Twilight Theory: Edward Didn’t Turn Bella Into a Vampire – Someone Else Did

A fan theory suggests that Edward Cullen didn't turn Bella Swan into a vampire in the Twilight movies. So who did?

Fan theories are the bread and butter of any good fan base, and no work of fiction is riper for theories than The Twilight Saga. With its various mythologies and sometimes cringe moments, Stephenie Meyer’s iconic work is a breeding ground for various theories, ranging from plausible to just plain unbelievable.

One Reddit theory stands out among the others for its bold claim. In Breaking Dawn Part 1, the climactic ending features Bella Swan’s traumatic birth of Renesmee. Edward Cullen then bites her and turns her into a vampire like the rest of his family. But what if Edward wasn’t the one to turn Bella?

Reddit user @ackthbbft posted a theory that suggests Renesmee was the one to turn Bella into a vampire, not Edward. This theory is based on one simple moment in that chaotic scene — when Renesmee is pulled from Bella’s body. As she’s pulled away, there is a discernible “crunch” sound, as if she’s taken a bite out of Bella. This is entirely possible, considering the baby was probably hungry and needed to feed on human blood, which Bella still had at the time.

The theory continues by saying that human/vampire hybrids can turn humans into vampires, as evidenced by the Ticuna boy’s story at the end of Breaking Dawn Part 2, where he says he changed his aunt into a vampire. While typically human/vampire hybrids are not supposed to be venomous, according to Twilight’s vampire lore, the Ticuna boy’s story goes against all of the histories, proving that exceptions can be made. Based on the Ticuna boy’s story, it would be possible for Renesmee to inadvertently change her mother into a vampire.

While there is some room for this theory to be correct, one part of the birthing scene isn’t taken into account. After Renesmee is taken away, Edward bites Bella all over her body, trying to ensure that enough venom gets into her bloodstream in a desperate attempt to save her life. Even if Renesmee did bite her, Edward put a lot more of his venom into Bella’s bloodstream, and it’s more likely that his venom changed her over Renesmee’s one, lone bite.

At the end of the day, it’s just a theory, and there’s no concrete proof that Renesmee turned Bella into a vampire. Canonically, Edward was the one to change her. While it’s not completely impossible, it is highly unlikely. Either way, Bella ultimately became a vampire, meaning the entire plan succeeded, no matter who gave the final bite.

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