Seinfeld: How Jerry Changed From Season 1 (& How He’s The Same)

While Jerry is always neurotic and obsessed with the mundane, Seinfeld fans have noticed some character changes throughout the sitcom's nine seasons.

Sitcoms are comforting because the setting, characters, and usually the storylines remain very similar to one another. This is especially true of Seinfeld, known as “the show about nothing.” Jerry Seinfeld, in particular, tends to act the same all the time. He lives in his apartment, hangs out with Kramer (Michael Richards), Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and George (Jason Alexander), and tries not to get too annoyed by his sometimes stressed-out parents.

The Seinfeld characters aren’t always likeable but it’s safe to say that everyone adores Jerry. Although he’s usually the same funny guy that fans know and love, he does make some different choices in later seasons that stand out.

Changed: He Becomes Wealthier

Jerry Seinfeld talking on the phone on Seinfeld

Jerry’s wealth is never really discussed in detail, but it seems like he’s more successful than his friend group as he’s a stand-up comic who travels for shows and seems to have a nice lifestyle.

It’s fair to say that Jerry starts making more money in the show’s later half because in the seventh season episode “The Cadillac,” he buys a car for his mom and dad. He got a job that paid him a ton of money and so he’s feeling flush. This could be considered one of Jerry’s funniest plots as his parents don’t receive the present so well.

The Same: He’s Always Neurotic

Jerry and George sitting at Monk's restaurant talking on Seinfeld

One way that Jerry stays the same is that he’s always neurotic. He wants things to happen exactly the way that he expects, and he’s easily annoyed by the people around him.

Jerry wouldn’t be Jerry if he didn’t complain or if things went perfectly in his life, so fans are glad that he worries about everything about the sun. There’s something comforting and charming about his concerns. For example, he changes his kitchen and gets so upset that he changes it back to the way that it was.

Changed: He Considers Settling Down

jerry seinfeld

Jerry dumps a lot of women for strange, funny reasons, but in the season 7 episode “The Engagement,” Jerry considers saying goodbye to the bachelor lifestyle and settling down.

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Of course, he doesn’t do it, but he does think about it quite a lot, which is a big deal for this character who doesn’t seem capable of maintaining a long-term relationship. After chatting with George, Jerry tells Kramer about the life changes that they want to make. He says, “We were talking about our lives and we both kind of realized we’re kids. We’re not men.” Kramer then tells him how horrible being married would be.

The Same: He’s Got A Pessimistic Personality

Jerry Seinfeld talking in Seinfeld

Jerry’s humor stems from how he sees the world, and a lot of the time, he views things negatively. This is something that stays the same about this character throughout all nine seasons.

Take his birthday party joke, for instance. He says, “To me, the thing about birthday parties is that the first birthday party you have and the last birthday party you have are actually quite similar. You know, you just kinda sit there… you’re the least excited person at the party. You don’t even really realize that there is a party.” While this is hilarious, it’s a pretty dark and bleak way of viewing life.

Changed: He Creates A TV Show

jerry and george on seinfeld

Seinfeld had a huge impact on television and it’s also true that Jerry created a “show within the show” in the fourth season.

George and Jerry create a TV show based on Jerry’s life. Of course, things don’t work out and it’s actually a total disaster, which is hard for both of them. This could change both of their lives as they could become rich and famous, but unfortunately, it’s not sustainable.

The Same: He’s Always A Germaphobe

Jenna brushing her teeth behind Jerry on Seinfeld

From the stain on his couch to his girlfriend using the toothbrush that fell in the toilet, Jerry is always totally freaked out by germs. Jenna is one of Jerry’s least popular love interests since the character, played by Kristin Davis, does something pretty gross.

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While people can change some of their likes and dislikes as they evolve and get older, it’s definitely true that Jerry never works on this aspect of himself.

Changed: He Switches Up His Style And Appearance

seinfeld jerry wearing the puffy shirt

From his beloved jacket with pink striped lining to the puffy shirt that he reluctantly wears, Jerry does veer away from his typical clothing choices sometimes.

It’s always a treat when Jerry gets excited about an item of clothing… or on the flip side, when he wears the puffy shirt on TV and is humiliated. He also changes his appearance a bit when, in the season 8 episode “The Muffin Tops,” Jerry gets rid of his chest hair because of his current love interest.

The Same: His Comedy Career Is Steady

Jerry Seinfeld doing stand up on Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld might change in some ways, but over all nine seasons of Seinfeld, he keeps the same career.

It’s definitely tough to picture this character giving up his lifestyle and getting a regular job. He seems to really enjoy having free time during the day and performing at night, and he also relishes traveling for his stand-up comedy gigs. He comes up with really interesting ways of looking at society around him, so he’s for sure in the right place.

Changed: He Gets Mushy And Romantic With One Girlfriend

seinfeld jerry and sheila

Jerry messes up when dating Elaine, and he doesn’t fare much better with his other girlfriends.

He does change a bit when, in the season 7 episode “The Soup Nazi,” he dates Sheila (Ali Wentworth) and they refer to one another “Schmoopie.” This is a huge difference from the way that Jerry talks to his other love interests, as he never lets himself sound mushy and romantic.

The Same: He’s Always Burdened By Other People

Jerry siting back with his feet up on the table in Seinfeld

Jerry has a lot of enemies on Seinfeld and he’s always annoyed when people want a favor from him or if he even receives a phone call from a friend.

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He always sighs and complains and it seems like he wants to keep his social circle fairly small. Friendly is not a words that fans would use to describe this character, who still manages to be charming and hilarious despite his attitude.

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