Twilight: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Bella and Jacob’s Relationship

Fans have a lot of strong feelings about whether Bella is better with Edward or Jacob. Here's why her relationship with Jacob makes no sense.

When the Twilight saga was first coming out, fans had a lot of strong feelings about whether Bella should choose Edward or Jacob in the end. And, even still, fans still have a lot of opinions about this topic. While both Edward and Jacob had their pros and cons, there are definitely some things about Bella’s relationship with Jacob that don’t really make a lot of sense.

While Edward and Bella seem to have a strong connection from the start, even if their relationship also had troubling elements, Jacob and Bella never seem to be on the same page.

Why Bella had a thing for him in the first place

Taylor Lautner as Jacob, Robert Pattinson as Edward, and Kristen Stewart as Bella in Twilight

Given that Bella really saw Edward as her soulmate, it’s a bit strange that she would have romantic feelings for Jacob at all. Granted, she did seem to be confused about what exactly her feelings for Jacob were and what they meant, but she could envision a future with him.

She also was reacting to the loss of Edward, but it still is weird that she felt so strongly for Jacob.

Their lack of chemistry

Jacob and Bella

Edward and Bella have their flaws, but they do seem to have a lot of physical chemistry. They are both clearly very attracted to one another. However, while Jacob is pretty into Bella early on, she doesn’t really have the same physical feelings.

Jacob is an attractive person, but they just didn’t have the same romantic chemistry as Bella and Edward.

How controlling Jacob was

Close up of Jacob's head and shoulders in Twilight

Bella is a more passive person, and she is rather selfless and diplomatic. These can be good traits, but sometimes she lets people walk all over her too much. She’s a bit too willing to let both Jacob and Edward cross boundaries with her, but Jacob was often much angrier and more insistent than Edward was.

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It’s a shame because Jacob started out as such a sweetheart, but he started to want to control Bella and keep her from being with Edward. Frankly, it wasn’t his decision, and he needed to back off.

The fact that Jacob was going to kill Renesmee

Jacob and Bella

The shapeshifters and the vampires are natural enemies, but they have a treaty with the Cullens to leave each other alone.

However, Renesmee’s birth breaks that treaty, and Jacob fully intended to kill her because of this. While there’s a lot of supernatural elements here that impacted this desire, it’s still really upsetting that he was literally about to kill Bella’s child until he imprinted on her.

Jacob claims he can give her a normal life, but that’s not true

Jacob and Bella

One of the biggest arguments Jacob tries to make to Bella about why they should be together is that he can provide a normal life for her.

He says that she wouldn’t have to give up anything to be with him, and, while it’s true she wouldn’t have to leave behind her family and friends, their life wouldn’t exactly be normal. Jacob is a shapeshifter(werewolf), and it’s clear from what happened to Emily that being in a relationship with a werewolf isn’t always safe either.

Bella sees Jacob as a kid brother half the time

Jacob and Bella walking together in Twilight.

One of the strangest things about Bella and Jacob’s relationship is that Bella sees him more as a younger brother than a boyfriend. While of course, people can start out as friends and grow romantic feelings, she definitely didn’t feel anything romantic toward him until Edward breaking up with her traumatized her.

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Also, Jacob was a couple of years younger than her. As adults, this age gap wouldn’t be much at all, but there’s a big difference between say a 17-year-old and a 15-year-old.

Bella and Jacob kiss

While Edward does some problematic things to Bella and can be way too controlling, the one thing he has over Jacob is he always respected Bella’s physical boundaries.

In Eclipse, Jacob assaults Bella by kissing her when he knows she doesn’t want him to. She even tells him, no, but he doesn’t stop. He continues to kiss her even as she tries to push him away. This is really disturbing, and it turns Jacob from sympathetic at times into just a complete jerk.

The fact that their attraction is explained away because of Renesmee

Bella and Jacob sitting in the truck in New Moon.

One of the oddest things about Twilight is the way that the Jacob and Bella connection is explained. As mentioned earlier, the fact that Bella was into him somewhat when Edward was supposed to be her soulmate didn’t make sense. However, Stephenie Meyer’s explanation for their connection was even worse.

The idea was that Jacob was so into Bella because she was carrying the egg that would eventually form into Renesmee. Yet, for some reason, he didn’t feel the same way toward Edward even though Edward provided the other half of Renesmee’s DNA.

That Jacob imprinted on her daughter

Bella, Renesmee, Edward, and Jacob in Twilight Breaking Dawn

Of all the things about Bella and Jacob’s relationship that don’t make sense, Jacob imprinting on Renesmee is probably the most ridiculous of them all. Imprinting is weird and troubling, and no matter how you look at it, it’s strange that Bella and Renesmee will have both had a thing for Jacob at some point in their lives.

The entire situation is just really awkward.

They Were Just Never In Love

Jacob, Mike, and Bella

When it comes down to it, Bella just was never in love with Jacob, and Jacob barely knew Bella that well, by the same token. Though they did have a friendship, much of the time Jacob spent trying to be with Bella, Bella seemed to be clearly uninterested. It always felt awkward and never natural between them, on a physical, as mentioned above, and emotional level.

It would have made no sense for them to ultimately be together.

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