25 Best Hulu Original Comedies

From The Bear to Only Murders in the Building and so much more, Hulu is home to some of TV's best comedy series.


  •  The best Hulu original comedies offer big laughs and showcase the versatility of the genre, ranging from outlandish satires to shows that balance laughs with intense subject matter.
  •  Hulu’s original comedies feature talented actors and are praised for their performances, with shows like Unprisoned and The Full Monty receiving acclaim for their heartfelt stories and hilarious premises.
  •  From animated series like Hit-Monkey to live-action comedies like Difficult People, Hulu’s original comedies have gained a loyal fanbase and have been recognized for their comedic talent and unique storytelling.

The best Hulu original comedies provide some of the biggest laughs on television. The streaming service has a wide array of shows to offer its subscribers and has won acclaim for its dramas like The Handmaid’s Tale, but some of its most popular original content are the comedies. From shows that helped launch the platform like The Mindy Project to the most recent hits like The Bear, the best Hulu original comedies feature some of the funniest shows around.

In both live-action and animated, the Hulu comedies that have struck a chord with audiences and critics showcase just how versatile the genre can be. Some of these series are outlandish satires that never take themselves seriously while others are able to balance the laughs with thoughtful and intense subject matter. They include some of Hulu’s best recent shows and many have won some major awards.

25Unprisoned (2023-)

Paige and Edwin Alexander in Unprisoned

Unprisoned takes two incredibly talented actors known mostly for their dramatic performances and allows them to embrace their light-hearted side in a sweet family story. Kerry Washington plays a woman who has to adjust to her father (Delroy Lindo) coming back into her life after years in prison. The show tackles some heavy topics at times but it also has a lot of heart as well as laughs. The performances by the two leads are also a highlight with Lindo particularly effective as a man trying to make up for lost time. It has gone under the radar but deserves a watch.

24History Of The World, Part II (2023)

History of the World Part II Kumail Nanjiani developing the Kama Sutra

It took 40 years for the History of the World sequel to happen, but the long wait was worth it. Mel Brooks’s comedy History of the World Part I was a hilarious satire that took a look at various moments in history with a silly and clever approach. The long-awaited second part has finally debuted as a series, assembling an A-list group of funny people to explore more untold moments in history. The series maintains Brooks’s voice, features callbacks to the original, and makes great use of the talented cast.

23Full Monty (2023)


Another cult hit that recently became a comedy series is The Full Monty. The original movie was a surprise hit about a group of middle-aged men who form an exotic dance group to earn some money. The hilarious premise made for a charming story, but the series doesn’t revisit that aspect of the story. Instead, it is a return to the blue-collar world and these characters as they continue to struggle while doing their best to keep spirits up. In that way, the show captures the spirit of the movie perfectly. And while it may not be as special as the original, fans will certainly want to check it out.

22This Fool (2022-)

Chris sits outside of Satrialle's on The Sopranos and Julio walks down the street in This Fool

Hulu comedies can offer a lot of great introductions to new comedic voices as in This Fool. The show is based on the life and standup comedy of creator and star Chris Estrada and follows Julio as he attempts to navigate life in South Central where his heart of gold is not necessarily a good thing. The show is a hilarious look at family and community and the struggles they often cause. Its unsentimental approach to these subjects is refreshing as it simply delivers big laughs. Reviews for it have been strong during its short run.

21Life & Beth (2022-)

Beth talking to John in Life & Beth

Life & Beth sees the return of Amy Schumer to the acting world and is a great reminder of her immense talent. The show stars Schumer as Beth who is living in fulfilling life with a great job and solid relationship only for memories from her past to force her to confront some things about herself. Schumer gives one of her best performances in a role that showcases her dramatic talents while also taking full advantage of her comedic abilities. She is also backed by a strong supporting cast including Michael Cera in a standout role.

20Hit-Monkey (2021)

Hit Monkey wears sunglasses and listens to Bryce in Hit Monkey.

There is a wide variety of Hulu animated series that are among the most popular with Hulu subscribers. There are also a number of original Hulu animated programs including the wild comic book adaptation of Hit-Monkey. The series follows a Japanese monkey who teams up with a ghost to become a dangerous new assassin in Tokyo’s underworld. The outlandish premise makes for a thrilling, funny, and violent action-adventure. It is the perfect comic book show to dive into for those looking for darker material in the genre.

19Difficult People (2015-2017)

Billy and Julie walking in the NYC street in Difficult People

Starring Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner as two struggling New York comedians with more than a bit of a vicious streak for everyone except each other, Difficult People managed to get a ton of laughs out of its mean and unlikeable main characters. Full of comedic talent from John Mulaney to Martin Short, the show proved all the way back in 2015 that Hulu means business when it comes to comedy.

Hulu renewed the series twice, and, although it came to an end, there were 28 entertaining episodes to stream, which might be the perfect amount considering the constant bitterness of its characters can start to wear a bit thin. Though it is something of an underrated comedy series, it managed to retain plenty of fans since it ended in 2017.

