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The Walking Dead Just Created The Most Terrifying Zombie Ever

In The Walking Dead's alternate universe, two members of the Whisperer's just created a monster that's made up of thousands of zombies.

In an alternate universe where aliens are responsible for the zombie outbreak in The Walking Dead, the Whisperers just created the most horrifying zombie monstrosity ever. In Skybound X #4, the flesh-wearing villains make their first appearance and when Alpha and Beta lock lips, all of the zombies around them pile up together to form a massive super-zombie. The result is one of the most messed-up zombie creations from Robert Kirkman and company yet.

Skybound X is a new anthology series from Skybound, which celebrates ten years of the publisher. The series features several new stories from previous Skybound comics, with the headliner being Rick Grimes 2000 by Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley. The non-canon story continues the alternate reality shown in The Walking Dead #75, where Rick woke up in the hospital during an alien invasion. Those aliens reanimated the dead, forcing the characters of The Walking Dead to grab their futuristic weapons and try to stop them. However, the zombies are much more threatening than ever before.

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In Chapter Four of Rick Grimes 2000 by Kirkman, Ottley, Cliff Rathburn, Dave McCaig, and Rus Wooton, Rick deals with the return of Negan and his superpowered baseball bat. As Negan starts killing some of the survivors in Rick’s camp, they begin to draw the attention of surrounding zombies, who begin to overwhelm them. Michonne, who the Governor previously killed, makes a surprise return as a robot with a human face. As Rick struggles to come up with a defense with all the zombies and Negan, Alpha and Beta from the Whisperers – wearing zombie flesh on their face. When they kiss, a glow grows around them and the zombie’s eyes turn yellow.

In one of the more horrifying scenes to come out of The Walking Dead universe, the zombies start to climb on top of each other and form a massive giant super monster. Negan smiles at a horrified Rick and asks him if he sees “this crazy-awesome shit?”

Rick Grimes 2000 has very much heightened the ridiculousness of the original The Walking Dead series. Creating a giant zombie whose made up of thousands of the undead is definitely something that couldn’t appear in the original series. It’s absurd and amazing. However, in an alternate universe, where Rick Grimes wields a lightsaber-esque weapon, Michonne is almost entirely a robot, and aliens are responsible for the zombie takeover, anything is possible – including a massive super zombie. Rick Grimes is going to need a special kind of weapon to stop the enormous threat. The Walking Dead story appears in Skybound X #4, which is in comic book stores now.

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