Seinfeld: The 5 Most Annoying Things Jerry Ever Did (& 5 Sweetest)

While Jerry Seinfeld has done a number of kind things for his friends over nine seasons of Seinfeld, he also had quite a few annoying moments as well.

Seinfeld was a 90s sitcom starring comedian Jerry Seinfeld that became a huge hit among fans over nine seasons that became one of those hate it or love it series that has everyone still talking about the show twenty years after the finale, which is quite a feat for a show about nothing.

This is due to the great characters that had fans tuning in every week to see what new adventure Seinfeld‘s unique and relatable group of friends were getting into, even if a character like Jerry became known for some of his annoying habits or actions instead of their random acts of kindness, which we’ll be taking a closer look at today.

Annoying: Hello!

Jerry Seinfeld

The ninth season episode “The Voice” introduced a new romantic interest for Jerry, though as usual he quickly found something about her to make fun of. In this case, it was the sounds her stomach made which inspired him to start using a booming “Hello!” voice.

This inside joke spread to the rest of his friends, though his girlfriend didn’t find it funny and asked him to stop. When he refused she broke up with him, and Jerry soon discovered that his enjoyable use of “Hello!” was now also irritating his friends.

Sweetest: Feeds His Friends

Jerry Seinfeld Kramer

While Jerry and his friends are often seen around town or at the iconic diner from the series (at which Jerry is often left to pay for his friends), they spend a great deal of time just hanging out in Jerry’s apartment, where it’s clear he has an open fridge door policy.

What began with an invite to Kramer when they first met to take whatever he needed soon turned into Jerry providing food for all of his friends from his own refrigerator. When Kramer eventually realizes how much he eats out of Jerry’s fridge he attempts to account for it with IOU’s but is soon overwhelmed.

Annoying: Turned In His Uncle Leo

Jerry Seinfeld Uncle Leo The Bookstore

While Jerry spends a great deal of time helping out his friends with whatever they need (or don’t need, as is the case with Babu’s restaurant), he has also taken it upon himself to teach lessons to people that almost always backfired.

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When he discovered that his Uncle Leo (played by Len Lesser) was stealing from a bookstore (something he claimed all seniors do) Jerry felt like he should teach his uncle a lesson and told security. This almost led to Uncle Leo’s arrest until Jerry gave up George instead, who was also trying to steal a book in “The Bookstore” episode.

Sweetest: Wore The Puffy Shirt

Jerry Seinfeld wearing the puffy shirt in Seinfeld

Jerry and the gang met a number of interesting characters over the course of the series who earned their own nicknames based on their individual quirks, such as the “Low Talker” fashion designer Kramer was briefly dating.

As Jerry and Elaine were unable to hear her part of the conversation, Jerry smiled and nodded to be polite and unknowingly agreed to wear her new puffy shirt on The Tonight Show. Despite the pirate-like hideousness of the shirt, Jerry still wore it on the air, though he quickly turned on the shirt after it led to ridicule and ruined the Low Talker’s business.

Annoying: Couldn’t Trust Alarm Clocks

Jerry Seinfeld Jean-Paul Marathon

While Jerry has shown his apathy in a number of situations over the course of the series, there were a few moments that captured his full attention, like when he took over the responsibility of housing marathon runner Jean-Paul.

Jean-Paul previously slept through his alarm at a previous race, and Jerry dedicated himself to making sure Jean-Paul got to his race on time. Jerry spent all night agonizing over the choice of hotels and alarm clocks, costing Jean-Paul valuable resting hours because of Jerry’s obsessive and annoying perfectionism.

Sweetest: Switched Apartments With Kramer

Jerry standing in his apartment on Seinfeld

Seinfeld featured a very interesting relationship between Jerry and his neighbor Cosmo Kramer (played by Michael Richards), which extended far beyond the sharing of food as Jerry once even switched apartments after Kenny Roger’s Roasters set up shop.

The bright red neon sign bathed Kramer’s apartment with light and made it impossible for him to sleep, so Jerry made the switch while Kramer fought to bring the sign down. Unfortunately, Kramer became addicted to the chicken while Jerry became considerably more Kramer-like, and Jerry took back his apartment.

Annoying: Keeps Listening To Kramer

Jerry and Kramer with pet rooster on Seinfeld

Kramer also serves as a fountain of advice for his group of friends, usually based on life lessons learned from him or his other friends like Bob Sacamano, though very rarely does his advice ever lead in good directions, yet Jerry keeps listening to him.

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When Jerry discovered a number of birthday checks from his Nana that he had never cashed, Kramer suggested it was rude of Jerry not to cash them. Unfortunately, she was on a fixed income as revealed by Uncle Leo repeatedly, and when Jerry cashed her checks he bankrupted her account and led to her brief disappearance.

Sweetest: Called In A Bomb Threat

Jerry Seinfeld George Costanza

Obviously calling in a bomb threat is not really a caring act and is more properly considered a federal offense, but when Jerry called in a bomb threat to Yankee Stadium to help his friend George, it showcased the lengths he would go to help his friends.

Whether it’s violently stealing a marble rye from an elderly woman or causing mass panic with a bomb threat to help George escape from his hidden sleeping spot under his desk, Jerry is there for his friends.

Annoying: “Schmoopie”

Jerry Seinfeld Schmoopie

Jerry wasn’t particularly known for being overly sentimental or publicly affectionate with the various women he dated over nine seasons, though he annoyed fans and his friends when he dated Shiela in the seventh season episode “The Soup Nazi.”

With their relationship still heavily in the puppy love stage, Jerry and Sheila publicly fawned over each other with their own annoying language and nicknames like “Schmoopie.” This quickly annoyed his close group and friends and even caused a problem in the infamous Soup Nazi’s line, leading to their eventual breakup.

Sweetest: Bought His Dad A Cadillac… Twice

Morty Seinfeld in the Cadillac in Seinfeld

After Jerry earned one of the largest checks of his career in the two-part episode “The Cadillac,” which inspired him to do something nice for his father Morty by buying him the brand new car he had always wanted, a Cadillac Fleetwood.

Unfortunately, the car creates issues in Jerry’s parents’ retirement complex that causes Morty to lose his position as the condo president. Jerry is later forced to buy back the Cadillac after his parents’ sell it thinking he has financial issues in “The Money” episode leading to even more car problems, but it was a sweet thought.

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