10 Questionable Parenting Choices In Twilight

Although the parents of Forks did their best to protect their children, there were one or two decisions they made that led to some harsh consequences.

The whirlwind romance of Bella Swan and Edward Cullen quickly swept readers and viewers off their feet, as they easily became Twilight fans. The characters stole hearts and showed viewers that a vampire film (and book series) doesn’t always have to be horrific, yet isn’t completely and totally sappy with romance in every scene

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While it’s hard to tackle what character decisions were the best and the worst, it’s the parents of Twilight that actually made some pretty questionable moves. Whether it was overprotectiveness or blatant selfishness, the parents made some mistakes that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Allowing Bella to Marry Edward

This isn’t to mistake the point of free will, which Bella, of course, had the right to have. However, from a parental standpoint, Renée and Charlie weren’t totally on board with the thought of their daughter following in their footsteps.

They married at a young age and regretted it later, as they divorced, so Charlie’s initial struggle with the thought of his daughter getting married was justified. How he accepted it later wasn’t really shown, and it was a surprise to see the two former young lovers somehow supporting their daughter so easily.

Charlie Grounding Bella

While he was justified in this when Bella just disappeared for a few days, his “punishment” for his daughter didn’t go a long way. If Charlie really wanted to prevent the two from seeing each other, that just wasn’t going to happen and Charlie somehow knew that.

Above all though, Bella was an 18-year-old young woman, and grounding her wasn’t the greatest way of showing her any acknowledgment for her maturity. Bella was always a helpful and giving daughter, and Charlie could have thought of another method in teaching her a lesson rather than technically helping her get closer to Edward outside of the house.

Renée Estranged Herself From Bella

While Renée is the cool and fun mom, she also was guilty of distancing herself from her daughter. From day one of the entire story, fans noticed Bella’s mother didn’t seem so involved in her daughter’s life.

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Bella chose to stay with her dad until her mom and stepfather found a permanent home due to his baseball career. This wasn’t even something Renée asked for, but she could have prioritized her only daughter a little more than she had. While a parent can’t just limit their lifestyle forever because of having kids, Renée seemed to get used to how generous Bella aways was.

Carlisle Having Edward Extract The Venom

This particular move wasn’t the best move as both a dad and just in general. While everyone was happy in the end with Edward’s admirable strength, it was still a mystery as to why Carlisle couldn’t be the one to suck out the venom from Bella’s debilitating arm.

Granted, he was the one holding her painful leg wound together as the doctor, he could have instructed Edward how to do this and went ahead himself with taking the venom out of her body. Carlisle was clearly the most trustworthy one to do this job, so his steadfast decision to push his son to do this was a pretty strange move.

When Billy Made Jake Tell Bella To Break-Up With Edward

What a weird moment this was for both fans and Jacob! Poor Jake was paid to crash Bella’s prom night and tell her to dump Edward, and this wasn’t even the full message from Billy. He had Jake tell her “we’ll be watching.”

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Aside from the Quileute-Cullen treaty, Billy really stepped over the boundary line here because he indirectly threatened a teenage girl. This was highly inappropriate and he could have handled his feud with Edward, a Cullen himself. Billy’s parental decision wasn’t so admirable at the time, and the fact that Bella didn’t react so strongly showed that she had a lot of self-control.

Charlie Relied Too Much On Bella

carlisle removing venom twilight

This wasn’t too difficult to notice for viewers because, every time Bella took care of their house, they couldn’t help but think about how it was Charlie’s own house. The teenage girl shouldn’t have been the house caretaker.

Bella made them dinner and cleaned up the house as if she were the owner. Understanding that Charlie’s job took a lot of energy from him, he still managed to get by before his daughter moved back in with him. Therefore, his dependence on her wasn’t entirely necessary.

Renée Thought She Could Move Bella Around

Bella opens her graduation present with Renee in Breaking Dawn.

This was not a respectable move on Renée’s part. Towards the end of the first Twilight, Renée automatically assumed that her daughter would move to Jacksonville with her and her husband. She didn’t even think about the boyfriend her daughter clearly had in the hospital with her.

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Renée just quickly thought that Bella would drop the personal life she had acquired in Forks and move away to Florida with her. This simply wasn’t the right thing to assume because Renée wasn’t really thinking of her daughter’s sake. Since she obviously had warmed up to Edward in the end, her selfishness wasn’t apparent anymore. However, viewers wouldn’t forget how she acted at the beginning of the whole saga.

Charlie Constantly Favored Jake

As a dad, this was just not cool. Throughout the saga though, Charlie would constantly take Jake’s side with the whole Edward-Jacob-Bella love triangle.

When Jake kissed Bella against her will (even Team Jacob fans admitted to this unfortunate truth), Charlie wasn’t as mad at Jake as he was at Edward. While Edward was the cause behind her disappearing for days, and for Bella’s long-term depression, Charlie still pushed his daughter to pick Jake. As a parent, this wasn’t smart. His matchmaking efforts to pair Bella with Jacob wasn’t a good parental decision.

Carlisle Shouldn’t Have Expected Much From Rosalie

Carlisle was a good father, caretaker, doctor, and person overall, but Rosalie was a problem for Bella up until the very end. Carlisle’s attempts to teach her that they “protect [their] family” didn’t go a long way as he hoped.

His efforts to include her in the many fights to keep Bella safe weren’t met with any appreciation or realization by Rosalie. Her tragic backstory made her a cold person, but Carlisle probably shouldn’t have even included her in their fight against James because Rosalie, later on, seemed like she hated Bella even more.

Carlisle & Esme Shouldn’t Have Cut Contact With Bella

Edward broke every Twilight fan’s heart, and Bella’s soul simultaneously, when he broke up with her. Leaving her alone though wasn’t the best idea as viewers can recall. Vampires went after her (Victoria was hard to forget) and werewolves could have physically harmed her too.

Fans understand Edward’s reason for leaving her, but Carlisle and Esme didn’t have to agree to ship the whole family away from her either. They both claimed (at different times though) that Bella was part of their family. Well, if she was considered family, then ditching her and leaving her unprotected, as Laurent had no problem stating, wasn’t the smartest idea.

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