18Deadbeat (2014-2016)

Although it’s definitely one of Hulu’s earlier forays into comedy, and it ended in 2016, Deadbeat‘s interesting premise and unique sense of humor meant it kept a place in the hearts of many comedy fans. The show centers on a jobbing medium, played by Tyler Sabine, and his best friend while they attempt to help ghosts by dealing with their unresolved issues. Whilst this might sound like a formulaic premise, albeit a dark one with the potential to tell plenty of interesting stories, it’s actually full of narrative twists and turns. Despite its cancelation, it’s not a show that’s been forgotten in the years since it still rates as one of Hulu’s best comedies.

17Future Man (2017-2020)

Starring a post-Hunger Games Josh Hutcherson as the lead, Future Man is a hilarious but now sadly forgotten sci-fi comedy that manages to take in all the genre clichés while keeping up an atmosphere of good old-fashioned fun. Produced as a Hulu-exclusive by Seth Rogen’s production company, it had all the makings of an underrated comedy gem. Its absurd premise that the video game the main character is addicted to is actually a recruitment tool for time-travelers from the future sets the tone for a show that never really takes itself seriously. With three seasons of hokey fun to enjoy, it’s easy to see how Future Man managed to win over so many viewers.

16All Night (2018)

This teen comedy is set in an overnight lock-in graduation party where the central cast of characters is committed to making all of their wildest dreams come true before they finish high school. All Night may have received a mixed critical response, but it managed to win over plenty of fans thanks to its sheer sense of fun. The show is also propelled along by an endless sense of energy that’s needed to make a teen party comedy work, and the fantasy-fulfillment element means there are tons of crowd-pleasing moments. Without doing anything hugely different or new, All Night still managed to find a sizable audience that appreciated its charms.

15How I Met Your Father (2022-)

With How I Met Your Mother being a huge sitcom hit, it is not surprising that a spinoff show was quickly developed. Following the failure of the How I Met Your Dad pilot starring Great Gerwig, another spinoff was successfully launched with How I Met Your Father. The show features a new ensemble of likable characters, diving into their relationships and struggles of life in their 30s. The show attempts to stand on its own while not quite living up to the original. However, it continues to be a hit with fans, delivering the kind of sitcom fun they have been missing since How I Met Your Mother ended.

14Reboot (2022)

Reed, Clay, Zack and Bree posing for a photo on Reboot

Some of the best Hulu shows didn’t find the success they deserved, but even their brief time on the air was special. Such is the case for Reboot which centers around the dysfunctional cast of a classic family sitcom who reluctantly come back together when the series is rebooted. Though it only lasted one season, Reboot earned strong reviews for its fun take on Hollywood, the sitcom world, and the reboot trend. It also featured a terrific cast that included Keegan-Michael Key, Judy Greer, and Johnny Knoxville.

13M.O.D.O.K. (2021)

Marvel's MODOK Is The Into the Spider-Verse Of the MCU

Although technically a Marvel show centered on the titular supervillain, M.O.D.O.K. is more like some of the other great animated comedies of recent years. Starring Patton Oswalt as the villainous, giant-headed protagonist, the show is presented in a charming stop-motion animation style that received widespread praise on its release. The show finds M.O.D.O.K. amid a midlife crisis after finding himself still far off from achieving his dreams of conquering the entire world after losing control of his own supervillain organization. Novel and fast-paced with tons of jokes, it slipped under the radar a bit, likely contributing to its early cancelation, but the show has its fair share of loyal fans.

12Dollface (2019-2022)

Jules and Madison look on from Dollface

Despite Dollface having a strong second season, the show has sadly not been picked up for another season by Hulu, meaning its two seasons are all fans will get to enjoy. Thankfully, both seasons are hilarious, with Kat Dennings of Two Broke Girls fame as Dollface‘s star. Dennings plays Jules, a young woman who is put in the position of trying to rekindle her past connections with women after being dumped by her long-term boyfriend. While the jokes are often fast-paced and grounded, the show also brings metaphors to life in bizarre and sometimes hilarious ways, making Dollface all the more memorable.

11Shoresy (2022)

After never seeing his face on LetterkennyShoresy finally reveals himself while headlining his own show. Shoresy is a sports show that follows the vulgar hockey player as he moves to a new town to join their struggling hockey team. Fans of Letterkenny will love this spinoff that features the same childish yet clever humor and a celebration of Canadian culture. Hockey fans will especially love the show as it feels like an updated take on the Paul Newman comedy Slapshot.

10Shrill (2019-2021)

Aidy Bryant was a standout cast member on Saturday Night Live for several seasons but she also starred in her own series with Shrill. Bryant stars as a young woman trying to balance a variety of struggles in her life from her relationship to her parents while also feeling that society doesn’t respect her. The show is an honest and poignant look at someone trying to love themselves with the rest of the world rejecting them. However, it is also a hilarious show and a great display of Bryant’s talent.

