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Every Walking Dead Trailer & Reveal From Comic-Con At Home 2021

From a trailer for The Walking Dead to clips from Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond, Comic-Con 2021 had plenty of reveals.

Comic-Con@Home 2021 brought surprises, gore, and plenty of trailers and reveals for The Walking Dead universe. The Walking Dead is heading into season 11, which will finally bring AMC’s flagship zombie show to a close. Though the series is wrapping up, the last season will be supersized with 24 final Walking Dead episodes. The first of the episode groups will premiere in August, and the second and third parts of the season will come in 2022. A new trailer for the show promises “the beginning of the end.”

Besides The Walking Dead trailer, Comic-Con@Home delivered more exclusive content for AMC’s zombie universe. Fear the Walking Dead revealed two new scenes for season 7. In one, Morgan (Lennie James) deals with two terrifying situations: a nuclear zombie apocalypse and a crying baby. In another, June (Jenna Elfman) and John Sr. (Keith Carradine) discover a killer secret. The Walking Dead: World Beyond also received a teaser for its upcoming final season, letting the survivors know a tragic truth.

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Historically, AMC has been stingy when it comes to Walking Dead spoilers; however, the Walking DeadFear the Walking Dead, and Walking Dead: World Beyond Comic-Con panels still presented enticing footage and reveals. Here are the trailers and reveals to know.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Trailer

The Walking Dead delivered an exciting yet vague trailer for season 11. There are plenty of zombie kills; the Reapers, villains introduced in the season 10 bonus episodes, still seem to be a threat; and the trailer ends with a short tease for the Commonwealth. Additionally, brief clips show Maggie (Lauren Cohan) donning a Whisperers mask, Carol (Melissa McBride) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) seemingly still having issues, and Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) perhaps working with Maggie. However, the trailer packs a lot into a short amount of time, and some of it could be deliberate misdirects. With The Walking Dead ending, it’s clear AMC is holding its biggest plot points for the actual season.

The Walking Dead Season 11 Details & Commonwealth Characters

  • The Walking Dead season 11 premieres on Sunday, August 22. All of the episodes will also be available one week early on AMC+. For instance, Episode 1 will be available on August 15.
  • Season 11 is set to air in three eight-episode installments. The second and third installments will air in 2022.
  • According to Walking Dead Chief Content Officer Scott Gimple, the show will reinvent itself every eight episodes and serve as an “epic, extended goodbye that will do it right.”
  • Showrunner Angela Kang was vague on where season 11 would go but said the “armored troopers” from the Commonwealth that were encountered in season 10 would play a big role.
  • Eugene actor Josh McDermitt believes his character’s faith in the mysterious Stephanie shows some signs of cracking after his friends were captured and put into boxcars.
  • Though Jeffrey Dean Morgan thinks Negan is going through an evolution, he doesn’t believe old Negan will ever disappear.
  • Cohan joked that unpacking Maggie’s relationship with Negan is “the whole season.” She called the final season “crazy,” saying that it’s been the most fun she’s had on the show.
  • According to Cohan, the Reapers may be attacking Maggie’s group for sport. Kang added that the Reapers were skilled coming into the apocalypse.
  • Daryl actor Norman Reedus said the show is finding its groove again after the COVID-19 pandemic drastically changed how episodes were filmed.
  • Laila Robins is joining the series as Pamela Milton, and Josh Hamilton is joining as Lance Hornsby. They will appear as new series regulars along with Michael James Shaw, who’s playing the role of Mercer.
  • Other additions to the cast include Margot Bingham and Ritchie Coster.

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Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Scene: June And John Sr.

In a scene from the upcoming Fear the Walking Dead season 7, June and John Sr. are sleeping when an apparent blast reveals a secret bunker room. The pair make their way into the room, discovering it’s a murder chamber. Unfortunately, it seems Teddy (John Glover) would kill his victims there. Though June tries to reassure John Sr. that Teddy can’t hurt anyone anymore, he says, “It’s not too late. It’s never too late.”

