Seinfeld: 5 Times George Was Relatable

George always had a new scheme on Seinfeld. Sometimes they were for reasons anyone could relate to, other times he was just being a hot mess.

It’s safe to say that George is one of the more emotionally beaten and unstable characters in Seinfeld. In season one, he had his life together working as a real estate agent. After losing the job, things went downhill. Much like the rest of the show’s characters, Geroge has his moments of complete disarray when it comes to who he is, his love life, and his outlook on life.

Despite his mess-ups, there are moments where audiences can admire George’s fervent attitude. Some of his moments in the show are justifiable. Between his parent’s disappointment in him to his baldness, George is often relatable.

Mess: When He Tries To Get Fired

George ruins Babe Ruth's shirt in Seinfeld

George somehow manages to land a good job with the New York Yankees. But to be honest, he’s not good at his job. In “The Millennium,” George proves that he doesn’t think things through very well. He’s approached by the New York Mets who want to recruit him as their head scout.

The meeting and job offer is meant to be hush-hush. George comes up with a solution. He will do everything possible to get fired. He runs on the field in a skin suit, trashes the Yankees’ World Series trophy, and stains Babe Ruth’s uniform. In the end, he doesn’t get fired. Looking a the situation, George could have simply resigned.

Relatable: Trying To Get Back In His Parents’ Good Graces

George and Kramer in "The Statue"

It’s never emotionally fun to know that a parent is disappointed in their child. This the basis for George’s childhood that trickled into adulthood. In “The Statue”, George can finally get retribution. As a kid, George accidentally broke one of his parents’ favorite statues. His parents haven’t forgiven him since.

The disappointment weighs heavily on George. When Jerry inherits one of his relative’s belongings, there’s a replica of the statue. George is elated to know that he can right the wrong he did as a kid. But it all comes crumbling down in the end when it breaks.

Mess: When He Parks Cars In The Neighborhood

george on seinfeld

In season two of Seinfeld, Geroge is out of a job. He looks for ways to make some extra cash. George learns that there’s a neighborhood local that moves people’s cars to avoid getting a ticket. The job seems easy for George and offers to do it while the man is away. This leads to one of George’s worst mess-ups.

George wasn’t able to handle the workload and ends up crashing several cars and causing a small fire. The dilemma also causes a major traffic jam delaying Woody Allen’s production. George’s screw up also delays the ambulance headed towards Jerry’s apartment to help Elaine’s 66-year-old boyfriend.

Relatable: His Parent’s Separation

Frank and Estelle Costanza with George

Geroge doesn’t take his parents’ separation very well but it takes on a different form seeing as he’s an adult. In “The Chinese Woman,” George learns that the caped man that was talking to his father is a lawyer. George is then upset to learn that his parents’ are getting divorced.

George tries everything he can to keep them together. He even lets his father stay with him since he has nowhere to go. George doesn’t want to see them apart but he also doesn’t want to spend double the time with each parent. He knows that he would have double the holiday visits and have to set more time apart for each of them.

Mess: When He Tries To Pass As Handicapped

George getting hired at Play Now

George would do just about anything to secure a job. When he interviews at Play Now, the employer thinks George is handicapped because of the cane from “The Summer of George” episode. George takes the job but has to keep up the ruse. At the end of the episode, Geroge fails when he’s seen by his employer lifting his electric cart while fighting with a group of elderly people.

This isn’t George’s most shameful act. Despite being caught, George doesn’t admit defeat. He signed a one year contract. George does everything to stay regardless of the companies tactics to get rid of him. After opening George’s private bathroom to the public, George has Kramer try out his rubber bladder of oil at the company. George could have simply walked away with half his yearly pay.

Relatable: When The Doctor Cancels On Him

George in "The Kiss Hello" episode

For some people, going to a special doctor is a nuisance. Especially when having to pay a large co-pay fee. In “The Kiss Hello”, George asks a physical therapist friend for treatment. But George is unable to attend the appointment due to an emergency.

He becomes outraged that he’s being charged regardless due to the 24- hour notice policy. George’s anger is justified seeing as the emergency happened the same day and he wasn’t able to cancel. When going in for a second appointment, he learns that the doctor took the day off without notifying him. George decides to stick it to the receptionist quoting that he needs a 24-hour notice and refuses to pay.

Mess: Maintaining His Employee Benefits

George in the episode "The Boyfriend"

One of George’s more comical yet messy storylines occurs in “The Boyfriend.” Having no luck looking for work, George goes to the unemployment office to try and persuade the worker to let him keep his benefits. This leads to an elaborate scheme that makes George seems desperate.

He lies that he interviewed at a latex company and is in a frenzy to try and get Jerry to play along. It fails. As a backup, he feigns interest in the worker’s daughter and dates her to try to get in her good graces. It also backfires and George has one more trick. He promises her that she will meet baseball player Keith Hernandez. George’s relentless plight is a huge mess.

Relatable: Feeling Inadequate

George and his girlfriend in "The Mango"

The sexual activities the main characters have in the bedroom play a big role in their relationships. In “The Mango”, George tells Jerry that he feels inadequate in bed with his new girlfriend. He feels down and has low self-esteem about it. He describes getting the tap on the head when pleasuring her.

Jerry agrees that it’s never a good sign. George worries she might be “faking it.” So distraught with trying to please his new girlfriend, he experiences erectile dysfunction. George’s rendezvous in the bedroom is a huge part of how George sees himself and his insecurities in dating.

Mess: Getting Sexual Euphoria Out Of Food

George eating in bed in the Seinfeld episode "The Blood"

George has his bizarre moments in the show, especially when in regards to the woman he dates. While in bed with a woman, she lights a vanilla-scented incense causing George to feel hungry. George becomes consumed with the idea of food during intercourse.

Little by little, George starts to eat food while in bed with her. He starts to feel euphoria from eating while having sex. Near the end, George takes it too far when he wants to incorporate television. Audiences see movement under the bed and George moaning. It’s revealed that George is getting pleasure out of eating and watching television.

Relatable: The Baldness Issue

George and baldness remedy in "The Tape"

It’s no secret that George is unhappy with the fact that he’s bald. He believes it’s a major letdown when it comes to dating and his looks. In one episode, George wants to feel better about himself and gets a toupee. Elaine refuses to let him have it. In another instance, George buys a hat so he can cover up his head.

George’s self-consciousness over his hair is highly relatable. Even when in “The Tape”, when George calls a company in Beijing rumored to have the cure for baldness. He buys it to try and see if it works. George is also relatable when he refuses to remove his Timberlands because it makes him taller.

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