Twilight: 10 Book Scenes That Were Impossible To Adapt

The Twilight saga is full of accurate scenes that do the books justice, but sometimes it's impossible to include everything.

The Twilight saga was a cultural reset that has now become even more relevant because of Robert Pattison’s and Kristen Stewart’s acclaim and success. The films are based on the books written by Stephanie Meyer and everyone knows that adapting a book means not every scene will make it to the final cut.

Though fans of the series still enjoyed all of the movies and their take on her novels, many great scenes and moments were cut out because of the circumstances of filming and because the entire books won’t fit into feature-length films perfectly without some editing.

Bella Has More Time With Her Friends

While this isn’t addressing any one particular scene, it’s fair to say that Bella’s human friends are much more important to her in the books and she has many more scenes with them than there are in the films.

Especially in the first book, Bella is very much a normal teenage girl who doesn’t entirely prioritize her infatuation with Edward because she likes spending time with her friends too. However, it makes sense that these friendship scenes were cut out considering the books are not about her friends and Edward played a pivotal part in the story.

Edward And Bella’s Scene In The Woods Are Cut Short

This might be a minute detail, but the scene in which Edward tells Bella she’s his “own personal brand of heroin” is not entirely true to the books because she’s the one that actually feeds him the line. Not to mention, he first tries to compare his affliction with a drinking problem but decides it’s not a strong enough metaphor.

The reason this scene was shortened and this line was cut out in Twilight, one of Robert Pattinson’s highest grossing movies, is simply because there’s not enough time to get all the specific details right in the film. Looking at it in hindsight, it can be seen as a bit problematic too so it wouldn’t be surprising if the writers cut it down to avoid any issues.

La Push Is Sunny When Bella Goes With Her Friends

Bella does go to La Push in Twilight, but it’s a cloudy day. In the book, however, the beach is bright and sunny and she doesn’t even tell her friends she invited Edward. The scenes at La Push still happen, but they evoke a different feeling than a sunny beach day would.

The main reason that this scene was impossible to perfectly translate is because filming in Forks, Washington means filming in one of the rainiest places in the US, and finding a day to film when it’s sunny is almost impossible for filmmakers to do ahead of time.

Bella’s Outfit To Meet Edward’s “Parents” Changes

In the book, Bella wears a floor-length khaki skirt and a blue blouse to meet Edward’s family for the first time. However, this changes dramatically in the film where she is seen in a more normal-looking green thermal top and jeans.

This scene would have been impossible to film with the original outfit because it would just take audiences out of the story. The Twilight books were written in the early 2000s and the movie wanted to update the clothing and electronics so that it would feel more like the present day. While this scene is still in the movie, this outfit was iconic and some fans were upset that there wasn’t an exact adaption here.

Jacob Tells Bella Edward Is A Vampire

In the book, instead of telling the story of his people and leaving out the vampiric details, Jacob tells Bella everything about Edward’s family when they go to the beach together. In the movie, it’s definitely more cinematic for Bella to figure this out herself, but there’s more to it.

Most of the time, in films, the protagonist is leading and guiding the story with their decisions, which wouldn’t have happened if Jacob told her what was going on right away. Keeping this level of mystery, while also keeping Bella in the driver’s seat, is the only way to make this story work for the film adaption.

Jacob Has A Growth Spurt When He Shows Up At Bella’s Prom

At the end of the first Twilight book, Jacob shows up at Bella’s prom and tells her to stay away from Edward and he has noticeably grown a lot. Not only is he bigger, but the book version of Jacob is actually supposed to be much taller than Bella as well.

This would have been impossible to adapt because Taylor Lautner was already fully grown when he was in Twilight and, to create the effect of him growing, they would need to use camera tricks or even CGI. The graphics probably wouldn’t have aged well so the Twilight filmmakers decided to have Jacob go through a physical change in New Moon.

Edward’s Vigilante Years Are Addressed Multiple Times

Edward’s vigilante past doesn’t come up until the second to last Twilight film, Breaking Dawn: Part 1, where he finally tells Bella that he used to kill bad people and feed on them when his bloodlust was insatiable in the ’20s.

In the books, there are many more detailed scenes about Edward’s previous “adventures” and they discuss them before they get married. While it makes sense that this had to be condensed for the screen and his life had to be summed up quickly, seeing his past would have made this character well-rounded.

Alice’s Backstory Is Represented

Only fans of the Twilight books know about Alice’s backstory, which is explained thoroughly and in heartbreaking detail. She has one of the most tragic backstories of all of the Cullens, but it never gets brought up once in the movies. Jasper, Rosalie, Carlisle, and Esme all tell Bella how and why they turned, but she doesn’t.

Alice and Bella are really close in the books as shown by the fact that Bella emails her throughout all of New Moon, but this storyline isn’t adapted at all because it’s dark and it’s not important to Bella and her journey. It’s unfortunate nonetheless.

There Is No Final Battle Scene

There is no final battle scene in the books because everything gets resolved very calmly. Breaking Dawn: Part 2 has many book-to-movie changes that nobody talks about and one of them is the iconic battle scene. The battle is actually only a vision and it’s never described in the book at all. In fact, the ending of the book is relatively lacking action.

The reason this would have been impossible to do for the film is because audiences want to see the climax because that’s just how movies are structured. They are meant to be exciting and this ending had to be changed slightly so that it would be more shocking.

Bella Goes To College For A Year

In the books, Edward is super encouraging of Bella’s continued education and she goes to college for a full year after getting married, unlike in the movie where she becomes pregnant with Renesme during their honeymoon.

This detail was most likely cut out for a few reasons, all of which have to do with crunching as much into the film as possible while also not spending as much money on changing locations and things of that nature. Not to mention, Bella doesn’t really get much out of college so it’s not super relevant to the main plot.

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