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Scene: Morgan and Grace

In another scene, Morgan and his partner Grace (Karen David) are still in the submarine when the orphaned baby they picked up in season 6 starts crying. Morgan tells Grace the baby is hungry, and she heads outside, seeing nothing but devastation. The nuclear fallout is clearly changing the show moving forward.

Fear The Walking Dead Season 7 Release Date & New Details

Grace in Fear The Walking Dead
  • Fear the Walking Dead season 7 premieres Sunday, October 17, and episodes will air early on AMC+.
  • Alycia Debnam-Carey will make her directorial debut in a season 7 episode.
  • Executive Producer Andrew Chambliss said the fallout from the nuclear explosion in season 6 would reset everyone’s survival abilities in the apocalypse “back to zero.”
  • Fellow Executive Producer Ian Goldberg added that the nuclear fallout will change the zombies and how the characters navigate the world. “It’s a whole new world in a lot of different ways,” he said.
  • Morgan will have some help dealing with the new apocalypse thanks to the scientific expertise of Grace. Lennie James said. “We’ve got somebody on hand who, when he doesn’t know what to do, can go, ‘Don’t do that, you idiot. You’ll die,‘” he said.
  • James said the idea of “finding hope” could be the title for the new season, as Morgan and Grace try to build a better world for the orphaned baby.
  • Colman Domingo explained that Victor Strand would be doubling down on his survival instincts in the upcoming season. Also, terms like “villain” and “hero” don’t really apply to the character’s philosophy. “He’s going to out Victor Strand, Victor Strand,” Colman added.
  • According to Gimple, the Civic Republic Military helicopter in Fear the Walking Dead will be more about the characters’ personal stories in the show. Still, it will also add to the mythology of The Walking Dead universe, contributing some historical aspects to CRM.
  • Though he was vague, Gimple said that “it’s possible” that the timelines of the different Walking Dead shows will meet.
  • According to Goldberg, season 7 will bring back Teddy’s villainous history, which will greatly affect June and John Sr.
  • Actors Sydney Lemmon and Omid Abtahi will return in season 7.
  • Actor Gus Halper will also join the cast in season 7.
  • Fear the Walking Dead season 6 will get a Blu-Ray and DVD release on August 21.

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The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2 Clip

A clip for the final season of The Walking Dead: World Beyond shows Will (Jelani Alladin) reveal to Felix (Nico Tortorella) and Iris (Aliyah Royale) that the Campus Colony of Omaha has been destroyed. Of course, CRM, the organization that captured Rick Grimes, was seemingly behind the devastation. But for now, the survivors still don’t know the truth.

The Walking Dead: World Beyond Season 2 Release Date & New Details

Jelani Alladin as Will, Nico Tortorella as Felix and Alexa Mansour as Hope in Walking Dead World Beyond
  • The Walking Dead: World Beyond will premiere on Sunday, October 3. Episodes will also premiere early on AMC+.
  • With Walking Dead: World Beyond season 2 bringing the show to a close, showrunner Matt Negrete said many of the ending ideas he discussed years ago with Gimple would come into play.
  • Iris will build on her leadership mentality in the new season. “She’s growing, and she’s becoming a real fighter,” said Royale.
  • According to Tortorella, the final season is jam-packed with stories. “If the first season was really about the six of us getting from point A to point B, I think the second season is from C to Z,” he said.
  • The season will explore the relationship between Huck/Jennifer (Annet Mahendru) and her mother Elizabeth (Julia Ormond) and the relationship between Will and Felix.
  • Gimple said the new season would show at least three distinct worlds within the Walking Dead universe. “It’s more discovery,” Gimple said.
  • Gimple added that the show would fill in many of The Walking Dead story gaps and knowledge that the audience doesn’t have, but he said there wouldn’t be an appearance by Rick Grimes.
  • In season 2, Jelani Alladin, Natalie Gold, Joe Holt, and Ted Sutherland will appear as series regulars.

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