Why ‘Sons of Anarchy’ Fans Weren’t Happy About One Villain’s Demise

“Sons of Anarchy” was one of the biggest shows on FX for over seven seasons. Throughout each season, a different villain, or adversary, of SAMCRO emerged. Each season had its own unique storyline for the members of the motorcycle club. One storyline, though, bled over into multiple seasons and that was Pope. He eventually met his match with SAMCRO and Jax Teller, but here is why “Sons of Anarchy” fans weren’t about his demise on the program.

Pope was a scary figure for several seasons on the show. What he did to Tig’s daughter, right in front of him no less, was heartbreaking to watch. However, Tig never really gets real retribution for what he was put through via Pope. This was because Jax killed Pope quickly and did so in a way to frame his stepdad, Clay Morrow.

One fan on Reddit said, “So character wise, a quick death makes no sense. Tig would want Pope to suffer somewhat. So I think it’s a flaw there.” But that’s not what happened in the end. Tig was not able to get that kind of vindication for what happened to him and his daughter.

Kim Coates on The Pope Storyline

There was a lot of darkness that surrounded the FX program throughout its seven seasons. However, the scene with Pope, Tig, and the latter’s daughter was as dark as they come. It was a rough scene for the viewers watching at home and for Coates.

He told the Daily Actor, “Kurt Sutter grabbed me in New York City six weeks before we did season five and told me what was going to happen and I’m not kidding you guys, I had tears in my eyes. I have two daughters in real life. I really didn’t know what the —- he had just told me, but when I got that script I went immediately to my dear friend Dr. Sam Alibrando, he’s a shrink, therapist and we went over the internal workings of a human being. How can you prepare to do something like that, unless you really get into it, right?”

It was incredibly hard for him. He had to do his homework and really get into that horrific moment for the character of Tig.

Coates concluded, “So I talked about fight or fleet, fleet or fight, adrenaline, shock, anger, crying, what is numbness, when does the human body go numb. All that stuff and he really knocked it out, he was blown away when he read the two scenes, he couldn’t believe that I had to do that. So for me two nights to film that one scene, I think I did one scene like thirty-eight times.”

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