The Charmed Season 4 Release Date, Filming Details, And Everything you need to know

The Charmed Season 4 Updates: Bringing huge excitement and enthusiasm to the viewers, the fourth season of The Charmed has been renewed by the makers. However, the production of Charmed’s fourth season was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The filming for Charmed season 4 began in October 2021 and it is expected to land on Netflix on 11th March 2022. There are going to be 13 episodes in the fourth season of the show and the fans are eagerly waiting for it.

Charmed is an American Fancy drama series revolving around the lives of three sisters i.e. Macy, Mel, and Maggie, each possessing unique magical powers which they discovered after their Mother’s death, making them The Charmed ones.

The trio of sisters uses their distinct magical power and combined magical skills to protect innocent lives from evils such as warlocks, demons, and other dark forces. The Charmed is created by Constance M. Burge and produced by Aaron Spelling. This show is based on the original Charmed series, created by Constance M. Burge that ran for eight seasons from 7th October 1998 to 26th May 1999. The show premiered in the US on 14th October 2018.

Talking about the three sisters, the elder sister Macy is a brilliant geneticist and more of an ambitious and practical kind while the middle sister Mel is a lesbian and is more like a passionate and fearless outspoken activist. Mel possesses a unique power of freezing time. The youngest sister Maggie is a new, bubbly college-going girl who possesses a unique power of hearing the thoughts of people.

The 2018 reboot of the popular supernatural drama replaced the original iconic pop culture. The actors do have changed, however, their basic power sets remain the same and more than enough familiar.

Successful elements of the original show remained to make the show a must-watch for the fans new and old alike, even though the original Charmed cast had slammed the reboot. As we all know that the original Charmed ran for eight seasons so the new version still has some way to go but with season four, the series will already be halfway up there.

While the third season was still running, the network renewed the fourth season of the series along with many other shows that the network considers important by a deadline. The first episode of the first season dropped on 14th October 2018 and the inaugural episode of the second season on 11th October 2019.

Things got a little different with the third season that was released in January 2021. This is because the production did face some hurdles related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, the fourth season is scheduled to come to the screen on 11th March 2022.

The Charmed Season 4 Trailer

The Charmed Season 4
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The official trailer for the fourth season of the reboot supernatural sitcom is yet to be released by the makers which means there is no trailer. However, it seems that the network is eager to get The Charmed back on track as early as possible. The new season will roughly air eight days after the season’s finale airs on CW.

The same has been the case for previous seasons. The third season finished airing on July 23rd and arrived on Netflix on the 31st of the same month. This means the makers are going to stick to a similar schedule.

Talking about Macy’s exit from the show, it was confirmed that Star Madeleine Mantock would be leaving her post as the eldest charmed one. In the reboot, Macy gets infected by the only substance toxic to the whispering evil but it isn’t toxic that kills her directly but when the whispering evil died, it exploded inside her. Thus, this took her life.

The star had confirmed in July that she would not be returning to the series in the fourth season, adding that playing the character Macy in three seasons has been an immense privilege for her. Now, the show is going to find its new co-lead i.e. the Australian actor Lucy Barrett.

Barrett is joining the CW’s Charmed reboot for season four as the new charmed one. Following Mantock’s exit in the third season, the makers had announced that they have found their new charmed one i.e. Lucy Barrett who will star alongside Melanie Diaz and Sarah Jeffery in the upcoming fourth season.

Coming to the main cast of the third season, the entire cast is expected to return for a sequel to the Charmed reboot season four. While they seem to be in a tight-lipped fashion for the fourth season, they are certainly set to star for the time being but it is yet to confirm whether we are going to see many new faces in the new installment of the sitcom.

The main star cast and characters of the show are Sarah Jeffery who will be playing Maggie Vera, Melonie Diaz who will be playing Mel Vera, Ser’Darius Willian Blain stars as Galvin Burdette, Rupert Evans was seen playing as Harry Greenwood, Jordan Donica will be playing Jordan, Mareya Salazar as Josefina, J.J Hawkins played by Kevin, Jason Diaz stars as Antonio and Heather Doerksen stars as Asimo.

What to expect from The Charmed Season 4

The Charmed Season 4
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There are going to be a total of 13 episodes in season four. Lead characters Mel and Maggie would find their lives transformed after the death of their beloved sister Macy while their greed threatens to undo the power of the three forever.

Fans are going to see the surprising arrival of the third charmed one and it gives them a new opportunity to fulfill their destinies. Much more is likely going to happen and this is because a mysterious new enemy is rising in the shadows while gripping fear in every corner of the magical world but as this new foe draws the charmed ones and their allies played by Rupert Evans and Jordan.

Now, the fans are wondering will this trio will be ready for what’s to come or will their inexperience working together would put the entire magical world in Jeopardy. Fans will also find out how life gets down to business for Harry in any case fortunately, they are a very close group of might beings who oppose each other. The coming sequel is likely to bring another set of difficulties they must survive.

The next is that the fans are wondering how history is repeating itself. Series has taken a page out of the original predecessor’s playbook that could lead to new things from the power of three. The witchy drama saw elder sister Macy played by Madeleine Mantock dying for the greater good in the season three finale while leaving viewers with the tantalizing promise of a fourth charmed one waiting to be found while killing off the main character can often feel like a risky venture.

Viewers of Charmed are not exactly treading into new territory. This risky move out to set the Charmed season four out to become the classic show’s arguably the best season. Indeed, the show has been a classic treat for years and this reboot is no less than a hit.

Needless to say, there are a lot of speculations and predictions going in and around what the season is going to entail. Here is what we all knew about the fourth season and now let us what do we meet up the expectations in the fourth season or we something more adventurous and exciting.

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