20 Actors Who Would’ve Been Great In These Twilight Roles

Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson owe much of their careers to Twilight, but they’re far from the only actors who could do these characters justice.

Twilight has not only become one of the most popular adaptations of a young adult book series, but the series of films helped establish a new genre of film that mixes together romance with the supernatural for a younger crowd. The Twilight films aren’t perfect and they’ve received their fair share of criticism, but the mark that they’ve left is undeniable. The films and the characters from their universe are still talked about and many of the actors from the Twilight movies have turned into major stars who have surpassed the franchise.

The Twilight films have many entertaining performances, but it’s interesting to think how the movies would have performed with different actors in the lead roles. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson owe a lot of their careers to the Twilight movies, but they’re far from the only actors who could bring these characters to life.

20 Evan Rachel Wood Could Have Made Bella Even Bigger

Kristen Stewart’s careful, thoughtful performance helps bring Twilight’s Bella to life, but there are other talented performers who could shine in the iconic role. Evan Rachel Wood has been making waves as an actress since she was a child, but she continues to show just how talented she is. The range that she shows on Westworld could have brought forward a more proactive Bella, and it doesn’t hurt that Wood has preexisting experience playing a vampire.

19 Ansel Elgort Could Drive Circles Around The Jacob Competition

Jacob, Bella’s other romantic suitor in the Twilight universe, gets his share of criticism, but he still has many devoted supporters. Taylor Lautner’s performance and how he’s struggled to find other major roles is definitely a factor here, which is why someone who’s more charismatic, like Ansel Elgort, would be a fitting choice for the part. He can brood and act.

18 Emmy Rossum Already Channels Jessica Stanley

Emmy Rossum put in her dues for over ten seasons on the popular TV series, Shameless, but her cinematic contributions have been less substantial. Rossum has lots of talent, but winds up in the wrong projects. Rossum would have been perfect for a spunky role like Jessica Stanley. She’s played that same kind of character several times before.

17 Isla Fisher Could Have Helped Victoria Be More Fun

Curiously, the Twilight films did actually re-cast the role of Victoria between New Moon and Eclipse when the part shifted from Rachelle Lefevre to Bryce Dallas Howard. Both actresses make for a compelling Victoria, but someone like Isla Fisher who just exudes such a fun energy could have done a lot more in the role and shown off a different side of the character.

16 Timothée Chalamet Could Have Melted Hearts As Edward

Timothée Chalamet has become the golden boy of the past few years and he’s likely to be front and center in films for a while. Chalamet has gotten by on a level of honesty and vulnerability, which would have been an interesting component to Edward. Audiences are already excited to see Chalamet’s portrayal of Paul Atreides in the upcoming Dune feature film, which is a considerably more complex role than Edward Cullen, so Twilight wouldn’t have been a challenge for him.

15 Audiences Would Marvel At Brie Larson As Bella

Brie Larson is captivating in every single one of her roles and she’s progressed from an Oscar critical darling to the head of one of Marvel’s biggest superhero franchises. Brie Larson’s success isn’t going anywhere, but her confidence in her craft could have led to a very satisfying portrayal of Bella. Larson’s casting here might have resulted in other future opportunities being closed off to her, but she still would have nailed the part.

14 Alden Ehrenreich Is Ready For Greatness

Alden Ehrenreich’s turn as a young Han Solo may not have been the opportunity that he hoped for, but the star has gained the attention of people like Steven Spielberg and he’s not going anywhere for a while. Ehrenreich’s swagger and attitude would work well for Jacob and help give the character a bit more of a personality, too.

13 Zoey Deutch Is Primed For Success And Is Made To Lead As Bella

Zoey Deutch is an actress that most people have seen, even if they don’t fully realize it. The actress has been in projects like Flower, Set It Up, and Vampire Academy, yet she still hasn’t broken out in the way that she deserves. Deutch’s affable, consistent quality would have been perfect for Bella and possibly catapulted her to mainstream success.

12 Logan Lerman Has The Chops To Lead As Edward

Logan Lerman just has that conventional leading man look and even though he’s headlined features like The Perks of Being a Wallflower or the Percy Jackson films, Lerman hasn’t stuck with audiences in the way that he deserves. Lerman can play both vulnerable and determined and if he had been cast as Edward he’d likely have a very different career at the moment.