9Pen15 (2019-2021)

Maya Erskine and Anna Konkle as themselves

A masterpiece of cringe comedy from Maya Erskine, Anna Konkle, and Sam Zvibleman, Pen15 stars the former two as 13-year-old social outcasts, which is made hilarious by the fact that they are adults playing opposite child actors. Critical response to the novel concept was positive, and the show received a ton of award nominations before it ended after two seasons. Pen15 doesn’t shy away from honesty and awkwardness and, on top of that, cringe comedy is already a divisive genre that can be off-putting to a lot of people.

8Solar Opposites (2020-)

korvo Solar Opposites season 4 trailer

Many fans of Rick and Morty have found their way to another one of Hulu’s original animated series. Solar Opposites uses similar wacky sci-fi premises to tell hilarious and clever stories. The show focuses on a family of aliens who leave their doomed home to make a new life in an Earth suburb only to begin questioning if this life is any better. The show embraces its own ridiculousness but also finds genuinely interesting ways to comment on society and humanity. With Solar Opposites season 4 premiering in August 2023, the show is more popular than ever.

7Letterkenny (2016-)

Rosie and Wayne in Letterkenny

The popular sitcom began as a YouTube series before being commissioned as a full TV show by the Canadian network Crave. But Hulu’s acquisition of the exclusive rights to all current and future seasons of Letterkenny in 2019 means it can well and truly be considered under the streaming service’s wing now. Centered on the titular rural community in Ontario, the show uses the loose premise of following the small-town problems its characters face and the scuffles they find themselves in, which constantly produce entertaining situations. Along with a razor-sharp, stereotype-subverting sense of humor at times, no show has managed to make a bigger name for itself on Hulu than Letterkenny.

6The Mindy Project (2012-2017)

Mindy in When Mindy Met Danny in The Mindy Project

One of the first Hulu series to bring in a big audience, The Mindy Project is one of many standout series from Mindy Kaling. Following her time on The Office, Kaling steps into the stoplight in the lead role as a professional and successful doctor at an OBGYN clinic with the rest of her life, especially her relationships, proving far less successful. Kaling is hilarious in the lead role, bringing charm and fun while never being afraid to look silly. With a talented ensemble and plenty of great guest stars, it is a perfect binge-worthy sitcom.

5Ramy (2019-)

Ramy Youssef as Ramy

Starring comedian Ramy Youssef as the titular character, this comedy series follows a first-generation Muslim American living in a New Jersey neighborhood with some deep divisions. Ramy quickly became the recipient of tons of praise and awards thanks in part to its nuanced depiction and representation of Muslim Americans as well as its great writing and performances. Ramy was recently compared to another great Hulu show, Woke, but its more situational humor and the direct way it often challenges stereotypes sets these two apart.

4Reservation Dogs (2021-2023)

Cast of Reservation Dogs

One of the best shows ending in 2023, Reservation Dogs is an inventive and insightful sitcom with a lot of heart. The show follows four young friends living on a Native American reservation and struggling with trying to escape. Reservation Dogs’ characters are a wonderful collection of interesting and entertaining characters who fill this small community. There are some heavy subjects tackled yet the sense of humor always keeps it a funny series and a beautiful piece of representation on television.

3Only Murders In The Building (2021-)

Only Murders in the Building Featured #2

Despite being one of the most recent comedies produced by Hulu, Only Murders in the Building has already risen to be rated among the streaming service’s top shows. With the hilarious and perfectly contemporary premise of a group starting a murder mystery podcast after a suspicious death takes place in their apartment building, the show immediately hooked fans. Combining comedy with mystery, as the Only Murders characters are nearly all suspicious in one way or another, the show is some of the most compelling entertainment of recent years. Steve Martin, Selena Gomez, and Martin Short boost it by leading a stellar cast.

2The Great (2020-)

Catherine learning she's pregnant in The Great

There are many period shows looking at the lives of royals, but likely none of them are as funny as The Great. Elle Fanning stars in the series as Catherine the Great, the longest-running female ruler in Russia. It is a coming-of-age story about the obstacles and dangers she faced, including her husband Emperor Peter III (Nicholas Hoult). The show does not concern itself with historical accuracy, instead telling a darkly comedic tale about the royal intrigue. Fanning and Hoult give wonderful performances and the show is a vibrant and entertaining must-watch series.

1The Bear (2022-)

Carmy and Syd in The Bear

The Bear has been praised not only as one of the best Hulu comedies but also as one of the best shows on television. It follows a talented and troubled chef named Carmy who levels the world of high-ranked restaurants to take over the family sandwich shop in Chicago following the death of his brother. The show comments on anxiety, ambition, and grief, but the colorful characters of the series help mix in a lot of humor as well. The Bear season 2 added a lot of cameos, showing the growing popularity of the series, while earning rave reviews from critics.

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