pull in a ton of cash; a recent collab with Louis Vuitton is a prime example.

Between YouTube, his makeup brand, and tons of other endeavors and marketing partnerships, Star reportedly makes between $15 and $20M per year. But there’s one recent move that might help boost his net worth and net earnings even more: moving to Wyoming.

That yak farm mentioned above? Jeffree is reportedly selling his California mansion and moving to the remote ranch permanently. It’s a move that’s meant to support his mental health, but it could also net him somewhere around $3M per year in tax breaks, sources say.

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