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7 Cringey The Walking Dead Scenes That Almost Ruined The Show For Everyone

These scenes had fans facepalming like crazy.

There are plenty of reasons to be a fan of The Walking Dead, and the show definitely has many good things to its credit. But let’s be real, there have been times when the show gave us scenes that were more cringeworthy than cool. Here are the worst ones.

Abraham Breaking Up with Rosita

Abraham decided to break up with Rosita, but it was the way he delivered the news that was pretty cringe-worthy. He told Rosita she wasn’t the last woman on Earth, but she actually was until he met someone else.

Carl’s Pudding Scene

Remember when Carl found a can of pudding and decided to eat it on a roof? This scene was meant to show Carl’s independence, but it came off as awkward and out of place. It felt more like a bizarre pudding commercial than a moment in a post-apocalyptic drama.



The CGI Deer

The Walking Dead is generally praised for its makeup and special effects, which makes the horribly fake CGI deer in season 7 stand out like a sore thumb.

When Rick encountered this glaringly fake deer, suspending disbelief became a near-impossible task. It was more of a facepalm moment than a heart-pounding one.



Jadis and Her Speech

Season 7 introduced us to the Junkyard Gang, led by the peculiar Jadis. With her unique haircut and even stranger way of talking — which involved her only speaking words she deemed essential — she was cringe incarnate.



Gabriel and Rosita

The audience was invested in Siddiq and Rosita, sensing the genuine chemistry between the two. But out of nowhere, we got an awkward, unexpected kiss between Gabriel and Rosita. As if to add insult to injury, Siddiq was tragically killed off, leaving us with the forced romance of Gabriel and Rosita.

Negan and Alpha’s Intimate Scene

In this scene, Negan only wears socks, and Alpha is in her Whisperer mask? Of all the awkward scenes in 11 seasons, this might win the prize for most uncomfortable. It was a moment that many of us wish we could erase from our memory.



Eugene’s Stalker Moment

This awkward and uncomfortable scene features Eugene watching Abraham and Rosita in an intimate moment. Besides the obvious invasion of privacy, this scene felt more creepy than it needed to be.

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