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Walking Dead Season 11 Images Tease Maggie & Negan Team-Up

Mortal enemies Maggie and Negan make an unlikely zombie-killing team in some intense new images from The Walking Dead season 11.

New images from The Walking Dead season 11 tease an unlikely team-up between Maggie and Negan. The eleventh season of AMC’s venerable zombie show will be its last. But at least it’s going out with a bang, as the final season is set to run for 24 episodes broken into three sections.

The first of those three sections is indeed about to debut and it won’t take long for The Walking Dead to dive right into the action. The season kicks off with the denizens of Alexandria in dire need of supplies, leading to a dangerous mission to Washington D.C. where the team gets trapped in a subway train by zombies. Meanwhile, Eugene and his crew are still being held by the mysterious characters who snatched them at the end of season 10. It’s no surprise that this group is confirmed to be the Commonwealth. Season 11 will also feature the previously teased Reapers and their leader Pope.

AMC has now kindly provided some teasers for episodes beyond the first two with a slew of new images. The shots from The Walking Dead episodes 3, 4 and 5 feature a lot of Maggie and Negan, some Daryl and Dog, a little bit of Judith and a first glimpse of the aforementioned Pope as played by Ritchie Coster (who will be familiar to many as the Chechen from The Dark Knight). See all the images in the space below:

Maggie And Negan Are Ready For Action On The Walking Dead
Maggie Searches a Room On The Walking Dead
Maggie And Negan Face Off On The Walking Dead
Reapers Leader Pope Debuts On The Walking Dead
Daryl And Dog Are In The Woods At Night On The Walking Dead
Daryl Has A Bloody Face On The Walking Dead
A Reaper Attacks Daryl On The Walking Dead
Judith Teaches New Warriors On The Walking Dead
Negan And Maggie Discuss Matters On The Walking Dead
Maggie Gets Supplies On The Walking Dead
Maggie And Negan Team Up On The Walking Dead

The first three images are all from episode 3 entitled “Hunted,” and it’s fair to say that episode will be very heavy on Maggie and Negan, who are forced to become allies. The two make an unlikely team of course because Negan killed Maggie’s husband Glenn right in front of her, leading Maggie to want revenge. It’s still possible Maggie could get her revenge down the road but for right now she and Negan are in a state of truce. Indeed, one image shows them literally teaming up to kill a zombie together (the moment isn’t quite heart-warming but it is indicative of the state of things as season 11 gets underway).

The pictures focused on Daryl and Dog meanwhile are all from episode 4 “Rendition.” This is a highly intriguing episode as it involves Daryl being captured by the Reapers and taken away to their home base the Meridian where he “reconnects” with someone according to a previously revealed synopsis. That someone could very well be Daryl’s long-lost girlfriend Leah, who disappeared in season 10’s episode “Find Me.” The man in the hat and glasses is of course Pope, who also appears in “Rendition” (though he reportedly first appears in episode 2 “Acheron: Part II”). The remaining images are all from episode 5 “On the Inside.” Maggie and Negan are still battling side-by-side in this episode, but it’s already been teased that things go wrong for Maggie at some point in the near future, as a recent trailer showed her possibly dying. The Walking Dead season 11 kicks off for AMC+ subscribers on August 15, 2021, while AMC viewers have to wait until August 22.

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