Seinfeld: Why Elaine And Kramer Aren’t Real Friends

The dynamic between Seinfeld's core four is what makes the sitcom so hilarious. But Elaine and Kramer don't seem to have much in common.

Iconic sitcom Seinfeld wouldn’t be nearly as clever or hilarious without Jerry Seinfeld’s quirky friends. Without Kramer stealing Jerry’s food or George lamenting at the state of his life or Elaine taking issue with every little thing that someone does, Jerry’s life would be pretty dull.

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Even though Kramer is around a lot, that doesn’t mean that he and Elaine are best pals. It doesn’t really seem like they hang out much at all. Read on to find out 10 reasons why Kramer and Elaine aren’t real friends.

Kramer Doesn’t Seem To Be Real Friends With Anyone In The Group

Kramer doesn’t seem to be real friends with anyone in the group, whether that’s Jerry, George, or Elaine, so that seems like a point worth bringing up.

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Kramer and Jerry hang out because they live across the hall from one another. If that hadn’t happened, it doesn’t seem like they would even talk at all. Since Kramer isn’t really friends with any other character, it makes sense that he and Elaine aren’t getting together all the time and constantly calling each other to chat.

Kramer’s A Lone Wolf Who Randomly Barges In On Jerry

Kramer eats a sandwich in his robe in Seinfeld

Kramer and Elaine aren’t real friends because Kramer is totally a lone wolf. He doesn’t really make plans with Jerry or Elaine and, instead, randomly flings himself into Jerry’s apartment.

He doesn’t mind barging in on Jerry no matter what he’s doing, and if Elaine happens to be there, too, then Kramer will talk to her. But besides that, he doesn’t go out of his way to be friendly toward Elaine.

Kramer Insults Elaine And Calls Her A Terrible Dancer

Elaine dancing on Seinfeld

In the season 8 episode “The Little Kicks,” fans of Seinfeld realized something pretty important (and hilarious) about Elaine: she’s not good at dancing. Okay, that’s a huge understatement. She’s a downright terrible dancer.

Kramer insults Elaine by telling her that she “stinks” at dancing, which isn’t exactly something that a real friend would do. Even if someone thought that about their pal, they would have to smile and lie through their teeth, saying that they were good. It’s just the right, polite thing to do.

Kramer Gives Elaine Bad Advice

Kramer gives Elaine bad advice in the season 8 episode “The Foundation.” He tells her she could be in charge of a company, which leads to the urban sombrero, and it’s a total mess.

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While Seinfeld fans know this as a hilarious storyline, it’s also not something that a real friend would do. When friends have to give each other advice, they try their best to sound logical and steer them in the right direction. They would never say that of course they could lead a whole company when they actually have zero experience.

They Fight Over Who Gets To Keep A Bike, Which Is Petty

Kramer in Seinfeld

In season 7’s “The Seven,” Kramer and Elaine fight over who gets to keep a bike. This is incredibly petty and it’s not something that real friends would argue over.

Even if friends did end up in a stupid and silly argument, they would eventually realize their mistake and apologize, but the two characters insist that they’re right and they both want the bike. Is it not possible for one of them to just go buy a bike? What’s the big deal?

Kramer Always Annoys Elaine

elaine in the seinfeld episode "the oppsoite"

It’s fair to say that Elaine is often annoyed, but Kramer definitely bugs her quite a lot. One example is the season 3 episode “The Café” when Elaine tries to do George a favor by taking an IQ test for him.

While Elaine attempts to take this test at Jerry’s place, Kramer gets in the way and she’s majorly delayed. This just isn’t the way that a real friend behaves. They understand when someone has a job to do or a task to focus on and they respect that.

Kramer Takes A Christmas Card Photo Of Elaine That Is Embarrassing And Inappropriate

Elaine is totally shocked in the season 4 episode “The Pick” when she realizes that Kramer snapped the picture for her Christmas card and everyone can see her nipple.

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The fact that Kramer had no idea about this is pretty awkward, and it seems like a real friend would notice something like that. At the very least, they would care more about the situation and show some remorse.

Kramer Can’t Be Trusted To Run A Simple Errand

In the season 5 episode “The Dinner Party,” Kramer and George try to buy some alcohol but chaos ensues. Someone blocks their car so they can’t even get out and they’re supposed to get Elaine and Jerry to drive them to the party.

Kramer really can’t be trusted to run a simple errand as it seems like every time he tries, something crazy happens, and that’s not great for Elaine, who is the most normal out of the group of friends.

Kramer Gets Too Involved In Elaine’s Work Life

Peterman holding a cup of coffee on Seinfeld

Working with friends isn’t always a smart idea, and Kramer definitely gets too involved in Elaine’s professional life. This happens the most in the season 8 episode “The Muffin Tops” when Kramer starts a school bus tour called the “Peterman Reality Tour.”

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He pretends that he’s actually Peterman, Elaine’s boss, and this just seems like such an inappropriate thing for a so-called friend to do.

Kramer Isn’t Organized, Whereas Elaine Tries Her Best

Elaine Benes lying about Susie on Seinfeld

It’s true that Elaine could be a lot more organized, but she definitely tries her best. Kramer, on the other hand, couldn’t be less organized. One prime example? The classic season 3 episode “The Parking Garage” when he gets everyone lost because he can’t remember the car’s parking spot.

Sure, no one can recall where it is, but Kramer is mostly to blame because he totally disappears for much longer than everyone else. This just isn’t the way that Elaine tries to live her life.

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