Letterkenny Season 8 Review *Warning* Mature Content

Season eight of Letterkenny opens to the TSN Channel talking about the “ship” on the horizon. They even had something remotely nice to say about Letterkenny. Jonesy and Reilly actually are featured on the news segment with Shorsey chirping in the background. Next we pick up where season seven left off. Marie-Fred caught by Wayne cheating. Wayne retreats to his fishing shack for solitude, Puppers, Gus and Bru and a bit of Miss Fire.

Season eight of Letterkenny opens to the TSN Channel talking about the “ship” on the horizon. They even had something remotely nice to say about Letterkenny. Jonesy and Reilly actually are featured on the news segment with Shorsey chirping in the background. Next, we pick up where season seven left off. Marie-Fred caught by Wayne cheating. Wayne retreats to his fishing shack for solitude, Puppers, Gus and Bru and a bit of Miss Fire (A Canadian version of MASH but really bad). Bonnie, however, is excited that Wayne single again. She has a real hard-on for Wayne. In the meantime, Tanis is getting Shoresy up on what to insult the other team on. How Shoresy can have his poo sound the way he does is absolutely disgusting. Since two months have passed since Wayne got his heartbroken. Katy is worried. Needless to say, Squirrelly Dan and Dary decided to get into the trenches with Wayne and his grief. So they post up outside the fishing shack. Katy and Bonnie decide to help Wayne too. I thought they got him out. Nope. You have got to hear the tirade Wayne and Dary read Jonesy and Reilly. Holy Crap! Get a load of Stewart!

With another cut to the TSN there is a debate about hockey teams. Reilly and Jonesy and Shoresy even come up and are centered in this conversation. It actually shocked me. Wayne is still locked away. Apparently, Squirrelly Dan and Lovina Dyck broke off their romance. However, Ellen who knocked on Dan’s back door is back in town. Stewart got jacked under the instruction of Dax and Ron before Tyson and Joint Boy teach him to kick ass to save two drug-dealing women. In the hockey game, the Eagles must go up against JJ Frankie JJ. Trust me that is the easiest way to say his name. Watch. You’ll see. They are having a hard time getting around him to score. They decide to do what any good team would do if you can’t get around a player. They go through him. Jax and Ron REALLY want Stewart. Dary and Squirrelly Dan are still sitting vigil but Bonnie and Katy go and donkey punt Marie-Fred. Finally, Wayne comes out of the fishing shack right after the end of Miss Fire.

Oh, man. They discuss the possibility of Beat Your Dick December. Basically, on the first of December, you bring your self once. One the second twice and the third three and so on and so forth. Squirrelly and Dary are in awe of Wayne. It’s ridiculous. Really. Wayne and Katy’s cousin Jake comes up for a visit. Jake is taking Wayne out for his bachelor’s party turned to pull Wayne out of the hole party at a strip club. Wayne is totally not down for this. He has to do it anyway. He meets and instantly dislikes Dierk. Hell, he opened his mouth and I disliked him. The Eagles won the ship and have been partying all night and all day. Bonnie wants to kick them out of Modean’s. Stewart is brought up to speed on the plan to take out the other dealer. He and Roald “fight”. I am using the term very loosely. Wayne is still awkwardly sitting through the “party”. Wayne is ready to leave. Reilly and Jonesy are selected as BROdude Ambassadors much to the woman who contacted them dismay. She needs to be donkey punted. As Wayne tells Dierk off, Dierk sees Katy.

Katy is out what appears to be the guy watching at the skate park. How she is wearing Daisy Dukes and a bikini top in Canada at any point in the year is beyond me. She is there with Dierk. Now that Reilly and Jonesy have to start up a club for BROdude, they get started. After talking to Jax and Ron, the duo comes up with a club idea. No chicks just dudes. BROdudes Club Ferda. Oh geez. Stewart is trying to figure out how to come out on top in his upcoming fight. He decides on a John Cena finishing move. Joint Boy and Tyson are so not amused. Wayne, Katy and Squirrelly Dan talk about all the animals they name. Daryl is surprised at all the animals (and names) that they come up with. Reilly and Jonesy are having a hell of a time getting men to join. So far the only person who wants to join is Glen. Ron and Dax are bringing everybody to the super gayest birthday party ever. Fuck me right up the ass bro. Stewart does surprisingly well and even gets to do his finishing move.

