Seinfeld: 10 Quotes That Prove Elaine Was The Smartest

Elaine's Seinfeld quotes are always hilarious, and some of her most memorable lines involve Elaine intelligently observing the world around her.

Elaine Benes is famous for saying some of the most classic quotes on Seinfeld, whether joking about someone being “spongeworthy” or asking for toilet paper. In every episode of the popular sitcom, Elaine has something wise to say about a variety of topics, and she often cuts right to the heart of the matter and says what she’s feeling instead of worrying about hurting someone’s feelings.

Elaine Benes is famous for saying some of the most classic quotes on Seinfeld, whether joking about someone being “spongeworthy” or asking for toilet paper. In every episode of the popular sitcom, Elaine has something wise to say about a variety of topics, and she often cuts right to the heart of the matter and says what she’s feeling instead of worrying about hurting someone’s feelings.

Whether talking about reading on planes or relationship drama, Elaine has many smart quotes on Seinfeld and fans love hearing her intelligent observations.

10Elaine Jokes About Her First Date With Jerry

“What Did You Think, That Would Impress Me?”

In the season 3 episode “The Truth,” Jerry says that he is going through an audit because he gave money to a fake charity, and Elaine says that she recalls Jerry talking about a charity donation the first time that they went out.

This is one of the best Jerry and Elaine moments on Seinfeld and Elaine shows fans that she tries her best to be smart and savvy when dating. She knows that people sometimes talk themselves up or want to make a good impression on a first date and that she has learned more about Jerry since that first date.

9Elaine Has A Comeback For George

“We Know What A Face Consists Of.”

In season 9, George is sharing that he has a new crush, and he describes the parts of the woman’s face. Elaine replies that everyone knows what a face is.

While Elaine’s comment is a bit harsh, it’s ultimately an intelligent quote because Elaine knows that George has a dating pattern. After George meets someone, he becomes invested in them quickly, and before anyone knows it, George has become so worried about the relationship working out that he sabotages it.

8Elaine Is Upset With Jake’s Lack Of An Exclamation Point

“You Don’t Think That Someone Having A Baby Warrants An Exclamation Point.”

Elaine’s relationship with Jake is famous as she doesn’t like that he writes down a phone message with no exclamation point. But while it’s funny that the characters are often ending romances for tiny reasons, Elaine’s quote is actually pretty smart.

When Elaine talks to Jake about this phone call, she lets him know that she thinks that a friend becoming a parent is a big deal. Even though Elaine’s life might be messy for much of Seinfeld, she celebrates the accomplishments of the people in her lives, and that’s not only sweet and loyal but also smart. Elaine knows that being a good friend is important.

7Elaine Knows George Doesn’t Like Susan

“Not Only Didn’t You Love Her, You Didn’t Even Like Her.”

George and Susan’s Seinfeld relationship is full of drama, and in the season 4 episode “The Pick,” George wants to get back together.

Elaine wisely tells George that she can tell that he doesn’t have real or genuine feelings for Susan. Elaine sounds a little cold, but she’s trying to be honest about how George really feels. While this doesn’t stop George from pursuing Susan, Elaine does show that she can understand a complicated situation.

6Elaine Jokes About George’s Driving Habits

“Yeah But It’s Not Enough For George To Go Fast, He’s Gotta Make Good Time.”

Elaine gets to know George really well over the course of the sitcom since the two of them are so close to Jerry.

Although at times, ti seems like the two characters don’t really deal with each other much alone, Elaine tells Jerry this hilarious quote about George “making good time.” The fact that Elaine knows George’s driving habits proves that she’s a smart, observant person.

5Elaine Wants More Out Of Life

“Well, I Can’t Spend The Rest Of My Life Coming Into This Stinking Apartment Every Ten Minutes To Pore Over The Excruciating Minutiae Of Every Single Daily Event!”

The season 8 episode “The Bizarro Jerry” is famous because Elaine makes a new pal, Kevin, who she says is Jerry’s opposite. Of course, this upsets Jerry and makes him jealous.

In this episode, Elaine says one of her funniest and smartest quotes, as she starts thinking about what she wants her future to look like. While fans love seeing Jerry and his friends talk about their problems, it’s wise that Elaine wants something more and isn’t afraid to make a new friend.

4Elaine Comments On Jerry’s Relationship History

“You’ve Never Felt Remorse.”

Elaine and Jerry’s Seinfeld relationship allows fans to learn about their past romance, the time in season 2 when they try sleeping together again, and the rest of the show when they stay friends.

When Jerry tells Elaine that he has felt “guilt” and “remorse” when ending relationships, Elaine wisely comments that he hasn’t felt badly about it. Elaine knows that Jerry is scared of commitment and that he doesn’t often want to be in a serious relationship.

3Elaine Admits That She Doesn’t Know What To Say

“I’m Speechless. I’m Without Speech.”

Elaine, Jerry, George, and Kramer spend most episodes chatting with one another and sharing a lot of thoughts and feelings. Sometimes they get deep and other times, they deal with small subjects that might not seem all that meaningful but are definitely hilarious to hear about.

Elaine’s quote about not knowing what to say shows how smart she is, as she’s aware that she doesn’t always have the right words and that she might not be able to comment on what’s going on.

2Elaine Shares Her Thoughts On Plane Behavior

“I Will Never Understand People.”

In the season 8 episode “The Face Painter,” Jerry and Elaine have a conversation about how people should always bring reading material on a plane. Elaine is upset because Puddy just wanted to sit on their flight without doing anything, which is one of Elaine and Puddy’s funniest Seinfeld scenes.

When Elaine shares that she doesn’t think that people will ever truly make sense to her, viewers can laugh at this funny line while also agreeing that she’s right. Elaine is often self-aware of just how much there is about the world that frustrates her.

1Elaine Wonders About Newman

“Perhaps There’s More To Newman Than Meets The Eye.”

As one of the most popular Seinfeld characters, Newman equally confuses and amuses Jerry and his friends. Elaine starts wondering if there are some things about Newman that she and Jerry don’t know.

While Jerry brushes this off, this is a smart idea on Elaine’s part, as she isn’t close enough to Newman to really know everything about him. Elaine can be perceptive and look beyond the surface.

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