Seinfeld: 5 Characters To Invite Over For The Holidays

While the main characters on Seinfeld can be selfish people who make terrible party guests, having Jerry or Elaine over for Christmas could be fun.

While some TV characters love the festive season and jump at the chance to put up their Christmas tree and go out into the neighborhood to gaze at the lights, that doesn’t describe the gang on Seinfeld. Elaine does send out a Christmas card in the fourth season episode “The Pick,” but that becomes a humiliating moment when her nipple is showing in the photo.

Some of the characters on this ’90s sitcom are nicer than the others, but no one seems like the type to throw a big bash to celebrate the holidays. But if someone invited them over, some people would thrive and others would want to crawl into a corner and forget that this merry season even exists.

Invite Over: Elaine Benes

Even though there are some things about Elaine that confuse fans, she’s still one of the most popular characters, and she would be a great holiday guest.

Whenever Elaine is invited to a party, she makes sure to show up with dessert or a gift, even if she has to go out of her way to get it (and even if it turns the night into a real drag). She can make conversation with anyone — although she sometimes embarrasses herself — and she loves to dance. Elaine also isn’t as pessimistic as some of the other characters, so she would likely be happy about the festive season.

Terrible Guest: George Costanza

George and baldness remedy in "The Tape"

George has his moments of being correct about something, but a lot of Seinfeld involves him making mistakes and getting into big trouble.

George would be a terrible guest at a holiday party as he can be down on himself and moody. He might rant about how bad his dating life is going or how he can’t find a good job, and he wouldn’t be very jolly. He would act as badly at the Christmas party as he usually does: double-dipping, eating food out of the trash, and if there was an emergency, he would push the others out of the way to save himself.

Invite Over: Kramer

Kramer saying his line about pretzels in Jerry's apartment on Seinfeld

Kramer would be a perfect holiday guest. He’s very personable and charming, and he can talk to anyone. It’s easy to see him helping cook or serve dinner, or maybe he would bring a fantastic dish that he made, and the other guests would crowd around him and ask for the recipe.

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Kramer may be strange and quirky but he can definitely act a bit more normal when he has to, and that would likely happen if he attended a holiday party. Everyone would be drawn to his affable nature and he’s always got something interesting to say.

Terrible Guest: Newman

Newman and Jerry talking on Seinfeld

It’s hard to picture Newman having a wonderful time at a Christmas party. More likely than not, he would be upset if he was at the same party as Jerry, as they’re enemies who often get into squabbles.

Newman isn’t an easygoing, happy-go-lucky kind of person. He might show up and be in the middle of some weird scheme, and that would confuse the other guests. Unlike Kramer, who he’s pretty close to, Newman isn’t social and friendly.

Invite Over: Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld talking in Seinfeld

Jerry isn’t always the best friend around but he’s generally in a good mood and he can be friendly to strangers. That makes him an ideal person to invite over for the holidays.

While Jerry doesn’t love making dull small talk with people, he’ll do it if he has to, mostly because he can make anyone laugh with his witty observations. He also can tolerate an uncomfortable situation, like when he stays with his parents in Florida and chaos naturally ensues. Whether sharing stories about past holidays or telling jokes, Jerry would bring a lot of cheer.

Terrible Guest: Morty Seinfeld

Morty talking on the phone in his kitchen on Seinfeld

Morty and his wife Helen are hilarious and yet Morty doesn’t seem like a great holiday guest.

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Morty and George have a few things in common as they can both find literally anything to complain about. If someone was chatting with Morty at a party, he would likely whine about something and just be a drag instead of having a fun and merry time. Morty is very spirited and passionate and might get into a screaming match with someone he didn’t agree with.

Invite Over: Frank Costanza

Frank Costanza on the phone in Seinfeld yelling.

The Seinfeld “Festivus episode” is beloved and George’s dad Frank is the one who came up with it. The holiday involves a metal pole instead of a Christmas tree and an “airing of grievances.”

Frank isn’t a fan of how commercial Christmas is, but he would still be a good person to invite over for the holidays, as the other guests would enjoy learning more about Festivus. It would be a fun conversation starter, especially when everyone is getting to know each other at the beginning of the evening.

Terrible Guest: Susan Ross

Heidi Swedberg as Susan Ross on Seinfeld

George’s fiancée Susan passes away and she wasn’t a very popular person, so she wouldn’t be an ideal holiday guest.

Unlike George, Susan doesn’t appear to have a sense of humor, and that wouldn’t go over very well if people were trying to celebrate the holidays. Susan would probably sit there silently while everyone was enjoying Christmas cocktails and cookies, and people would wonder why she was even invited.

Invite Over: Helen Seinfeld

Helen Seinfeld on Seinfeld

Jerry’s mom Helen is fairly elegant and has better manners than some of the others on the sitcom, making her a great Seinfeld character to invite over for a holiday gathering.

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Helen might go on a bit too long about her wonderful son, as she loves to sing Jerry’s praises, but everyone is in a good mood around the holidays so no one would mind too much. It’s also likely that Helen would arrive with some cookies that she baked, or she would at least make sure to buy a nice dessert.

Terrible Guest: Estelle Costanza

estelle costanza on seinfeld

George changes in some ways over Seinfeld’s nine seasons and he spends a lot of time with his parents, who are hilarious at times and a little frustrating at others.

Estelle would be a pretty terrible holiday guest. She would complain about the guest list, the food, and would likely sit next to someone and talk their ear off the entire time. If she and George and Frank attended the same party, they might get into a big fight, and that would be even worse.

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