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Abraham Actor Michael Cudlitz Returns to Walking Dead Season 11 as a Director

Michael Cudlitz, who played Abraham on AMC's The Walking Dead, reveals that he is returning as a director for the show's 11th and final season.

Michael Cudlitz, who played Sgt. Abraham Ford on AMC’s hit series The Walking Dead is returning to the show’s upcoming 11th season as a director. The Walking Dead, which is based on the popular comic book series of the same name, premiered in 2010 and became a worldwide phenomenon. The bloody and beloved show will return in August for its 11th and final season

Cudlitz’s character, Sgt. Abraham Ford, first appears in season 4 as the leader of a group attempting to safely escort Eugene (Josh McDermitt) to Washington, D.C., in the belief that Eugene can find a cure there for the zombie plague. Abraham’s group soon joins forces with the group led by Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln), and over time Abraham becomes a key figure on the show and one of Rick’s most trusted allies. His violent death was a shocking surprise to fans, including those who had read the comics, as Abraham’s death onscreen differed from his death on the page.

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Now the actor who brought Sgt. Abraham Ford to life will return to the world of The Walking Dead, this time on the other side of the camera. Michael Cudlitz shared a photo on Twitter showing himself wearing a face mask and a lanyard with a director’s badge, complimenting The Walking Dead’s Health and Safety team for their “Amazing job keeping us safe” while filming during the COVID-19 pandemic. Check out his tweet below:

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It seems that whatever episode Cudlitz is working on will come later in season 11, as filming began back in February, and The Walking Dead is scheduled to return in about a month. A week prior to posting this photo, Cudlitz tweeted a vague message that he was on his way to Atlanta, where The Walking Dead films, “to do a thing,” leading many fans to speculate that Abraham would reappear in the final season of The Walking Dead, perhaps via flashback. While that’s still certainly possible, it will likely be a well-guarded secret if it does happen. The only thing known for sure at the moment is that Cudlitz will be directing at least one episode of the show.

Many actors turn to directing at a certain point in their careers, and this is not Cudlitz’s first foray into that world. He has already directed three episodes of The Walking Dead, and two episodes of spin-off The Walking Dead: World Beyond. In addition to his directing work, Cudlitz has continued acting, most recently in a lead role on CBS’s Clarice. Though Clarice’s second season is currently in question, Cudlitz is clearly keeping busy. Whether or not Abraham ends up appearing in the final season of The Walking Dead, Cudlitz’s involvement in wrapping up the epic series, whichever side of the camera he does it from, helps to bring his journey with the show full circle.

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