Bee Movie isn’t a movie, it’s a meme factory

The big picture

  • bee movie has been revived by internet memes, proving the occasional utility of social media in our cultural landscape.
  • The existence of the film is both absurd and fascinating. It serves as an unexpected project for Jerry Seinfeld after his hit sitcom and becomes a commentary on his career path.
  • The film’s wacky premise, which centers on a bee suing humanity for exploiting bees and the environment, inspired chaotic memes and reinforced the eccentricity of mid-2000s pop culture.


bee movie, a film that should have been wiped off the cultural landscape, sticks in people’s minds thanks to a plethora of internet memes. Social media isn’t always touted as being beneficial to our psyche’s well-being, but every now and then it actually does us some good – by resurrecting and remembering forgotten works of art and entertainment. It actually worked its mysterious magic in recovering bee moviean animated film by DreamWorks from 2007, which would probably have been forgotten long ago without the help of memes.


bee movie was destined to be throwaway family entertainment in the years following its release. Instead, this film about a bee, spoken and created by none other than Jerry Seinfeld, who is suing humanity after finding out they eat the honey that the bee population produces, has become a never-ending meme factory. Taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture of this film, its fate really comes as no surprise.

“Bee Movie” Is Jerry Seinfeld’s best work after ‘Seinfeld’?

A smiling bee in the bee film
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Subjectively, if there was ever a time and place to be a fly on the wall, it would be during the dinner that Seinfeld and the DreamWorks co-founders attended Steven Spielberg dreamed of bee movie. The The legendary director loved the pun of the film’s title, as an allusion to the genre of “B-movies” from classic Hollywood. Seinfeld, who kept a low profile after the end of his sitcom of the same name and no longer tackled major projects, jokingly poked fun at the title, but with Spielberg’s approval and subsequent collaboration with Dreamworks bee movie became real and spectacular.


Of course, there is a certain level of absurdity to all of existence bee movie, a film seemingly born to inspire an issue of internet memes. While it’s not uncommon for a big star or cultural icon to voice an animated lead like Barry B. Benson, bee movie remains Jerry’s only major project after-His field. In addition to the unscripted streaming show, Comedians in cars drinking coffee, Seinfeld has not been a showrunner on a new sitcom or a writer on a live-action film, and has only released a limited number of stand-up specials. his other His field Castmates – Julia Louis Dreyfus, Jason AlexanderAnd Michael Richards – all have different career paths behind them. With such a successful sitcom under his belt, bee movie Acting as a standalone follow-up project to Seinfeld is perhaps its most bizarre outcome. The memes associated with the film are a kind of commentary on Seinfeld’s odd career trajectory.



The marketing and press surrounding the film are just as if not more bizarre. In a trailer for the film, Seinfeld is dressed in a bee costume and struggles to accurately portray a bee’s behavior. While on set, Spielberg shows up, discusses his frustrations, and suggests making an animated film out of the film. The trailer has no plot and is full of vibes. Honestly, more marketing should capture more energy and less story. Roger Ebert‘s two-star review by bee movie including a Quote from Karl Marx, perfectly fitting for Ebert’s confused reaction to the film. There’s a viral clip about Seinfeld Guest on Larry King’s talk show on CNN, where the comedian is horrified by King’s false insinuation His field was canceled by NBC rather than walking away of its own volition. At the end of this hilarious clip, King proclaims, “bee movie opens tomorrow.” If this exchange couldn’t have been more appropriate for the film’s promotion, Larry King voices a bee version of himself bee movie.



“The premise of ‘Bee Movie’ is off the rails

Jerry Seinfeld as Barry B. Benson in Bee Movie
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As mentioned, the film’s wacky premise warrants making a meme. The story centers on Barry B. Benson, voiced by Seinfeld, a recent graduate of college and frustrated with his inevitable future, stuck in a mundane life as a honey manufacturer. One day he takes a trip outside of his home, a beehive, to New York City and meets a florist named Vanessa (Renee Zellweger). Then, when he finds out that humans eat honey, he decides to sue humanity for their exploitation of bees and the environment. Well, the families may not have asked for it, but they got an animated mix of it The Wizard of Oz And Erin Brockovich.


The plot of the film is quite dense for an animated family film. There’s a trial, a feud between Barry and Vanessa’s friend Ken (Patrick Warburton) and a character redemption arc for Barry’s friend Montgomery (Matthew Broderick) after being defamed in court. The memes inspired by the film certainly add to the chaotic nature of its story. They’re a confirmation that 2000s pop culture was eccentric yet society accepted them as normal. The fact that the Internet cult followers of bee movie stagnated through the mid-2010s, suggesting it was clinging to nostalgia for the kind of gonzo pop culture that was prevalent in 2007.



The memes make Bee Movie feel even more charming

Renée Zellweger, Jerry Seinfeld and Patrick Warburton voice characters in'Bee Movie'
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More than any other component is the pure sincerity of bee movie So it turned into a meme fountain. A lack of tongue-in-cheek confidence is an outlier with DreamWorks animated films, as they were founded as a hip and cool counterpart to Disney. The film’s premise may be offbeat, but it doesn’t turn audience expectations upside down. The title suggests that the film is about bees, and that’s exactly what the story conveys. One of his most popular memes is the various iterations of “bee moviebut every time ‘bee’ is said, it speeds up.” Similar to his sitcom, Seinfeld remains true to himself, now only in bee form. It hardly feels like he’s acting. Many of Barry’s interactions play out like PG versions from the banter between Jerry and George His field.


While the bee-related puns and other puns in bee movie Memes are pretty corny and could be interpreted as languid impressions of Seinfeld’s stand-up routines, but they’re endearing nonetheless. bee movie is the ultimate example of it being nothing more than what it claims to be. It’s just good old family entertainment, and in 2016, the approximate period the memes gained popularity is the health of bee movie was a breath of fresh air. The memes serve as a token of admiration, not mockery, in reference to the film’s seriousness and recognition as a charming piece of family entertainment.a

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