Why The Beginning Of Chloe Grace Moretz’s Career Is An Example Of A Big Hollywood Problem

At just 16, Chloe Grace Moretz was already put in uncomfortable situations to enhance her look.

There’s no industry or organization on the planet that doesn’t have its fair share of problems. But Hollywood is an easy one to look to for faults. Not only is it the most public and in-your-face business in the world, but it’s filled with wealth and extravagance. While that can inspire a lot of inspirational and charitable works, it can also breed bad behavior. And that wealth can insulate the controversial careers of the likes of Rob Lowe, Mel Gibson, Bill Cosby, and Harvey Weinstein. But Hollywood is easy to criticize because it also reflects our culture. That means it can shed light on our dark underbellies. This is something that Chloe Grace Moretz’s earliest experiences in Hollywood almost certainly reflects.

Of course, Chloe Grace Moretz is one of the most accomplished child stars of her generation. While there are a ton of little-known facts about her, fans may not know that the beginning of her career is an example of a big problem in Hollywood and society as a whole. During a bombshell interview with The Inclusive in 2020, Chloe explained how her life changed when she was sexualized as a child.

Chloe Grace Moretz Was Asked To Enhance Her Breasts When She Was Just 16

“When I was 16, I was making a movie, and we had already done all the screen tests for the outfits to make sure everything was settled. And they had been sent to the studio. And everyone seemed to be happy with it. There were no issues. And I show up in my trailer on the first day on set. And I’m getting dressed, and I see my bra there and I’m like, ‘That’s weird, it’s a push-up bra. Okay, I’m going to ask the wardrobe girl what this means’ and in front of the push-up bra I saw two chicken cutlets [silicone bra inserts].”

This was what really took Chloe by surprise. For one, she didn’t ask for a push-up. Secondly, she didn’t even really understand what the purpose of the cutlets was. So she went to show her older brother, who was there accompanying her.

“I was 16, I had never seen a chicken cutlet. I had never used them. I was a kid,” Chloe continued.

While Chloe didn’t really know what the cutlets were, her brother did and he was furious. This caused the two of them to go ask the wardrobe girl what was going on.

“She said, ‘Oh yeah, I was asked to put it in your trailer’. I was like, ‘Okay, I need a producer’. One of the producers comes in and my brother’s like, ‘What is that? Why is that here?'”

Chloe then asked the producer if the breast-enhancing garments were his idea. His or her response was that the decision came from “higher” up, meaning the studio. In fact, the producer even told Chloe that it was a studio note. This means that after viewing images of a 16-year-old Chloe in the wardrobe for their film, the executives decided that they needed to make her breasts perkier and bigger. This demand funneled down to the producers and then to the wardrobe department who were forced to give Chloe the materials the execs felt she needed to be more sexual.

How Being Sexualized Changed Chloe Grace Moretz

There’s no doubt that Chloe Grace Moretz’s response to being asked to wear a push-up bra and chicken cutlets at the age of 16 changed the course of her life. Instead of bowing to the wishes of a bunch of executives who wanted to sexualize her in order to (in theory) make a greater profit, she said ‘no’. In fact, she told the producer to send the executives down to her trailer so she could tell them ‘no’ in person and quit on the spot.

“[That] note went back and no one came into my trailer and told me to do that,” Chloe said.

In hindsight, there’s no doubt Chloe is proud of herself for taking a stand, but in the moment it deeply affected her. Not only could she see how “disgusted” her brother was with her employers, but she started to question whether or not she did the right thing. She even started to wonder if the executives were right about her body not being curvy enough.

“It was the first time I really felt insecure, I would say. It was the first time I looked at myself in the mirror and I was like, ‘Well, is it not right?'”

Chloe also pointed out that it’s highly unlikely that a studio would send a note saying that a guy had to stuff a sock in his pants. But this seems to be something that was/is typical for women to deal with. Of course,e this is far from the only situation where this has happened in Hollywood. Kiera Knightley went through a similar experience as did the women on Riverdale.

“From then on, every young actress I work with I’m like, ‘Watch yourself and just know that every decision is yours and if you feel uncomfortable, you walk off set’.”

While the culture has worked in a way that employees, especially women, have to do what they’re told, Chloe is an example of change. Not only was what she did right for her, but it also sent a signal to everyone else (regardless of their occupation, sex, gender, or orientation) that they too can take a stand. They took don’t have to put up with a situation that makes them feel uncomfortable.

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