Twilight: 10 Facts Only Die-Hard Fans Know About The Saga

While the Twilight saga is wildly popular, only true, die-hard fans know these behind-the-scenes facts about the franchise. Take a look!

The Twilight saga has remained one of the most iconic and popular teen movie series of the 2000s. Even those who are no longer teens can easily find the simple joys in the movies. Though opinions on the fantasy franchise have always been pretty split, the success of the films is undeniable.

Due to the iconic nature of the saga, much about the production of the films is already common knowledge, as the movies have been around for many years already. However, there are a few facts that are not as well-known within the fanbase that is interesting to know.

Kristen Stewart Had To Wear Brown Contacts Throughout The Entirety Of Filming

The author of the Twilight book series, Stephanie Meyer, always had a specific vision for the characters and the series of events. When the plot idea came to her in the form of a dream, she wanted to honor every last aspect, even down to the smallest details.

While writing the first Twilight book, Stephanie always saw Bella as a brown-eyed brunette. When it came time to cast Kristen Stewart as Bella Swan, she was so adamant about the eye color that she had Kristen wear brown contacts to cover up her natural light eye color, as reported by Insider.

Robert Pattinson Was Almost Fired Over His Conflicting Ideas About Edward

When it came to the interpretation of Edward Cullen as a character, Robert Pattinson and the producers differed in opinion. It became clear to the executives that Pattinson wanted to play the role in a very serious manner, and so they felt called to give him an ultimatum.

The producers came to Robert with a highlighted script of all the times Edward smiled, claiming that Edward was an overall happier character than Robert was making him out to be. However, Pattinson told The New York Times that he later approached them with the novel, highlighting all the moments his character frowned, which made them come to a compromise on the character’s demeanor. Robert’s stories of rebellion are definitely among some of fans’ favorite quotes from the Twilight cast about their time filming.

Jennifer Lawrence Auditioned For The Role Of Bella, Along With Several Other Stars

Though the first installment was considered an indie film at the time of release, the book series itself was very well-known, and so thousands of actors auditioned for the movie. Some fans may even be shocked to hear some of their favorite A-List celebrities auditioned for the part of Bella, as well.

Not only was it confirmed that Jennifer Lawrence was an actor almost cast in the role of Bella. Other actresses auditioned as well, including Lilly Collins, Michelle Trachtenberg, and many more. While it would have been interesting to see any of these actresses take a crack at the part, it’s safe to say that Kristen Stewart ended up portraying the perfect Bella Swan, and the rest of the ladies went on to shine in other projects they were more fitting for.

Both Robert And His Sister Appeared On The Twilight Soundtrack

During the famous lunch scene in Twilight, Edward is seen making his first slow-motion appearance through the cafeteria doors. What some fans didn’t know was what Robert’s sister, Lizzy, was singing the song that played during that scene.

In addition to his sister making a cameo on the soundtrack, Robert recorded a few songs for the film, as well. According to MTV News, Pattinson also composed the iconic and beautiful “Bella’s Lullaby” himself.

Taylor Lautner Had To Beef Up To Keep His Role

For a lot of fans, it’s hard to imagine Twilight without Taylor Lautner playing Jacob Black. However, producers were ready to replace him if he wasn’t able to get fit by the second movie. This opportunity was a good thing for Lautner, considering even some fans thought Jacob, as a character, just didn’t look right in the first Twilight movie compared to the book version.

Luckily, in order to remain part of the cast, Taylor was able to bulk up in order to portray the strong and muscular werewolf fans know and love. According to E! News, Lautner even implemented a 4,000 calorie diet into his daily routine, all while fitting in two-hour gym sessions at least five days a week.

Robert Fully Immersed Himself Into The Role With Method Acting

Though Pattinson is known for cracking jokes about Twilight‘s silly nature, he actually took the role pretty seriously back in the day. Due to his method acting approach, he even went as far as isolating himself for months before production began, according to MTV News, although, some fans wondered if that was really for the role or out of personal preference, knowing his introverted nature.

In addition to his extreme isolation, he even began a five-day-a-week workout regimen and learned how to play baseball and properly train for fight scenes, which paid off, considering fans rank Edward high in fighting ability. He also moved to Oregon for a short period of time and got a driver’s license for the state in order to drive a car in the movie.

Producers Offered Kristen Additional Compensation To Not Cut Her Hair

When it was learned that Kristen wanted to cut her hair to resemble Joan Jett, who she was portraying in a film she was working on called The Runaways, the production team immediately begged her not to, and even bribed her, as reported by E! News. Unfortunately for the producers, Kristen was firm in her stance, as she wanted to take her next role seriously.

Because of Kristen’s decision, she had to wear wigs in order to stay true to Bella’s long brunette hair, as stated in the books and the scripts. Though the producers worked hard to try to change her mind, it’s safe to say that her fans loved her hair either way.

My Chemical Romance Turned Down The Opportunity To Make A Song For The New Moon Soundtrack

Back in 2009, there was talk by fans that My Chemical Romance would be the perfect and realistic pick for the New Moon soundtrack. However, it was reported by Digital Spyin an interview with MTV News that frontman Gerard Way denied this rumor, admitting that the band is picky when it comes to movie soundtracks they want to feature on.

While many fans thought My Chemical Romance’s musical vibe would have fit perfectly with the film and it would have undoubtedly been one of the best songs in New Moon, Gerard was firm in his decision, but it wasn’t personal. “There were a few films that we didn’t do the song for because it didn’t fit,” Way stated.

Robert Took Boating Lessons For The Honeymoon Scenes In Breaking Dawn: Part 1

Robert outdoes himself every time, sort of. According to Pop Buzz, Pattinson was determined to take boating lessons in order to actually drive the boat in the honeymoon scenes of the film.

Unfortunately, he ended up crashing the boat during both lessons he enrolled in. While fans admired his dedication, it seems to be for the best that he didn’t end up driving the boat.

The Director Of Breaking Dawn: Part 2 Made The Actors Contribute To A Swear Jar

In efforts to keep the set PG for child star Mackenzie Foy (“Renesmee”), a “Swear Jar” system was implemented where any cast member had to make a monetary donation to the jar if heard saying any obscenities. Several of the Twilight stars confirmed that all donations went to the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, so at least something good came from the slip-ups.

When it came to Mackenzie’s jar, the older stars were the first to admit that they accidentally slipped up quite a few times. During a Yahoo! News interview, Kristen reveals that she believes Mackenzie made a total of a few thousand dollars.

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