‘Sons of Anarchy Fans Still Can’t Get Over One Moment That Made Them Cry

There aren’t as many shows as iconic as the FX original series “Sons of Anarchy”. No, the show created by Kurt Sutter was a hit throughout its seven-season run on the network. It was so popular a spin-off, “Mayans”, was viable and later created. One of the reasons folks latched onto the show was how its cast of characters tugged at their heartstrings. Yes, the SOA was a collection of unforgettable characters. There were some really difficult moments on the show, but one scene in particular still really hurts a lot of SOA fans.

That moment involved Jax Teller, played by Charlie Hunnam. Yes, Jax’s plight in life was a tough one. His rise to the top was hard. Whether it was taking out so many folks during his reign as the President of SOA. Or if it was watching his best friend fall in front of him in prison. Jax went through a lot. It was hard.

However, some folks on Reddit argue that it was Jax’s goodbye to his son that “Sons of Anarchy” fans still can’t get over and made them cry. Yes, in the Season 7 finale, Jax tells his son goodbye one last time before going for one last ride off into the sunset.

Jax left his children with Wendy, but it was hard for SOA fans to see it come down to Jax having to leave them all behind. He did so to give them a better life with Wendy in a different town where they could get away from the club and the life it entailed.

Opie’s Fall in ‘Sons of Anarchy’

Opie was Jax’s best friend in the program. Ryan Hurst talked about their relationship and how it all ended for the fan-favorite when it did.

He told TV Line at the time, “A few seasons back when Opie sat down with Clay and the club when they thought he was a rat, he said, “It looks this way, but it’s not this way,” and he was led to believe everything was cool. And then Clay turned around, tried to kill him, and ended up offing his wife [Donna]. There’s a similar thing brewing now between Jax and Opie. He feels betrayed [because] Jax convinced Opie to sign off on the [drug cartel deal] without telling him he was planning on leaving the club, which is lying by omission.”

It was all about trust for Opie. His storyline with his wife in Season 1 was a bigger part of that and everything that followed.

He concluded, “That, plus his trust being broken with Lyla, his trust in people, in general, has really been broken down and torn apart. For the foreseeable future of Jax and Opie, Jax is really going to have to prove himself in a way that can salvage their relationship.”

You can watch “Sons of Anarchy” on Hulu.

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