Twilight Meets The Vampire Diaries: 5 Friendships That Would Work (& 5 That Would Turn Ugly)

In both Twilight and The Vampire Diaries, good friends can literally be life-savers. But what Twi-TVD duos would work, and which wouldn't?

Although there are plenty of differences between them, the worlds of The Vampire Diaries and The Twilight Saga share a lot in common. They’re both set in a supernatural world, they’re both romance stories, and while romantic love does take the front seat of their narratives, the friendships that exist between the characters are vitally important as well.

It’s interesting to imagine what it would be like if the characters of The Vampire Diaries and Twilight collided, and what kind of relationships might develop. Which of the characters from these separate universes would make great friends, and which would be frenemies or even enemies?

Would Work: Katherine & Aro

Aro Katherine Pierce Twilight Vampire Diaries

Aro and Katherine aren’t really the type of people to establish legitimate and deep friendships, but it seems like they would really get along if they could team up and decided to run the vampire world together.

Their personalities and ultimate goals seem to line up with one another well, and most importantly, it seems like they would both recognize the value that they could offer to one another.

Would Turn Ugly: Rosalie & Caroline

Rosalie Hale Caroline Forbes Twilight Vampire Diaries

Rosalie and Caroline actually share a lot of common bonds with one another and are more than capable of understanding each other, but no friendship between them could really last.

They’re both naturally very jealous people, and they both have things that the other wants or have experienced things that the other would envy. They both want to be the queen bees of their worlds as well, and there isn’t room on that throne for two.

Would Work: Caroline & Alice

Caroline Forbes Alice Cullen Vampire Diaries Twilight

Caroline and Rosalie might not be destined to be BFFs, but Caroline and Alice would have a much easier time getting along. They really wouldn’t ever be in competition with one another, and they are both lighthearted and happy enough that they’d have fun every time they were together.

They also aren’t the type to wring their hands about the bad things in life, so considering that all of their vampire compatriots are constantly lamenting being vampires, they’d be a great change of pace for each other.

Would Turn Ugly: Tyler & Rosalie

Rosalie Hale Tyler Lockwood Twilight Vampire Diaries

On the surface, it seems like Rosalie and Tyler would be a great matchup. They’re both somewhat superficial and aren’t particularly friendly.

However, in the end, their friendship probably couldn’t last. Their experiences and evolutions when they became a part of the supernatural world are pretty drastically different, and they both have a certain alpha attitude that would lead to them fighting for dominance instead of working together.

Would Work: Bonnie & Jasper

Jasper Hale Bonnie Bennett Twilight Vampire Diaries

Still waters run deep, and while Jasper and Bonnie will never be the flashiest or most outspoken members of their friend groups, they still have a lot to offer in their hidden depths.

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Honestly, the squads in both Twilight and The Vampire Diaries tend to be melodramatic and totally overwrought, so if Bonnie and Jasper actually had a reprieve from all that intensity and could mellow out with each other, it would probably help them both emotionally.

Would Turn Ugly: Jacob & Tyler

Tyler Lockwood Jacob Black Vampire Diaries Twilight

A friendship between Tyler and Rosalie probably wouldn’t work out because Rosalie is a metaphorical alpha, but a friendship between Tyler and Jacob wouldn’t work because they’re both literal alphas.

They could clearly find some common ground in that they’re both werewolves fighting to protect people and do the right thing, but Jacob already tried playing second fiddle to someone once and it didn’t work, there’s no reason to think it’d work out in this circumstance either.

Would Work: Carlisle & Stefan

Stefan Salvatore Carlisle Cullen Vampire Diaries Twilight

Carlisle is one of the few vampires in the Twilight universe who not only wants to rise above his vampire nature, but who has actually masterfully figured out how to handle the struggle and help his family do the same.

Stefan’s ripper persona isn’t something that he can really get rid of, but if he had someone like Carlisle to lean on who really understood him and Carlisle could help someone in such dire need of it like Stefan, it’d be wonderful for both of them.

Would Turn Ugly: Alice & Katherine

Katherine Pierce Alice Cullen Vampire Diaries Twilight

If Alice Cullen and Katherine Pierce ever came face to face, Katherine might try to charm Alice into becoming her lackey, but Alice would see right through her manipulation.

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And given how insanely powerful Alice really is, Katherine would both be jealous of Alice’s abilities and would be extremely frustrated that Alice wouldn’t join her squad of baddies, so there would be no love lost between these two.

Would Work: Bella & Elena

Elena Gilbert Bella Swan Vampire Diaries Twilight

Although both Elena and Bella have a few friends that they’re close to, most of the people in their orbit don’t have personalities or interests that are very similar to them.

However, Elena and Bella actually do seem to have quite a bit in common. They’re kind of emo and they’re constantly ready and willing to put themselves in danger for their boyfriends and loved ones, so they’d certainly have a lot of things to talk about or activities they could share.

Would Turn Ugly: Damon & Edward

Edward Cullen Damon Salvatore Twilight Vampire Diaries

While Edward Cullen seems to have a lot in common with Stefan, and obviously Damon loves Stefan, it seems unlikely that Damon’s positive feelings would extend to someone like Edward.

Although Damon and Stefan get along (sometimes), all the traits that Edward shares with Stefan seem to be the traits that annoy Damon the most, and given that both Damon and Edward basically never make friends anyway, it seems safe to assume that they’d never be friends with each other.

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