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Walking Dead’s New Reality Resurrects Andrea with Maximum Firepower

The Walking Dead's lost survivor Andrea has returned in an alternate reality with more firepower, ready to save Rick from aliens and zombies, too.

As fans of The Walking Dead know all too well, the main storyline saw Andrea killed, having been bitten by a zombie and sadly euthanized by Rick after she turned. But in the stunning pages of Skybound X #2 it is as though she never left, returning to help Rick kick alien butt in the alternate timeline of “Rick Grimes 2000.

Andrea brightened up an otherwise pretty terrible apocalypse for Rick, and her loss was severely felt in the comic book. While she may not have been a fan-favorite in the TV show, Andrea was well-liked in the comic book series. The alternate universe presented in Skybound X takes place inside Rick’s head after he loses his mind at Alexandria, and is knocked out by Michonne. In this alternate universe where Rick not only fights Negan and zombies but aliens, too. The aliens want to use people like Rick (now armed with a laser sword) and the zombies to thin out humanity so they can steal Earth’s water. Unfortunately, Michonne does die in this alternate timeline, but Rick fights on against his new alien opponents (as well as against his usual zombies).

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In the alien- and zombie-infested universe presented in Skybound X, Andrea never died. So when Rick is torn in half by the invading aliens (and moments before he is crushed by the big alien boss), an explosive headshot reveals Andrea suddenly saving the day, decked out in her finest alien/zombie fighting gear, and sporting a gun big enough to make even Marvel’s Cable blush. Unfortunately, despite his head being uncrushed, Rick is left torn in half at the end of the issue.

It is common knowledge that no one really stays dead in comics. There are hundreds of ways for writers to resurrect a fan-favorite character and give them another storyline. The Walking Dead team has done just that with Andrea, presenting her as a hero in this universe as well. Having her save Rick, even with the ending of issue #2 as precarious as it seems, puts a welcome twist on the story fans already know. And having Andrea back in some form to remind Rick to survive will only encourage fans to consider this an honorary part of the actual Walking Dead universe.

Readers will see if Andrea’s camp has the technology to put Rick back together in the next installment of “Rick Grimes 2000” in Skybound X #3, available now.

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