Twilight: 10 Things The Movies Did Better Than The Books, According To Reddit

Though movies based on books sometimes struggle to capture the same magic, some Redditors believe the Twilight stories are best seen on film.

The Twilight film franchise may be long over, but its stars are still making headlines. Kristin Stewart is still riding the regal wave of Spencer, and Robert Pattinson has put his own super mark on The Batman. Whether one is Team Edward or Team Jacob, fans are still debating the Twilight book and movie franchise several years later. The lead actors have moved on from the sparkly vampire series to build noteworthy careers.

There will always be those that stick by the books no matter how good any given movie is. The fact still rings true though that the book-to-movie crossover will always kindle curiosity. There are some ways Twilight fans believe that the films improved on aspects of the books.

Putting A Quirky Tone In The First Film

The Twilight films have taken hits over the years as not measuring up to people’s expectations from a book perspective, though that’s clearly not the case for everyone. In fact, some believe that at least the first film did a better job at fleshing out the characters.

As talkgeekytome44 posted, “it adds depths to characters and the script makes them funnier! I wish they kept this quirky tone throughout the movies!” They said that they better understood in their rewatch of the movies that the first one kicked off a phenomenon; a point that garnered a lot of agreement.

Bella’s Classmates Are Diverse

In the books, there’s not much said about the representational nature of most of the characters outside of the indigenous Americans affiliated with the Quileute tribe, especially Bella’s classmates. Some fans appreciated the extra Twilight effort towards diversity.

One of those people was Tay-rae, who said that the “race of Bella’s classmates weren’t really described, so I think it was a good idea to make them diverse in the movies.” Others added their approval for this as well, including the choice of casting for Laurent.

Rosalie Helping Bella Bathe Looks Better On Film

Sometimes an author so perfectly describes a scene that there’s no way to improve upon that in film or television. There are other times when it takes a filmmaker’s touch to bring a scene to life. Reddit posters weigh in on when the latter rings true.

The opinion of MrBurns1619 is that “some things look better on screen somethings are better on paper” in reference to a number of scenes, most starkly in how the scene when Rosalie helps the severely bruised pregnant Bella bathe. It really does bring the imbue a “gut-wrenching” beauty to see and highlights Rosalie’s inherent likability.

Loving The Addition Of The Gazebo Scene

The musical notes in the films add a magical harmony to draw the viewers in. Sometimes it takes a song to illuminate just how sweet a romance is. The best such moment in the Twilight saga is in Breaking Dawn – Part 1.

AStarInTheSky appreciated “moments created in the movie that weren’t in the book, for example the gazebo scene with Flightless Bird playing is so lovely.” It truly is breathtaking, and that song still beloved by both Twilight and Iron & Wine fans to this day.

Charlie Gets A Better Portrayal In New Moon

In all of the talk about Bella’s love interests and the families they come from, sometimes Bella’s parents take a backseat as characters in the saga, so it’s great when fans care enough to show some love to Renee or Charlie.

As F*upandBeautiful points out, “Charlie comes off as a better dad in the movies” in New Moon. It’s true that there is some distance between father and daughter, but it’s clear that they love each other. Charlie does give “best character” and “good dad” vibes in New Moon.

The Later Movies Are Better Paced

A fair amount of the discussion over the years has covered when movies have left out important details or when casting didn’t measure up. There are those that think that some of the movies improve the pacing.

As SaphSkies conveys, “I like the later movies better than the books…as much as I love the series, the later books (eclipse, breaking dawn) get a bit too drawn out and weird.” It’s a reasonable perspective, especially for those that feel that the overall narrative gets too bogged down in the middle.

The Fight Scene Is A Better Climax

Breaking Dawn is a big build-up to a fight that never happens in the book. It’s hard to bring this kind of actionless tension to the movie screen. While there are some that may not have liked it, many fans liked the fight scene addition in the movies.

It makes the reality of a real showdown more fretful to have it play out the way it did in the final movie. “Yeah, honestly the book is so anticlimactic,” as pugsicles puts it. There is much agreement with this, and it indeed makes a fitting cinematic presentation.

Love For The Movie Take On The Wedding & Honeymoon

In another round of “to each their own” in differences of opinion sees focus brought to Breaking Dawn once again. The first part features the wedding and honeymoon of Bella and Edward to the delight of fans that had been waiting for this romantic milestone to be reached.

For some like thnkmeltr “the honeymoon/wedding/pregnancy was better in the movie,” and others agreed, saying that “visuals alone make it better.” It’s hard to argue with that stance as the scenes were quite beautiful.

The Hues Save New Moon

There will likely always be division in the opinion of New Moon because of the split between fans that are Team Edward and those that are Team Jacob. One thing that does unite them is the handling of Bella’s depression.

Stylistically, the film gave a visual glow to what is a dour storyline that saves it from the weaker parts of the narrative. snakpakkid shared that despite their several qualms with elements of the story, such as the handling of Jacob’s teenage personality, saying “the films hues and esthetics are way better imo.”

New Moon Reaches New Heights In Another Post

One Reddit thread circles back to New Moon, positing that it is the best of the movies in the saga. There’s a lot of agreement because fans loved the book as well. There are some people that found there was more than colors that made the film great.

sweetniblet asserted that “Crazy to think I was dreading it before the movie released because I found the book so dull. Such a cinematic masterpiece, with the best soundtrack too!” Many enjoyed the same features of the movie. The soundtrack has magnificent tracks like “Roslyn” (Bon Iver) and “Hearing Damage” (Thom Yorke).

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