‘Sons of Anarchy: The Prospect’ Trailer

'Sons of Anarchy' fans can now get their first look at 'The Prospect', a mobile-only game where you play as a club recruit and that appears to feature the Mayans.

Last month, we reported that Kurt Sutter had finally announced an authentic Sons of Anarchy game in tandem with Orpheus Interactive and Silverback Games after failing to secure a console-based title. The newly-formed Canadian studios have kept quiet since the announcement, but came out today to reveal the first real glimpse of the game beyond the logo.
In the 42-second teaser trailer, it’s clear that The Prospect has taken visual cues from Telltale, and that the developers aren’t afraid to produce cheesy jokes about ‘making the cut’.

The largest surprise is that the game not only looks like it allows free-roaming (or, at least, the ability to control your movement on highways), but also that the studio was brave enough to develop the game from a first-person perspective like Grand Theft Auto 5. Whilst mobile games have seen sharper graphics than The Prospect, the cell-shaded stylings inspired by Telltale Games titles like The Walking Dead fit right at home on mobile, and the style could certainly benefit a lower-budget production who can’t afford to go and slap on high-res textures for each environment.

The trailer also confirms that the Mayans will play a role within the game, as evidenced by their brutal clubbing of the player in the trailer. The hispanic-based biker gang were constantly flipping between being friends and foe in the television show, so as the episodes roll out we may see a change of heart – but for now, the trailer certainly implies that the classic rivalry has returned.

Nothing is known about the actual plot or setting of the game, though the studio did mention that the charter and locale would be new to Sons of Anarchy. It’s already known that the club extends far across the United States and even beyond border, so with the club going international, it’d be impossible to narrow down the potential locations based on the trailer.

With a bearded Sergeant-At-Arms asking you to kill a defenseless hostage, a Mayan getting the drop on the prospect, and a random Crow-Eater encouraging drug use, the trailer is about what you’d expect for a Sons of Anarchy based game. Hopefully the episodic game series can do the record-breaking television show justice, though most will be wary about a mobile game from newly-formed developers.

The first episode is slated for an early 2015 release, though no exact date has been announced as of this posting.

What do you think about the trailer, Ranters? Does this seem like a legitimate title, or will this be one application you’ll avoid downloading?

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