11 Lily Collins Could Tap Into Bella’s Delicate Nature

Lily Collins has been very careful about the roles that she chooses and she’s managed to show off a great deal of range in performances that go to raw and fragile places. Collins would have been a more reserved take on Bella, but she has the right look and could have really disappeared in the part.

10 Rachel McAdams Would Help Make Jessica Stanley An Even Bigger Player

Rachel McAdams is just one of those actresses that’s a ray of sunshine and always brings positivity and talent to her performances. McAdams fluctuates between flowery romances, surreal comedies, and even superhero films, so Twilight is right on track for her. Of all the characters in the franchise, Anna Kendrick’s bubbly Jessica Stanley would be the best fit for McAdams and her quality.

Amanda Seyfried Could Have Made Victoria An Even Bigger Player

It’s clear that the Twilight franchise had major plans for Victoria’s character when they re-cast Bryce Dallas Howard in the role. If the filmmakers were interested in a larger star for the part, Amanda Seyfried would have been a very good substitute. Seyfried has played an eclectic group of parts and Victoria is easily a role that she would have been great in. It’d possibly be a more regal, refined take on the character.

Ezra Miller Could Have Pulled Off Edward Cullen In A Flash

Ezra Miller is another actor that the film industry has been trying to make work for a while now and even though he’s had high profile opportunities like playing The Flash in Justice League, he’s still been searching for the right project. Miller’s range isn’t necessarily as expansive as Robert Pattison’s, but he could have effectively tapped into Edward’s brooding energy.

Dave Franco Could Turn Jacob Into A Charmer

Dave Franco’s older brother, James, is still arguably the more famous of the Franco siblings, but Dave is quickly catching up to him. Franco is fortunate to not just have a good leading man look, but also a sense of humor and natural chemistry with whoever he’s with. Franco may skew more towards comedy, but if he had been in the Twilight movies as Jacob, the character would have easily gained many more supporters.

Ellen Page’s Look And Vibe Is Perfect For Jessica

Ellen Page made big waves during her earlier years in projects like Juno and Hard Candy, but the actress has matured over the years and taken on increasingly socially conscious projects. Currently, something like Twilight seems a step beneath Page, but when the films were first going into production, she would have been a perfect fit for Jessica Stanley, the role Anna Kendrick plays in the movies.

Jane Levy’s Talent Would Elevate Victoria To Greatness

Jane Levy is primed or greatness and if there’s any justice in the world she’ll be a major A-lister in the next few years. Jane Levy has successfully dominated on television in programs like Suburgatory and Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. She’s excellent at both comedy and drama and her starring role in the Evil Dead reboot shows that she can handle more intense performances. Levy would have been perfect as Victoria and helped the character stand out even more than before.

Miles Teller Can Commit To A Franchise

Miles Teller may have gotten a raw deal when it came to the Fantastic Four reboot, but he’s an actor that continually gets huge roles that he pours all of himself into. Teller has a certain level of arrogance in his abilities and performance that can sometimes be off-putting, but it’s a vibe that would be an asset for Jacob. He could have elevated the character to a more interesting place.

Joe Keery Could Highlight A More Sensitive Side Of Edward

Joe Keery has been a more recent fascination in the entertainment industry thanks to his strong work on Stranger Things. Keery has that perfect unassuming atmosphere and a look that’s easy to get behind. He may seem too lovable to play a mysterious character like Edward, but if this role came before Stranger Things, it wouldn’t have to fight against that preconception.

Leighton Meester Would Fit In So Well As Jessica

Leighton Meester is used to playing into teen dramas than prestige pictures, but that’s actually an asset when it comes to the Twilight pictures. Meester’s reputation on television taps into the same demographic as Twilight and she would have made for a memorable take on Jessica Stanley. It’d make for a fun footnote for the actress.

Genre Fan Maika Monroe Would Make A Memorable Victoria

Maika Monroe has been quietly plugging away with big parts in bigger movies like It Follows and Under the Silver Lake. She may not be the big name that some of these other actors are, but Twilight could have opened major doors for her if she played Victoria. It’s the kind of supporting role that Monroe could really devote herself to and show audiences what she can bring to the table.

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