Does Robert Pattinson ‘Mindlessly Hate’ The ‘Twilight’ Films?

“It is weird being part of that—kind of—representing something you don’t particularly like."

Since the release of Twilight in 2008, the franchise has been the subject of much controversy. The biggest debate surrounding these vampire-based movies seems to be whether they are any good or not, since the people who love them really love them, and those who don’t absolutely despise them.

While some actors from the franchise, including Peter Facinelli, have revealed that they would be willing to return for a reboot of the films, other actors have tried to distance themselves from Twilight.

Robert Pattinson has made it clear that he’s not the biggest Edward Cullen fan, even though playing the sparkly vampire started him on the path to his reported $100 million net worth.

Pattinson might not adore the Twilight films, but did he say that he mindlessly hates them? Keep reading to find out exactly what the actor did say about the movies that made him a household name.

The Success Of ‘Twilight’

Twilight wasn’t just another teen movie. The film adaptations of Stephenie Meyer’s books created a Beatlemania-like hysteria amongst young fans, especially around each movie’s premiere date. The Twilight franchise was so popular in the late 2000s that it felt like the whole world had gone mad for vampires.

Some fans compared the success of the franchise to that of another YA fantasy novel adaptation—Harry Potter. However, while Harry Potter has branched out in several different directions and spawned other films stemming from the Wizarding World, the last Twilight film was released in 2012.

The Role Of Edward Cullen In ‘Twilight’

In Twilight, Robert Pattinson portrayed the role of Edward Cullen. For those who aren’t familiar with the story, Edward Cullen is a vampire who falls in love with a human girl called Bella.

The films follow their relationship as they battle humans and vampires (and werewolves) to be together.

The character of Edward Cullen is easily identifiable by his sparkly pale skin and amber eyes. While most fans consider him to be the ultimate heartthrob, Robert Pattinson has made no secret of the fact that he doesn’t “get” Edward the same way his fans do.

Robert Pattinson Admitted To Not Liking The ‘Twilight’ Franchise

At the time that Twilight hysteria abounded, Robert Pattinson got candid about how he really felt about the series. Without saying directly that he hates the franchise, he did allude to the fact that he doesn’t like it.

“It is weird being part of that—kind of—representing something you don’t particularly like.”

How Robert Pattinson Would Feel If He Weren’t In ‘Twilight’

As The Independent reports, Pattinson took it a step further by revealing how he’d feel about the franchise if he weren’t starring in it.

The British actor admitted that if it weren’t for the fact that he was in the films, he would “mindlessly hate” them.

Other Things Robert Pattinson Has Said About ‘Twilight’

Over the years, Pattinson has become more and more honest about his true feelings regarding TwilightBuzzfeed even compiled a list of all the notable times that he made his feelings clear.

Along with saying that his pay “could have been better,” the actor confessed that he struggles to remember the names of the characters in the films, including his own character (although we’re fairly certain he was exaggerating there!).

He also said that he has only ever seen each movie once, at the premiere or just before it, and definitely doesn’t know as much about them as the fans.

Notably, Pattinson also described his thoughts when he read the Twilight book for the first time: “It seemed like … a book that wasn’t supposed to be published.”

There was also the comment where he basically called out the franchise for its worldbuilding: “A lot of stuff in the Twilight world doesn’t make any sense.”

Finally, Pattinson also joked that when he left the Twilight set for the last time, the only thing he took with him was his dignity.

It’s clear that Pattinson has a sense of humor and isn’t afraid to joke around with the press regarding his role in the film, which also tends to be the subject of mocking by those who don’t like the franchise.

But behind the jokes and the laughter, we can only assume there’s some truth to his feelings.

Robert Pattinson Refused To Buff Up For ‘Twilight’

Buzzfeed also suggested that Robert Pattinson didn’t take the role of Edward Cullen as seriously as he may have taken other roles. Case in point: the actor told the press that he didn’t prepare for the role the way he was asked to.

“I had to do a lot of physical training and stuff but, uh, I didn’t do it,” he confessed.

Whether or not he completed his physical training, Pattinson still showed up for all the movies and gave the fans his best Edward Cullen.

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