Twilight: 16 Things That Make No Sense About Bella & Edward (+ 3 About Renesmee)

We know we’re talking about a series of teenage fantasy novels and movies here, but some sense needs to be preserved.

It’s been just over 10 years since the first Twilight movie came to the big screen and we were gripped by Twihards and vampire pandemonium. There were T-shirts announcing allegiance to Team Edward or Team Jacob, hordes of screaming teenagers and young women gathered for midnight premieres, as well as tons of misconceptions about what it means to have a long-lasting and romantic relationship.

Twilight and the books and movies it spawned were the subject of loads of derision at the time (and since), but there’s no denying the cultural impact it had. Would there be a Vampire Diaries or Teen Wolf without it? Probably not.

Looking back, though, it’s easier to see the problematic portions, plot holes and moments that just didn’t make sense throughout the series, especially where the relationship between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen was concerned.

Considering how much vampire lore and legend exists for author Stephenie Meyer to draw inspiration from, we thought there’d at least be some logic! We know we’re talking about a series of teenage fantasy novels and movies here, but some sense needs to be preserved, right? Here are 16 things about the star-crossed couple that don’t make sense – and three about their daughter, Renesmee Carlie Cullen!

19Edward’s Sleep-Watching

Maybe if you grew up with the Twilight series as a preteen or teenager, you thought that Edward watching Bella sleep was romantic, protective, even comforting. Now, looking back, we think it’s pretty safe to say that it was beyond creepy. Sure, perhaps Edward, as a vampire who doesn’t sleep, considers sleeping to be some quaint human characteristic, but that doesn’t excuse his watching Bella every single night, without her knowledge or consent.

It’s not cute or romantic – it’s obsessive and weird, and we don’t understand how Bella wrote this behaviour off as some desirable trait. Plus, no one looks adorable when they’re in a deep sleep – we’re talking drool here, people!

18Bella Is The Girl All The Guys Want

No offense intended towards Kristen Stewart, who is beautiful and an androgynous icon these days, but Bella Swan as the girl all the guys wanted? Yeah, we’re not buying that.

While Forks, Washington, was a small town and the appearance of a new girl could cause a stir for a couple of weeks, there’s just no way that everyone – Mike, Eric, Jacob and Edward – would be throwing their hat in the ring to get a date. Plus, Bella is a pretty dull character! Not to say anything of Kristen’s acting skills, but even in the books Bella is distinctly lacking in any real personality beyond being a mopey teenager mooning over a guy, which isn’t an actual character profile.

17Edward’s Supposed Lack Of Control

Throughout the first Twilight film, Edward explains to Bella that her blood smells delicious to him and that he’s pretty much powerless to resist it. He’s so terrified of its pull on him, of the way she “sings” to him, that he worries constantly that one day he won’t be able to control himself.

Of course, he is able to resist the lure of her blood and, when the time comes for him to save her from James, he somehow manages to draw out enough of the vampire venom to bring her back to life, but not so much that he would hurt her. This doesn’t make sense, based on what he’d been telling her the whole time!

16Bella’s Visions

In light of their relationship, Edward, understandably, decides to skip town for a while, under the guise of it being in Bella’s best interests. Of course, he doesn’t offer a clear explanation for his absence to his girlfriend, and she’s left wondering what she did wrong. Bella falls into a depressive state and begins engaging in risky behaviour, including borrowing a motorcycle from a strange biker gang, riding another bike and losing control of it and cliff-diving.

This is obviously out of character for Bella, which makes it all the more annoying that she’s doing it in order to conjure images of Edward.

15Edward And His Sparkling Skin

Arguably one of the strangest parts in the Twilight books to include in the movies, the first Twilight movie unwittingly made audiences burst into laughter upon seeing a suddenly glittering Edward sparkle in the sunlight while solemnly informing Bella that his shimmery skin was the skin of a dangerous person.

While Washington is known for being a cloudy place, there’s still scientific proof that UV rays penetrate our skin on overcast days, so why would a vampire’s skin be immune to that? His iridescent glow can’t be explained away by good highlighter!

It was difficult to take Edward seriously after that.

14Married To Immortality

When Bella met Edward, it was as though she completely forgot everyone else who existed and, when she learned of what he was, it seemed as though her sole mission was to become a vampire like him.

What Bella seemed to have forgotten, despite caring for loved ones previously, is the immortality that would come with changing into a vampire and how it would mean seeing the passing of all of her family and friends. They would age, get ill and pass away, and she would stay the same.

For a girl who fell in love with the first guy with nice hair that she met at a new school, this is an irresponsible and short-sighted decision to say the least.

13Bella Is Edward’s Only Girlfriend

According to the books and brief mentions in the film, Edward, despite living for over 100 years, has only had one girlfriend: Bella. This is explained by him being so busy with his studies and interest in music as a human that he apparently never found the time to go out on a date. Then, despite Rosalie being “brought to him” as a potential mate, they never clicked, and so Edward has essentially lived for over a century as a chaste, single vampire.

Could this explain part of the moodiness and mooniness that colours his entire relationship with Bella, painting it as the greatest love of their lives, when neither have experienced it before?

12They Met In High School

Robert Pattinson was in his early twenties when filming began on Twilight, and the guy looked it. Even in the books, Edward is described as being like the mythical Greek god Adonis. Well, look around your average high school and you’ll see that this kid doesn’t exist.

Considering the age and physicality of all the Cullen children, wouldn’t it have made a lot more sense for Carlisle to enroll them all in college? The pool of students is much larger and it would certainly be more interesting for them rather than having to learn the same biology lessons over and over again.

