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Walking Dead’s Carol & Daryl Spinoff Won’t Be Anything Like the Original Show

The Walking Dead's upcoming Daryl and Carol spinoff won't just be like another episode of the flagship series centered around the two fan favorites.

The Daryl and Carol Walking Dead spinoff will be very different from the flagship show that inspired it. After 11 seasons and 12 years on the air, The Walking Dead is coming to an end with its final batch of episodes. However, the franchise is far from over, with Fear the Walking Dead and World Beyond still airing and more series in the works. From an episodic anthology series set in the universe called Tales of the Waking Dead to films centered around Andrew Lincoln’s Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead franchise is far from done when it comes to delivering content for its fans to devour.

Another spinoff is also in the works and it is centered around two fan-favorite characters that have been around since the beginning of the original series. Daryl Dixon, played by Norman Reedus, is a character original to the show, having not appeared in the graphic novels on which the series is based. Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride), on the other hand, has appeared in the graphic novels, although in a much smaller role than what she eventually flourished into in the series. Daryl and Carol’s friendship has been part of the show’s heart for quite some time and the brass behind the franchise is looking to continue that after The Walking Dead ends.

Don’t expect the Daryl and Carol spinoff to resemble the original series, though. Speaking to IMDb (via ComicBook), Reedus revealed how the spinoff will be different from The Walking Dead. While the actor couldn’t reveal much about the series, he did say that it will look unlike anything that has come before it. Reedus elaborates further by explaining that the show won’t just be like an episode of The Walking Dead centered around the two characters, but something new that fans can sink their teeth into.

I can’t tell you a whole lot about the spin-off. I can tell you that it won’t look anything like The Walking Dead. It won’t look like an episode of Walking Dead with just Daryl and Carol. It’ll be completely different.

Daryl and Carol in The Walking Dead season 10

While development of the spinoff has seemed slow compared to some of the other shows in the franchise, Walking Dead showrunner Angela Kang said that a pilot pitch has been turned in for the Daryl and Carol spinoff and that a plan is being formed. The series is expected to premiere sometime in 2023, giving the cast and crew nearly a year and a half to turn in what should be an exciting addition to the franchise. With The Walking Dead‘s final season slated to end sometime next year, it sounds like the break between series won’t be long.

Scott Gimple previously teased the differences of the Daryl and Carol spinoff, too, saying that it will be a wildly different show akin to a buddy road trip series rather than an apocalyptic actioner. From the tone of the show to the stories being told, the departure from the flagship series will be a welcome one. The Walking Dead is a consistently grim series, and rightfully so, but it will be good to see some levity injected into the universe after what is sure to be a brutal sendoff for the series.

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