Sons Of Anarchy Characters Ranked By Their Likability

The characters on FX's Sons of Anarchy are actually incredibly appealing. Here's how they compare to one another in terms of their likability.

The idea of a group of bikers who break the law consistently being likeable is something that nobody would ever expect, but when it comes to those in Sons Of Anarchy, it is very much easy to break that thought. The characters in this hit series are incredibly likeable, mainly because the show highlights their individual personalities, taking away the focus from just their crimes.

Of course, every single character makes some very questionable decisions and they all have moments where they do things that aren’t likeable. However, in the same vein, they all also do things that give viewers a reason to connect with the characters which is why the show became so popular.

10Clay Morrow

When it comes to the least likeable character on the show, there’s no doubt that person is Clay Morrow. He’s the man who acts like a true heroic leader but is also silently pulling the strings behind the scenes, backstabbing people and ensuring that he is always the one who is in control.

Throughout the course of the series, Clay does many despicable things, but the real tipping point is when he physically assaults Gemma. This is the moment that cements a lot of peoples thoughts about him, that his anger is uncontrollable, and that is what makes him so unlikeable.

9Tara Knowles

Despite the fact that Tara Knowles gets put through the wringer throughout her time on the show, that didn’t stop audiences from hating her. Tara is seen as someone who tries to control Jax and ruin a lot of the fun elements from what he does.

The more Tara gets involved, the less likeable she ends up becoming. She tries to ruin Jax’s life in terms of their family, and the mind games that she constantly plays with Gemma really did become insufferable. This made her one of the least likeable people on the show, with her bitterness and jealousy just being too much.

8Gemma Teller-Morrow

While she certainly does care about her family and the club, playing the ‘mother’ of the group, Gemma is also one of the worst characters throughout the series. The main issue with Gemma is that she tries to take too much control, always trying to solve issues when she can.

The problem is, that whenever she gets involved the majority of the time Gemma makes things worse. She is the core of most problems that come towards SAMCRO, and that, coupled with the situation with Tara made her one of the least liked characters on Sons Of Anarchy.

7Tig Trager

Tig Trager was one of the most popular characters by the end of the show, but he was certainly not very likeable with his actions. He’s someone who clearly cares about the group and his friends, but his actions never really backed up those beliefs.

Starting out by murdering Opie’s wife, straight away Tig was made to be very unlikeable, as she was totally innocent. However, he is also someone who is easy to feel sorry for, especially once he is forced to see his own daughter die. But ultimately, his anger issues and inability to control his feelings made him touch to predict and made him very unlikeable at points.

6Juice Ortiz

For a lot of the show, Juice Ortiz is sort of shown as a supporting character in the background. However, as the series develops he is given more story and his loyalty, passion, and caring heart help to make him very well-liked amongst the fans.

His difficulty in believing he is the weakest member of the crew and his tough bouts with depression and suicidal thoughts certainly showcased a new side to him as well. It made him even more likeable, proving that even people who are perceived to be tough can be struggling mentally.

5Bobby Munson

Bobby Munson was one of the core members of SAMCRO and is someone who was really analytical and smart about the decisions he made. Bobby would always sit back and try to assess things before jumping in, and while that did make him likeable, it also stopped him from becoming the most popular member of the group.

He was too focused on thinking things through and a lot of the time he played the game a little too much with politics. Sometimes his loyalties were split, but Bobby was very wise and that helped make him well-liked as well.

4Chibs Telford

The best way to describe why Chibs is so very likeable is because he is loyal. Chibs is willing to do whatever is asked of him to the best of his ability and he puts his full faith into his friends, mainly Jax Teller. He happily stands up for Jax when needed and he has no issue in questioning things if he thinks that is necessary.

Chibs is a very fun character and someone that audiences absolutely loved, becoming a favorite throughout, especially as he gained more detailed time to develop his character.

3Jax Teller

The lead character of Sons Of Anarchy really is a fantastic, well-rounded character, which made him very likeable as a person. While he makes some poor decisions and does hurt people along the way because of them, deep down, everything Jax does is with good in his heart.

Jax always tries to do the right thing and he never asks something of someone that he wouldn’t be willing to do himself. He happily puts his body on the line like a true leader, and really pushes hard to take the group into legal business, to ensure that everyone can be safe and financially set, what’s not to like about that?


Unlike the rest of the characters in this series, Happy doesn’t need to do tons of talking to prove what he is all about, he simply lets his actions do that for him. That’s why audiences like him so much as he’s one of the few characters that isn’t all about inner group politics and just wants to make money and hurt people.

While he’s certainly one of the more aggressive and violent members, that doesn’t stop him from being one of the most fun as well. When he does speak, Happy can come out with some fun lines as well, with his loyalty also helping make him one of the most likeable people within the show.

1Opie Winston

Opie Winston is someone who sees from the very start that the group needs to move away from illegal activity, and with his wife pushing for him to become more of a family man, it seems Opie is ready to leave. However, her death ends up keeping him in the group, but even during that time, Opie always stands up for what is right.

However, the main reason he’s the most likeable character is that he’s a protector and is incredibly loyal to his friends. Opie literally dies for Jax and the others, proving how much other people mean to him, which is an incredibly commendable quality.

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