Seinfeld: 5 Ways Jerry Is A Good Friend

On Seinfeld, Jerry can be selfish and inconsiderate, but the sitcom protagonist has a heart of gold and always opens his apartment up to his friends.

There are many sitcoms where a group of characters hang out regularly, and Seinfeld is one of the best. With a charming nostalgic quality, this ’90s show features hilarious jokes, weird situations, and characters who aren’t always sweet or easy to like.

Jerry’s friendships are at the core of the story in every episode, as his buddies accompany him when he gets into trouble or deals with life’s annoying little things. But is Jerry Seinfeld actually a loyal and kind friend? In some cases, he’s the best that anyone could ask for, but he also makes a lot of mistakes.

Good Friend: Opens Up His Apartment And Takes Friends On Trips

Jerry siting back with his feet up on the table in Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld’s NYC apartment is the sitcom’s major setting, and the characters are constantly visiting Jerry at his home.

He is a great friend because he opens up his home and he’s always okay with people dropping by. While some people would want some privacy — and also some notice — Jerry has an open-door policy. He also takes his friends on trips with him, like when he and Elaine visit his parents in Florida.

The Worst: Fights With Newman, Who Is Kramer’s Good Friend

Jerry and Newman on Seinfeld

Jerry can sometimes be a bad friend, and one example is the way that he treats Newman. These two characters are famous for hating each other.

While Newman gets on his last nerve and he really can’t stand him, Jerry should try to treat him better since he and Newman have a mutual friend in common: Kramer. It’s not cool to be rude and argumentative with a friend of a friend, as it makes things really awkward.

Good Friend: Honors Deals And Promises

Kenny Bania From Seinfeld

Jerry doesn’t get along with Kenny Bania, but the way that he behaves with him proves that he’s a loyal, generous, and trustworthy friend.

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In the season 6 episode “The Soup,” Jerry has to pay for a meal of Bania, but Bania just orders soup. Jerry thinks that he’s kept up his end of the bargain and Bania says “soup is not a meal.” It’s one of the funniest storylines on the show. Instead of giving up, Jerry keeps taking him out for meals until the situation is finally resolved.

The Worst: Dates George’s Ex-Girlfriend

Jerry Seinfeld lifting his hands up in his apartment on Seinfeld

Jerry dates George’s ex Marlene in the season 2 premiere “The Ex-Girlfriend.” This proves that he can be a bad friend, as this isn’t exactly “bro code.”

Even if a friend says that this is okay with them, it usually isn’t, and it doesn’t seem like George is thrilled. When Marlene dumps Jerry because she doesn’t find him funny, there must be a little part of George that is relieved and vindicated.

Good Friend: Talks Up George

Jerry and George sitting at Monk's restaurant talking on Seinfeld

In the season 3 episode “The Fix-Up,” George goes out with Elaine’s friend Cynthia, and Jerry talks up George and says some really nice things about him.

George is the focus of many great episodes and fans love the way that he fumbles through life. Jerry doesn’t have to help his friend out and get him a date, but he acts in a selfless way and thinks about someone other than himself. This is definitely one of the best moments in George and Jerry’s friendship.

The Worst: Feels Obligated To Hang Out With A Childhood Pal

Jerry Seinfeld talking on the phone on Seinfeld

In the first season episode “Male Unbonding,” Jerry is upset that he’s still friends with Joel, someone he used to hang out with when he was younger.

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Jerry hates spending time with him and yet he feels obligated to keep up the friendship. This proves that he’s a bad friend, as he and Joel don’t actually have a good relationship. Jerry should be able to be straightforward with Joel about the things he does that upset him.

Good Friend: Appreciates His Social Circle

Elaine is stuck between two groups of three men on the street in Seinfeld.

In the season 8 episode “The Bizarro Jerry,” Elaine makes some new friends who are like her current ones… just the opposite.

Jerry has a hard time with this, as he becomes upset about not hanging out with Elaine as much as usual. Elaine says that she likes her new pals as they’re readers and they don’t complain about the little things in life. Jerry definitely appreciates his social circle and his friends mean a lot to him.

The Worst: Often Late To Parties And Never Wants To Meet A Friend’s Baby

Jerry looking confused while on the phone in Seinfeld

Jerry and his friends are notorious for becoming upset when someone they know has a baby. They complain about how people always say “you have to see the baby” and they never find the infants that adorable.

Jerry has his moments of being a horrible friend, as he can be late to parties, like in the season 5 episode “The Dinner Party.” He becomes so stressed out on the way to a gathering that he will be super late or he will barely make it at all. Between his lateness and the fact that he hates meeting friend’s new babies, it’s tough to imagine that he has such a big social circle.

Good Friend: Loves And Supports Kramer Despite His Odd Nature

Jerry and Kramer

Kramer makes fans laugh constantly and he is at the heart of many hilarious Seinfeld episodes. Even though Kramer isn’t for everyone and many people would find him too annoying to be close pals with him, Jerry feels differently.

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Jerry is a good friend to Kramer because he loves and supports him no matter what. He doesn’t mind that Kramer often waltzes into his apartment and doesn’t knock first, or raids his fridge, or tells him about yet another weird business idea. When someone doesn’t judge or try to change their friend, that’s really important.

The Worst: Constantly Risks His Friendship With Elaine

Elaine and Jerry standing in Jerry's apartment kitchen on Seinfeld

Some fans want Elaine and Jerry to be happily in love, whereas others think that they’re much better off as friends.

Jerry constantly risks the friendship that he has with Elaine. They might have broken up long ago, but they sometimes sleep together to “save the friendship” or to pretend that being casual works for them. It doesn’t, and Jerry should keep things platonic with Elaine at all times.

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