10 Hilarious Twilight Vs. The Hunger Games Memes That Make Us Sparkle With Laughter

Twilight and The Hunger Games were both popular teen franchises from around the same era. Naturally, there are some fun memes pitting them as rivals.

Both The Hunger Games and Twilight are two of the biggest teen movie franchises out there, and since they both premiered in the early 2010s, lots of fans were eager to pin the two against each other. From Katniss Everdeen to Bella Swan to Edward Cullen, there are so many meme-worthy moments to go around, often based on those characters.

Of course, it’s only fitting to merge these huge series together and have some perfectly hilarious memes with a mix of vampires and dystopian times. It’s time to throw it back to these great flicks and reflect on the best crossover memes out there.

The Love Triangles

Twilight vs. Hunger Games Meme

Lots of the memes out there are definitely leaning towards The Hunger Games, but not necessarily when it comes to the romance in these two series. Everyone is either Team Peeta or Team Gale and Team Edward or Team Jacob.

Still, this meme applauds Twilight for having a much more interesting love affair. Plus, it’s actually a lot more meaningful for Bella. It’s not great, but maybe it’s still better.

Without The Romance

Hunger Games vs. Twilight Meme

While the vampire series might have a better romance, it’s also probably because that’s the main plot point of the movies. It has a better love triangle, but it’s not really anything without it.

Like this meme hilariously and bluntly points out, Katniss Everdeen has a lot more to offer than the boys she’s stuck between. There’s a lot more to it than that.

Kristen Stewart Vs. Jennifer Lawrence

Kristen Stewart & Hunger Games Meme

Both Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence both blew up Hollywood when they took on their respective roles of Bella and Katniss, and for some reason, people thought they should compare these two female leads.

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Stewart got a lot of heat for her stoic performance, but everyone knows now that she’s as talented as they come. However, this meme is still hilarious, because Lawrence is a multiple-time Academy Award nominee and a past winner. Stewart has certainly shown she has acting chops in the years since Twilight.

For Video Game Lovers

The Hunger Games vs. Twilight Meme

For everyone out there that compares these two huge franchises AND loves to play video games, they’ll probably laugh out loud at this meme. Basically, the guys in Forks are the same as the crew in Panem.

In a nutshell, this meme suggests that The Hunger Games is quite fitting for those fangirls who really loved Twilight for the romantic aspects. They still get their love triangle storyline but with the violence and action fitting of a battle royale from a video game.

The “New” One

Harry Potter vs. Twilight vs. Hunger Games Meme

In the 2010s, movie fans and young audiences couldn’t get enough of these three fandoms. Of course, that also meant the internet was comparing them – and calling each the “new” version of the last.

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This angered a lot of fans, and this meme hits the nail on the head. There’s nothing like Harry Potter, and Twilight is nothing like The Hunger Games. All fans can agree on at least that much.

Kanye Vs. Taylor Swift

Kanye Meme Twilight Vs. Hunger Games

This will definitely be a throwback, and probably a bit of a trigger for all those Swifties out there. Still, it’s absolutely hilarious, and perfectly sums up fans of both of these series – but have to agree that The Hunger Games came out on top.

Twilight got to finish its run, but all fans got to say it was no longer their favorite teen series. Of course, everyone hopes they did it a bit nicer than Kanye did to Taylor Swift.

Just Separate Them

Spongebob Meme Hunger Games Vs. Twilight

Honestly, there’s something to be said about just completely separating these fandoms. Besides the fact that they came out around the same time and are both teen dramas based on books, they’re completely different.

This one might be leaning a bit towards The Hunger Games, and it’s even funnier that this classic Patrick meme is saying it. Still, maybe fans should just accept their differences and stop comparing the films.

Fandoms In The Arena

Hunger Games vs. Twilight Meme

There are some fans that would certainly hit the arena and try to win the games for their respective favorite. This tribute inspired meme is definitely nostalgic, but also totally funny.

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If these two fandoms found themselves in the arena, The Hunger Games fans would be willing to go all out. No fan wants to be like Clove in this meme.

Harry, Peeta & Edward

Hunger Games vs. Harry Potter vs. Twilight Meme

This meme is the best of all three of fans’ favorite worlds. From Harry Potter to Peeta Mellark, when it comes to love and protection, Edward is a very strange deviation. Die-hard Twilight fans would disagree, but this meme points out the debate hilariously.

It’s hard to be the best boyfriend AND be a vampire, and fans might need to cut Edward a bit more slack. Still, this crossover meme is a favorite.

Katniss Vs. Bella

Katniss vs. Bella Meme

There’s a lot of talk about the best heroine of teen drama series, and Katniss Everdeen has always found herself near the top. With two female-led franchises, it’s hard for people not to pit them against each other.

No matter what fandom people prefer, though, they can probably agree that Katniss is the superior heroine. This meme isn’t afraid to offer a laugh and point that out.

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