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The Walking Dead’s Final Season Is Halfway Finished Filming

The Walking Dead director of photography Duane Charles Manwiller announces that season 11, the final season for the show, is halfway finished filming.

The Walking Dead season 11 is officially halfway finished filming. Season 11 will of course be the final go-around for AMC’s long-running drama set after the zombie apocalypse.

Luckily for TWD fans that eleventh and final season is set to be extra-long, running for a total of 24 episodes. The first few of those 24 have indeed already been thoroughly teased, so fans know things are about to go down between Maggie and Negan, while Eugene and his party get into their own situation as captives of The Commonwealth. The Reapers are about to arrive too, and they’re going to be a problem for Daryl, as was teased by a recent season 11 image release. There’s a good chance Daryl is about to be reunited with his long-lost girlfriend Leah as well.

Season 11 is indeed setting up to be the biggest and craziest ever for The Walking Dead. It will be quite some time before fans see it all play out, but as for the creative team behind the show, their work on season 11 has now reached a milestone as the show is officially halfway through filming the final season. TWD director of photography Duane Charles Manwiller made the announcement on Instagram along with an appropriate image which can be seen in the space below:

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It’s of course momentous that The Walking Dead is finally set to end over ten years after entering the pop culture landscape. But that doesn’t mean TWD is going away obviously. Fear the Walking Dead and The Walking Dead: World Beyond are both still playing out. And more spinoffs are coming including a Carol and Daryl show, the anthology show Tales of the Walking Dead and even a comedy take on the TWD universe. Fans have also been promised not one but three Rick Grimes movies that fully wrap up the story TWD kicked off all those years ago. Indeed, everything currently going on in the Walking Dead universe is seemingly just set up for those movies. Unfortunately progress on the further adventures of Rick Grimes is not exactly speeding along.

In fact with the Rick Grimes movies still a long way off it’s been speculated that Rick himself could cameo at some point during The Walking Dead season 11. If that cameo does happen, it will likely take place well toward the end of the 24-episode run. So if Andrew Lincoln is coming back as Rick one last time on the show, it’s likely that cameo was not filmed as part of the now-completed first half. But no doubt a lot of shocking things were filmed, including the possible death of Maggie as teased by a recent Walking Dead trailer. Fans can find out how season 11 plays out when The Walking Dead returns to AMC on August 22, 2021.

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