Stranger Things Boss Teases a Ryan Reynolds Cameo In the Future

Executive producer Shawn Levy opens up about his hope that Ryan Reynolds will make an appearance in future episodes of Stranger Things.

Stranger Things executive producer Shawn Levy confirms his desire to see Ryan Reynolds cameo on the series.

Levy was asked by The Hollywood Reporter whether he would like to see Reynolds make an appearance on Stranger Things. Levy answered bluntly, “I want to see a Ryan Reynolds cameo in anything. The truth is, my career over the past half-decade has been defined by Stranger Things and my collaborations with Ryan, so it would be deeply trippy but satisfying to see my two worlds collide.” He ended with, “So, Ryan Reynolds, get ready for season five.”

Levy collaborated with Reynolds when the latter starred in 2021’s video game film Free Guy, which Levy produced and directed. The film saw Reynolds take on the role of an NPC within a violent, frenetic open world MMO. When Reynolds’ character becomes self-aware and realizes that his life is a digital facsimile, his subsequent actions become a worldwide phenomenon with far-reaching repercussions. Reynolds and Levy are next set to work together on Deadpool 3, which the latter is set to also direct.

Currently, Season 5 is slated to be the final of the series. Levy touched on the ways in which the upcoming second volume of Stranger Things Season 4 builds up to that eventual finale, saying, “I’ll just tell you that we are hard at work on Volume II.” He continued, “There’s so much being written as far as the runtimes of these episodes, and the hefty runtime of episode nine, in particular. Having seen both those finale episodes, they are as emotional as they are cinematic. Holy shit, they are definitely a treat for the eyes, but they punch you right in the heart. So, that’s what I’ll say about that.”

Stranger Things premiered in 2016 to critical and audience acclaim. The series follows the dark, mysterious events centered around the fictional town of Hawkins, IN, where interdimensional monsters and government conspiracies lurk in the shadows. Since making its debut, the series has consistently ramped up the tension, culminating thus far in Season 4’s overt embrace of the horror genre. When asked about the darker tone of the current season compared to previous entries, Levy said, “I was occasionally nervous that the show was going so dark, it would be off-putting to the younger viewers that have flocked to our show.” He explained how his concerns were assuaged, saying, “No matter how dark we go with Stranger Things, it’s always balanced with the heart it is. I really think that’s what makes Stranger Things unique.”

Stranger Things Season 4, Volume 1, is now streaming on Netflix. Volume 2 premieres July 1.

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