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The Walking Dead’s Best Couple Almost Never Happened

The Walking Dead's best couple almost never happened as the comic book's creator Robert Kirkman nearly had Glenn end up with someone else entirely.

The creator of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, admitted that the best couple from the comic book series almost never were paired together, as he originally had different plans for Glenn and Maggie. The writer once shared that he intended to have Glenn be romantically linked with a different character, not Maggie, which would have led to major changes in The Walking Dead’s story and how it ultimately turned out.

In The Walking Dead comic, there were some great couples and romances, despite the bleak setting of the zombie apocalypse. From Rick Grimes being paired with Andrea to Aaron and Jesus’s romance in the series, a surprising amount of tender moments between the characters occurred as they tried to survive in a world overtaken by walkers. However, few couples in the comic book were as memorable or beloved as Glenn and Maggie. However, the pair’s romance, which also occurred in the live-action The Walking Dead series, almost didn’t happen but did thanks to a change of plan from Robert Kirkman.

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In The Walking Dead Deluxe #10 by Robert Kirkman, Charlie Adlard, Rus Wooton, and Dave McCaig, Kirkman wrote about paring Maggie and Glenn and a romance that ended up being a surprise. Discussing Maggie’s first appearance in TWD, Kirkman admitted that he never intended her to be such a significant character when she was introduced. In his letter’s page recounting writing the issue, Kirkman stated that Glenn was supposed to get with Hershel Greene’s “oldest daughter,” which would have been Lacey, not Maggie. However, in the end, Glenn ends up with Maggie, creating one of the best couples in The Walking Dead.

Glenn and Maggie smile in The Walking Dead comic

Unfortunately, like most characters in The Walking Dead, the couple didn’t get a happy ending together. Glenn was famously killed by Negan in one of the bloodiest scenes in the entire series. Meanwhile, Maggie lives as the series comes to a close, as she survives in the dangerous world while having complicated relationships with her and Glenn’s son Hershel and her adopted daughter, Sophia.

While Glenn and Maggie’s romance could have been longer had the original survivor never been murdered by Negan, the pair ended up being one of the best couples in The Walking Dead. Their time together in the comic was often a ray of light in a dark, hopeless world. It’s hard to imagine the story where Glenn and Maggie don’t end up together, but if the original plan from Robert Kirkman had occurred as he originally intended, readers might have never gotten a chance to see their relationship bloom in The Walking Dead.

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