Game Of Thrones: 10 Quotes That Prove Joffrey Is The Evilest Villain

Joffrey may be eviler than any other villain in Game Of Thrones, including Cersei and the Night King, shown by his actions, but by his quotes.

There have been few, if any, television villains over the years that have been as wholly insufferable as Joffrey Baratheon. The vicious, idiot, boy king, as Tyrion called him, arguably managed to be more effective in his evil than any other villain in Game Of Thrones, including Cersei and the Night King, with this not just being shown by his actions, but by his quotes.

Various Joffrey quotes explore how sick and twisted he is as an individual, as well as how much of a petulant child he is despite sitting on the Iron Throne, all playing a part in his reputation as possibly the show’s evilest villain.

When He Refuses To Have Sansa’s Face Harmed

“Ser Meryn. Leave Her Face, I Like Her Pretty.”

One of the many things that are utterly detestable about Joffrey to audiences is his cowardice and how he so often hides behind more powerful individuals, shown here alongside his willingness to abuse Sansa.

Getting Ser Meryn to physically harm Sansa is disgusting, even more so with his seeing her as just a pretty face, not a human being. He enjoys seeing her in pain, but as long as she retains her good looks in the process, and, of course, he would rely on a disgraceful person like Ser Meryn to carry out these acts of abuse.

When He Looks Down On The Northerners

“We Allow The Northerners Too Much Power. They Consider Themselves Our Equals.”

Throughout Game Of Thrones, there is an intense animosity and hatred between the north and south of Westeros, with the north becoming an independent kingdom by the end of the show. Here, Joffrey sums up why so much of the north disliked the south.

This just shows a complete lack of care about a tonne of people as well as an arrogance, an air of superiority that makes Joffrey seem even more hatable. To him, the north should not have rights as they do, he – a hugely incompetent, idiot leader – should dictate how they live their lives and how they can serve him. Joffrey was a great villain in the first portion of season 1, but only get eviler when he became king.

When He Offers An Ultimatum

“Tell Me, Which Do You Favor, Your Fingers Or Your Tongue.”

As is seen throughout Game Of Thrones, Joffrey is someone who does not take insults, criticisms, or being offended well, which results in the removal of a singer’s tongue – a procedure not done by Joffrey.

After Marillion sings his song about Robert Baratheon’s death, Joffrey gives him the choice of keeping his fingers or tongue, smiling throughout as he offers the singer a lose-lose situation. A further display of Joffrey’s twisted and pathetic nature.

When He Speaks Of His Intentions With Robb Stark’s Head

“Write Back To Lord Frey. Thank Him For His Service And Command Him To Send Robb Stark’s Head. I’m Going To Serve It To Sansa At My Wedding Feast.”

Joffrey never really gave up in his pursuit of torturing Sansa in a psychological and emotional sense, even when she was wed to Tyrion. This is the best example of this.

He takes such a disgusting joy in causing her anguish that one of the things he is most excited about his wedding feast is the potential to torture her with the head of Robb Stark as if he had not caused the Starks enough pain. Tyrion sticks up for Sansa in this scene, further insulting his nephew to whom Tyrion directed numerous shady burns.

When He Shows Off His Sick, Perverted Side

“You Will Bring Her To His Chambers When You’re Finished, And Show Him What You’ve Done, Or The Same Thing Will Happen To You.”

One of the most harrowing scenes involving Joffrey came when he was sent two women, Ros and Daisy, from Littlefinger’s brothel by Tyrion as a nameday present. Joffrey proceeded to make Ros beat Daisy brutally.

Tyrion forces Ros to beat her, presumably to death or at least close to it, with a stag head scepter, threatening to shoot her with his crossbow should she disobey. This is truly one of Joffrey’s sickest scenes and one that is hard to watch for many.

When He Threatens Sansa With The Death Of Robb

“I’m Going To Give You A Present. After I Raise My Armies And Kill Your Traitor Brother, I’m Going To Give You His Head As Well.”

While completely evil, Joffrey often displays his inadequacies regarding battle and his inability to be a brave, fighting leader. That makes it all the more irritating when he makes big threats like being able to kill Robb Stark.

What pushes this quote to evil, beyond his empty threats of personally killing a man who would dismantle him in a one-on-one battle, is how he throws it at Sansa, who he had, at the time of the quote, had only recently killed her father. He not only relishes the idea of killing her brother but by making her suffer because of it.

When He Makes Sansa Stare At Her Father’s Head

“As Long As It Pleases Me.”

A common trait amongst the sicker villains in Game Of Thrones is the twisted enjoyment they take in their acts of evil; Joffrey makes it abundantly clear that his pleasure is all that matters to him here, no matter how much pain it causes others.

Here, Joffrey’s actions are just as evil as the lines he speaks. He brings Sansa to her father’s head on a spike, demanding that she look at it for “as long as it pleases” him. It is mortifying for Sansa and hard for audiences also, making everyone sympathize with Sansa while they despise Joffrey.

When He Threatens Sansa

“Maybe I’ll Pay You A Visit After My Uncle Passes Out. How’d You Like That? You Wouldn’t. That’s All Right… Ser Meryn And Ser Boras Will Hold You Down.”

Rape and general sexual assault are portrayed and spoken about on many occasions in Game Of Thrones, and it is always difficult to watch, even when it is just threats like this from Joffrey.

This comes on the wedding day of Sansa and Tyrion and is goosebump-inducing in the most petrifying way. How Joffrey can stand there so confidently, so happily, and threaten to rape Sansa with the help of Meryn and Boras is one of the best examples of how innately evil the villain is.

When He Shocked Everyone

“Ser Ilyn, Bring Me His Head.”

Nobody expected the death of Ned Stark at the end of Game Of Thrones’ first season (or book), not fans and certainly not characters. Alas, Joffrey decided against the better judgment of everyone and had him beheaded.

It was a serious power move from Joffrey as he proved that the only opinion that truly mattered to him was his own. He wanted to cause pain, to kill Ned, he did not care for the consequences as long as he was satisfied. Part of the blame has to fall on Nedfor some of the poor decisions he made, but Joffrey shows how low he could go by doing this. This is not the evilest thing he does, but it highlights it.

The Quote That Sums Him Up

“Everyone Is Mines To Torment.”

Of all the villains in Game Of Thrones who are evil to their core and irredeemable for audiences, it is arguably Joffrey who is the most entitled, both in general life and specifically in his desire to do with people what he pleases.

That is summed up by this quote. This is arguably Joffrey’s best quote in Game Of Thrones and unquestionably a line that sums up his personality. He is evil and deluded enough to believe that, as king, he has free reign to do any sick, violent, or wicked things he wants, he is the most unlikeable person in all of Westeros.

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