Oh my! The janitor is just weird. I thought to try to understand Wayne and them was hard at first. This guy takes the cake. They are gonna yard sale. One of Wayne’s favorite shows is Canadian Pickers. He knows the whole dickering protocol they do to get an item. It’s really kind of cute. Wayne and Rosie are hanging out again. Reilly and Jonesy have to admit that they couldn’t get the club off the ground. So they have to find a model to do a photoshoot without any resources from BROdude. This should be fun. So they are going to get in touch with Daryl’s old sweetie. Wayne really, really dislikes Katy’s new sweetie Dierk. The first stop in yard saling is at the McMurry’s. Of course, there is sexual stuff galore including a penis bottle opener. Mrs. McMurray is as sexual a being as Gail and Gail is horrible. Anik agrees to be the model but is unhappy with the setup. Stewart’s reward is sex with the two women he fought for. Roald is so not happy about it. Glen is just as sexual but it is funnier than Gail or Mrs. McMurray. Dierk is pissing of Wayne off by stealing his thunder with the Dickering. Jonesy and Reilly’s photoshoot creation is less than impressive. Anik gets a contract. The boys do not. Dierk, trying to win over Wayne gets the Canadian Pickers guys to come to Wayne’s farm. Marie-Fred has been trying to get a hold of Wayne for a while. He keeps ignoring her. Dierk tries to clear the air with Wayne. It doesn’t go so well.

The Dycks are back. Noah Dyck needs their help at his place. I would tell you about what Noah Dyck drones on about but it would be highly inappropriate at this level. Just watch it. You will die laughing. Apparently, he needs men to help with the pounding. Dary is rude to Noah. Coach is at the bar on the advice of his therapist. Unfortunately, Barb is everything. Nobody likes Dierk. So Dary thinks that the Dycks are trying to get the guys to have sex with their women to stop inbreeding. Dan gets to see Lovina Dyck. He has more of an appreciation for Ms. Dyck now that Ellen is back in town and bugging him tons. With all the talk at the Dyck place, the guys are becoming more convinced that they want them to have sex with the ladies. Katy has a convo with Dierk to make sure they are an item not just a roll in the hay. Dierk agrees they are an item. Dierk has already been warned that he better not hurt Katy or he’ll get an ass-kicking. Before Anita Dyck was Anita Dyck, she was Anita Snatch and her father is Seymour Snatch. Gail gets Coach to dance with her.

Stewart was big on the compression pants. Now Jonesy and Reilly are wearing them. Ugh. Gail, Katy, Rosie, and Wayne are trying to figure out why in the world Reilly and Jonesy are wearing them. Gail and Dierk have a weird conversation. It ends with Dierk’s face in Wayne’s hands. Dierk is going to Quebec to help his 18-year-old cousin celebrate his birthday. Marie-Fred is still trying to get a hold of Wayne. Wayne and Rosie decide to try dating again. Katy is going stateside to help take care of Dierk and his hangover. Reilly doesn’t like Yanks. Mainly because of how we put together teams for hockey. Stewart and Roald chime in on the Yank subject. They also all chime in on the subject of Katy and dating. Marie-Fred finally gives up on calling Wayne and just shows up at his house. She reveals that Dierk is cheating on Katy. Marie-Fred sees Rosie is her unmentionables before she goes. I think she got the picture. Mr. and Mrs. McMurry tell the same story to Dary, Dan, Reilly, Jonesy, Gail, Stewart, and Roald. Everyone ends up dancing. Wayne calls on everyone to tell them Dierk is cheating on Katy. Katy walks up to Dierks’s place as women are coming out of it. Just then EVERYBODY pulls up outside.

Have you already watched Season 8? What did you think? Have you never watched Letterkenny? Let me know in the comments below. For those of you who have not seen Letterkenny, I linked the past seasons for you to check out. I will be reviewing Littlekenny for you guys soon! Til next week…

Best Quotes from Season 8

Excuse Me Seriously Please And Thank You!

The ENTIRE tirade that Wayne and Dary serve Reilly and Jonesy. Especially “You are the Motrin pain of the day and the Pepto Bismol upset of the week.

There is such a thing as too much butts talk and a gal ought to be fuckin’ aware of it.

I’d have a piss!

Can you imagine? A fist inside your gash?

Please, neighbors, let me know if you see my children corn holing in the field.

Tightest box you’ve screwed today Wayne.

Don’t leave just yet. I am not good at good pies.

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