11Their Age Difference

Both Bella and Edward are 17 at the beginning of the Twilight series – or at least, Edward looks 17, despite dying of Spanish Influenza back in 1901. While Edward retains the physicality of a teenage boy, he’s mentally (and emotionally) a very old man, which lends a strong ick factor to their whole relationship.

We know that Edward has been placed in high schools over and over again, but you’d think that would mean he would tire of teenage girls, or at least toy with the idea of being with an older woman. Knowing that Edward is actually a centenarian with someone who isn’t even legal yet is difficult to accept, magic and immortality aside.

10Edward’s Possessive Behaviour

Something that was heavily romanticised in both the books and the films was Edward’s supposedly protective behaviour of Bella, especially in light of all the difficulties that appeared in her life in the town of Forks. He loved her, therefore it’s totally okay that he followed her, watched her sleep, kept her away from family and friends and even at one point removed the engine from her truck so that she couldn’t drive to see Jacob. No, it’s not!

In reality (and in hindsight), Edward’s behaviour was controlling. Telling someone you hardly know, “You are my life now” isn’t sweet, it’s possessive.

9Why Are They Together?

If we were to remove all of the yearning and adolescent emotions that package up this relationship, what is left for Bella and Edward? They don’t share any interests or a sense of humour. They have completely different values, morals and goals. They fail to communicate about even the most basic of things and they have no life outside of one another.

Were these two not vampires or romanticized in writing, there would really be no reason for them to be together, because there is absolutely no chemistry or genuine attraction in their relationship. Once the conflict was over, what would they even have to talk about?

8Their Kisses

First kisses can be awkward no matter what age you are, but your first kiss with your first serious S.O. can be incredibly uncomfortable. That’s totally understandable, except for the fact that kissing Edward would be like making out with a statue.

Allow us to explain. According to the novels, vampires feel like stone or marble to the touch, hard and resisting. Also, owing to the lack of blood flow, their skin tends to be very cold. Now, imagine pressing your lips to a pair that are cold and as hard as rock. It doesn’t sound very appealing, does it?

7Alice’s Vision

Alice’s visions seem to be a little, well, inaccurate at times, and one instance really affects Bella and Edward’s relationship – except it doesn’t make sense.

In New Moon, Alice sees Bella jumping off a cliff, but doesn’t see her get rescued because her sight is blocked by the presence of werewolves. However, rather than wait and see if she can check in with Bella later, she informs Edward of her incomplete vision, knowing full well of his devotion to Bella and his depressive tendencies, both of which led him to attempt to give himself to the Volturi.

How about slowing yourself down a bit, Alice?

6Their Codependency

The codependent relationship in Twilight was romanticized for viewers and readers, but really, this was a teenager falling for an immortal being, and both of them became so dependent on each other that nothing else mattered. This isn’t romantic or ideal – it’s downright toxic!

Everyone around them seemed to believe that their love was the Real Deal too, because Bella’s parents – even the once-sensible Charlie – decided it was cool for her to marry this guy they barely knew right out of high school. Needing someone else to make your life worth living is not a good way to be.

5The Couldn’t Have A Physical Relationship

Talking purely about biology here, there is simply no way that Bella and Edward could consummate their marriage. It is stipulated many times that vampires don’t have blood flowing, in Twilight and in pretty much every other source of vampire lore and text you can find.

After all, they’re no longer alive, which means no heartbeat and no blood. Therefore, it would be impossible for Edward to perform the biological response necessary for them to engage in the activity that they did on their wedding night. Even if, somehow, it were possible, we’ve already discussed the temperature of his skin.

4They Couldn’t Have A Child

Similar to the last entry, it is biology that comes into question where the conception of their child is concerned. With blood not being a viable option for vampires, other biological fluids would also be impossible to be produced by what is essentially a dead body. Owing to that, Renesmee could not have been conceived!

Author Stephenie Meyer tried to explain this away by saying that “similar fluids” that carry genetic info are still present in male vampires, and are capable of bonding with a female egg. So, really, Meyer made up her own kind of nonsense biology in order to explain this glaring plot hole.

3Renesmee’s Aging

We know that being a half-vampire, half-human would endow Renesmee Cullen with some different attributes, but one that makes zero sense is her aging. In addition to having an expedited pregnancy that weakens her until Edward turns her into a vampire, Bella hardly gets any baby bonding time with her daughter because the kid grows up so fast – and then, just kind of stops.

For no discernible reason other than to be a good match for future romantic partners, Renesmee becomes a young child quickly and then, we are told, will reach full adult maturity by the age of seven, at which point she’ll stop growing.

2Jacob’s Imprint

Looking back, it seems pretty clear that Renesmee’s speedy aging is done simply to reduce the ick factor we feel with Jacob – Bella’s (her mother’s) former love interest – imprinting on her. Immediately after Renesmee’s birth, Jacob becomes infatuated with her, protective of her and, frankly, in love with this infant who quickly grows into a child. Still yucky, though.

Knowing that Renesmee will reach physical adult maturity by seven doesn’t make this any better, because she still has the mindset of a child. Besides, it doesn’t make any sense! Also, it adds a weird layer to Jacob’s initial devotion to Bella, no?

1Renesmee Is Illegal – At First

The whole premise of the Breaking Dawn film is that Renesmee shouldn’t exist, because she’s an illegal “hybrid” or “half-vampire.” This means a few things: she’ll hit puberty early and live until about 150, she shines rather than sparkles and she drinks blood as well as has it.

However, the Volturi initially think that Renesmee is a human child who has been turned, which is against their law, and so they go to war about it. When they meet the girl-vampire, they’re easily persuaded by her charms and the reality that she is naturally born, brought into the world by a once-human mother and vampire father. Suddenly, she’s no longer considered illegal.

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